Where and Who Did Our Money Really Go To ?

Saturday: I had chores around the house to do and then I just vegged.  I felt tired from the moment I woke up. I still have more packets to hand out in my neighborhood, however it is not happening today. The packets consist of templates provided by Cindy K. Currier on her yt channel.  She has links  underneath  her videos. Anyone can click on them, download them, use them or come up with their own plan of executing togetherness, a group discussion of how to better interact with each other moving forward in a place of true community and neighbors, many are already doing it, many are not. We were not put on this earth with the other kingdoms to ignore each other, we have to work in harmony and respect all cycles of life.

My neighborhood is my child hood home.(between 6-8th grade). This was my  only experience living in the states, then my family and I were off to Sicily and Spain.  I am currently living with my parents .  I came back homem, when I was broken and need a safe place to strengthen myself. I have mentioned in previous posts my battle for a couple years that I was in and out of happiness , withdrawn.. I am grateful that my parents welcomed me with open arms.

Today I woke up later then my usual 4am I am pretty sure my szechadium rhythm  is out of sync with the hour ahead. So I usually have some filtered water, then a cup of hot water with real squeezes of lemon , then I nestle back in my room to look at the updates of my fellow neighbors around the world. I like to check in with them too.  I have my immediate neighbors in my neighborhood, and then my neighbors around the world. I truly have a love for my brothers and sisters that are abroad, I have learned from them in more ways than one. Some may find me ingenious, being  too nice but I am here to say I am a real human being and my words are for real and there are many like me.  I asked God, the one and only true creator, for help,  for forgiveness, guidance and he graced cleansed my heart made it whole again, and  I have been returned back to my ways of that pure child of love .  It is for real,and that is why I ask all of my brothers and sisters around the world to do the same. We are all sinners, we have let horrible things happen around the world to our precious life cycles and we have to rectify and correct our ugly ways.  You have free will to choose what you will do.  I made my choice.

I was thinking the best way to express thoughts I had and why do we listen to outside controlling forces, a government that we have, who dictate rules that serve us no purpose. The system is constructed to keep isolating us and to not have faith trust in our fellow humans, however, the people that we see on tv, politicians, I do not believe many are humans, they are the contaminated seed, their dna was manipulated. they do not hold the values that I hold for cycles of life. We have to weed out the liars, deceivers from the truthers, there has been manipulation, infiltration into every aspect of our lives and it is time for us to stand up with and for each other. We have to start being vigilant and discern what is true and not. The only way to change the monstrous system is by taking action and getting out of the system, let it crumble, do not pay into it another penny.  All our finances that we have paid into have created this evil system, playground,  that they have funded with our payments to the dmv, mortgages, investments, 401 ks, insurances for life, car, houses, health, property taxes think of a dollar that everybody pays in now take that by many dollars each person pays to live, when god made everything in abundance and FREE. It is a bigger paradigm scheme than  what Bernie madoff went away for. Are you mad yet ? Are you ready to take the steps ? I want a better way of living, of being, for myself, and the future of our human race. I want to leave the world better than I found it.

Credit to Cindy K. Currier and her neighbors

Let’s Get This Neighborhood Challenge Going !

If anyone has read anything on my blog, you should derive at, or  understand where my heart and mind is at. I have struggled with heart ache through out my life, however, I never lost faith in humanity because just as I always strived to change my life, I finally had to really want the change that I wanted to and had to be it  to  see it in my world. This is important because my world made no sense, there was no common sense.  Many people see and understand things are not right , it is just wanting to change it that you have to dig deeper within yourself, look within yourself not outside at the non sense of things. When I looked around, the math equation was not computing. The american dream of becoming anything you want to be except they are gate keepers to all these doors. If you look back at least 50 years  you go to school to learn  things, then college to learn a repeat of the same things in hope that you hit the market with your knowledge for those jobs, yet what does the market really offer ?  I have only heard of striving to be a doctor, lawyer, actor, musician.  So these professions were to be a persons goal, to accumulate things, a status, to exemplify success. I know that many have not followed  that path.  Thank goodness there have always been the minds that questioned the narrative, the created, mandated guidelines.There have been many important figures through out our history who have laid down bread crumbs for the masses to pick up and continue the fight against the machine. Journalists, philanthropist, politicians, presidents, film makers,  most who have passed away, telling us the truth of the nasty hidden beast system.

So after work I had a snack and decompressed with some alternative news, and then I took my packets of the Neighborhood Emergency Response plans to distribute them in my neighborhood.. Let  me back up for a second. My sister at Rise Together yt channel is back, she came back in February to, Storm Navigator, and then moved back to her Rise Together channel.  It is so nice to have Cindy K. Currier back. She has provided several template as guidelines, or you can create your own, to trek around your neighborhood to engage with your neighbors that you have lived amongst for years and never knew anything about( who, where, what).  This is not about surveilling them, it is about having human to human interaction, looking out for one another during a crisis or not.  So I made two videos and posted them on my youtube channel that I have had since 2009-2010 and have not uploaded since 2012 .  So I plan to use that sm outlet and put it to use ! I got more out of this process then I can express, it was priceless.

It is time that we started acting more human and not robotic ! There are many wonderful brothers and sisters putting real researched , fact based information on the internet.  I f one does his or her research, they will uncover, see, a whole other world happening.  You have new eyes and ears to see what is really going on.



Let Us Stop Our Isolation, Ignoring Of Things, It Affects Us ALL

It is a very telling sign right now with all the craziness amplified.  The world is a chaotic stage, however, if you have been given new eyes and ears to see and hear from, you see it all so clearly.  I try as I do to remind all my brothers and sisters around the world this is a spiritual war between good and evil.  It has gotten so out of control because #WeThePeople sit back and let it all play out in front of us, instead of taking action.  Our government, its legislative, executive,judicial branches, is all a sham, it was never suppose to be this machine governing over us., They do not make the  real rules,. These men, this stifling machine, only God made the real rules/ laws, and he gave us free will to decide.  I do not get real choices, my decisions were made, and are being made everyday taking more and more away.

I saw a huge need to celebrate all the great work that many brothers and sisters are doing. Whether their work  is their feet on the ground, traveling., sm, they brought back the true researched journalistic ways, from how news had and is being  manipulated, controlled, censored, on msm  around the world. We have not been getting real news for decades , or we were getting truth and lies intertwined to confuse and keep the people confused of what is true and untruthful.  I have a genuine  love for all of them, people that I have never personally met, however, I truly see their hearts doing what they have been doing.. They have invested time, with no compensation, except maybe donations , to continue to capture your attention about the severity, of what is really going on in our world, They each speak on different areas of politics, medicine, economics, law, military, police, education system.  ALL of these institutions were usurped and do more damage, harm than good and it is time to stop all the evil people, who help this system continue to repeat criminal, unfathomable crimes on our children/human beings, animals, natural resources.  Here is the real important key, we all have to come together to do it, it is a huge beast that has its tentacles in everything, a small group has no chance.  That is why they have been dedicated for several decades, really even since this century, telling you the truth, however, it was manipulated twisted so that you would move on forget about one thing and move on to the next without as much as glimpse to question  what had happened.  We never looked back at all the ugly things, deaths, murders of our fellow brothers and sisters around the world. Ugliness is prevailing, and the reason it is is because #WeThePeople let it  continue.  When will enough be enough of all the killing and destruction of this beautiful precision of all living things ? We turned our backs on all that is precious.  So What Are #WeThePeople Going To Do About It ? Please dig deep, Look at the bigger picture at hand. There is a huge price to pay when we let atrocities happen.

What Are We Saying, Doing, To And For Our Better World ?

I see all kinds of postings everywhere and some of it just makes me sad, makes my heart ache.  Have we forgotten that taking sides, the two sides paradigm divides us. I  could careless who the president is, when we know he has no real power.  The people controlling, stifling us, make all these crazy fictitious, concocted  rules/laws  so we blindly give up OUR true beautiful gift of free will.. It is all an illusion of rule.  If we stopped participating in their confines we could start living by Gods laws, natural, law , universal law. We are still playing by their rules by fighting each other.  Our system is a copy, a fake, to the real original laws that were handed down to us, gods true, not tinkered with children.. Jesus, whether he is gods son or god in human form walked on earth speaking, healing , sharing the true ways of  doing, being with each other and mother earth. So let us stop playing their game.  Let us start creating a better more loving caring world.  We have been feeding this evil system with all the licenses, mortgages, taxes we pay, military, police, courts, they have been able to do all kinds of criminal activities off of us, everyone through out the world. Those phrases, follow the money, money makes the world go round,  think about them. I have never seen any of our money that we hand over help us period !  The majority of the world is suffering, in a world that was created with abundance for all, its precision and harmony, one looking after the other.

Great message from our brother Ken O’Keefe

Saturday: I drove a friend out of town, had some conversations and then drove to Pace , to watch my nephew play baseball.  I got to his game late, however I got to see him hit the ball,and be in the field.  After his 2 games my sister, father, brother and his family went to santinos.  We hung out there, I did not eat, and I got home late, so from 11-11 I was off sm. interacting with friends and family.

Sunday:  I woke up around 7 and just felt like I had not slept, I have been feeling like that for a couple days.  I looked up some things and posted things that anger me, makes my heart break. I did some chores around the house and then vegged.

I Need/Want The Natural Stuff

Woke up at 4 am  and I put dishes away, made my lunch /snack to take to work.  I usually put a handful of raw almonds and walnuts,  a banana, orange and an apple. I switch the fruit up. Sometimes I add raw veggies carrots, celery etc..  I have mentioned in several posts that I started intermittent fasting this past november. For most of my life I have eaten fairly healthy.  One of the main reasons I decided to test and try cleaning out my cells by intermittent fasting was a rash I have had on my stomach that would not go away. It is actually starting to fade away now.  I go to natural stores. I bought a hemp cream that I apply and it seems to be helping. I love natural oils peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus.  I like to use them for perfume as well as for other uses.  I do not look at food the same way anymore. I  am much pickier and I eat less. I do not dream of food, and I am not controlled by it.  I make the choices. The marketing,  commercial strategies are  false advertisements.  The food pyramid is phony baloney. It has changed several times through the decades regarding our protein, carbs, grains, daily  guidelines of intake.  A lot of food on the guide does nothing for us.  Lessening my intake of food has not harmed me in any way.  It does the exact opposite, you are healing helping your body by eliminating all the crap, the food that was generated, yes processed food is created. It is synthetic just like synthetic medicine.  We were meant to eat from the fruits that mother earth provides, not the man made concoctions. There is an abundance, well lots of crops have been dowsed with chemicals,  metals , genetically modified seeds. When I type this, it just enrages me ,that we live in the twilight zone, the absurdity of it all.

I had my first chiropractic appointment/experience yesterday, it was not what I expected. I have never had surgery, never had any broken bones,  I found out that my   sacrum is slightly rotated and the right side of my pelvis is higher than the left.  I have a lot of tightness all over my body, I need to start stretching. The chiropractor was pushing my legs forward, bending them and then I stood bending side to side and forward,to see my flexibility. I am right handed, my muscles are more developed on my right side. I felt different, less stiff after my adjustment. I will have to have a chat with my sister-in law- to get her in put, her experience.


Visit Your Neighbors, Make lists, Come Up With A Plan

Monday :  I woke up again at 3 am this morning.  I started at a new school today. It is a magnet middle school, grades 6-8  It is a smaller school, and it is really run down.

Tuesday:  I had to run some errands after work, my new hours are until 2:00 pm now.  I started working  for the school board at the end of January .  I get to travel to all the schools within escambia county, elementary, middle, and high school. and I My first school was Sherwood Elementary , now it is Brown Barge.

Today I woke up at 4:30 am. washed my bed sheets, did some dishes that were left over..  I am still doing my intermittent fasting.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I have is filtered water, then  I will have hot water with real lemon in it  I love hot herbal teas like dandelion, green tea etc.. I try to eat clean. I do not live to eat, I eat to live. Tomorrow  I am seeing a chiropractor  for the first time, my aunt and uncle and sister-in-law swear by them. After the adjustment, I am getting a massage.  I choose to spend my money on things to help me, improve my well being.

The post I made about my/our sister, Storm Navigator, regarding the possibility of the internet going down, interacting with our neighbors in our neighborhood. I made 2 copies of the template, I may modify it, I am going to have my sister read it to get her opinion, it may just need to be tweaked, not because there is anything wrong with what she did, just, it may be a possibility to simplify. I will be going door to door in my neighborhood to speak and hand them a copy, maybe we will set up a neighborhood meeting, I will not have answers until I get a feel of where they are at, and how I am received. i am looking forward to it !

Another brother who is looking after his brothers and sisters.

Coming To A Neighborhood Soon !

Natalia is NatBlog

Today I woke up at 3 am and I did some dishes that were left over from last night.  I wash by hand,  there is no dishwasher .  I moved on from dishes to getting updated on news.

Well This is something On my mind and in my heart.  We Know the system is not working, we know there has been major corruption for millennia however, at some point we have to minimize reporting and use all that wonderful information and take it to our streets in our neighborhood. We have to build a new way of being, doing with eachother,  I  will not participate with new elected  people with the same regime, system, we have in place, because it was and is a sham.  We were never suppose to be ruled upon, limited, governed over.  I was given free will, and my laws, a millennia ago.

I want all my lovely brothers and sisters to understand what I am conveying here.  We can not do the same thing that the msm is doing, just  repeating truth news, we have to take action to the streets and talk to our neighbors,communities. I know every single one of you can because I have been watching all of your beautiful spirits shine on my screen explaining and teaching me !  Many of the truth tellers have people that listen to you because they see you through your words that you care.  I am not here giving orders, we all have a duty, responsibility to balance reporting on sm and on our streets, remember, there are many of our brothers and sisters  that are not connected or connecting on the internet, so they have to be reached, no man woman or child left behind !

I know that there are people that have already put their communities in action, I would love to hear from them, We need to hear from them. I have to get my stuff prepared because I will be giving all of you updates on what I am doing.. I have to walk the talk, because I care, so I do it, to be it, because I am it.  Real change happens when we do the acts that are within.

This video/audio by Storm Navigator just beautifully says what is right and important.

Get Ready For Real Changes My Brothers And Sisters

Thursday : Today I woke up at 3 am and started typing and listening to great info on the internet. My sister from another mister( who I reference down below) made me think about the possibility If we were to lose complete connection on the internet  For some it would be a complete melt down, for others it would be sad because they balance their time, so the outcome would have different reactions.  What would yours be ? I have found amazing beings that I have  connected with on the internet, however, I can still go out in my community and do the same thing, and I have a strong sense that it needs to start happening.  We are on this electrical grid and I am not sure what may play out.  Remember this is satans play ground, he connected us all with the fake electricity, wifi,  when his copy of things is being attacked he is not going to walk away without a fight.  He has had dominion, manipulating , destroying human beings and all the natural resources.

In my weeks of working with the school I see a lot of waste of food, food that could be taken to needy people in the community.  I see children who are angry, just acting out.  Children are our compass people, they understand things in the real,  where a lot of adults are unplugged, so unaware of what is going on. Children, before we start polluting them, are the purest form of energy and they just mirror what is coming at them.  They are putting a mirror to who ever is in contact with them, so do not ever confuse this,, they are showing you , yourself. People have checked out of life, yes checked out.  People think they are plugged in however,  do a test, check yourself,.  Where are you , what is your stance on all the issues, theatrics being played out. in the msm ? Does it match what you find in your local community ? What is true to you ? Who are you ?  How do you improve, impact your family, community, world ?

This is my sister  Storm Navigator who I connected with the first time I saw and heard her important messages. She has been caring, sharing her knowledge with the masses, the world, for over 6 years. She is not a guru , she is a being who is operating on a more conscience level than most of us.  We the people are all at different levels of true comprehension of our own self, community, world,  universe.

In God I Trust

When I look back at many Presidential, congress, supreme court justices elections, I do not remember  the people of the U.S. choosing their candidates, we were presented with selected choices.  This political, theatrical arena has to stop. We the people ,are not following the true constitution that was written.  There was never to be this huge machine running our world, we were always suppose to have limited supervision over us, and yet we can not do anything without following the machines rules..  What about living our  lives by gods law, universal law, natural law ? ( They are all the same)  What happened to in God We Trust?  Whos God ?  Remember, there are many false ones.

I live my life on track with Gods law and I behave in the image he made me in, which is love, look around at all the natural original beauty.  I am honored, graced, to be a child of his making, creativity, I am pretty awesome how I was constructed, I am always in awe of everything in creation !

A beautiful sister who I have followed for a couple years, an angel, that aligns with love and many that I follow/connect with have the same energy.  With that, some need to check themselves, we are not battling, slandering eachother, we can disagree respectfully and lovingly, remember remember, check who  you are in alignment with, what energy ? How do you speak, act, illustrate your work ?


I Do Not Want Any Boot On My Neck !

Sunday : I woke up around 4 ish  am  had a chat  with several brothers on line, it was a nice disuccsion exchange  of concerns,  and new ones on the horizon.

Monday : it is a little after 2 this am could not sleep so naturally I type..

I started typing las night and then got way too sleepy.  So after I chatted for a little bit, I went for my morning walk ( all the brothers reside in different states, have  different walks of , we  come together as a community during these twilight zone times.)

Everything  harmful, ugly is coming to light and I think it is because we have a lot of brothers and sister that are seeing through the theatrics,. Our  energy around the world  is fighting the dark forces that have ruled for this  century and many others.

Went back to sleep now 530 am ,  We need to stop feeding into the red and blue paradigm, it is getting us no where, they are two sides of the same coin. I know People think that Trump is going to make all these changes however I believe it is us, we the people of the world, standing up to all our controllers, government puppet heads.  It is all theatrics, mans laws, convoluted, going nowhere law,s that harm, further restrict,  and take more rights away. We never needed mans controlling government, military, we were never meant to be at war with any country  and especially killing, and destroying his creations.  God gave us our laws  and free will ! Does it not make you appreciate the independent choice now ? We have to all come together to have a true discussion about how we can thrive in a more caring, sharing way where all originals are honored,  no mater the culture, region, species they are.

Another amazing sister, Sam Mugzzi who has been putting out great work for the world !