Oil Drilling In Black Water River

By: Nat on February 4, 2013

What do locals in Escambia, Santa Rosa County, who live near and frequent the Black Water River think of this plan ? Doug Broxson a Florida state representative, has re introduced  the bill, last time a gentleman by the name of Clay Ford had introduced it and it was killed. They are using bringing jobs, to make it attractive,  really, who guarantees that the natural forest will not be harmed, and land around it.

I watched Promised Land last night and, I wanted to see how far they had come from the documentary GasLand.  I wrote a blog on Dec 8, 2010 about Josh Fox on fracking.  He is back  making a follow up documentary GasLand II, I can not wait.  He is causing more waves, watch the linked video from Democracy Now.  He has been speaking about this for several years now, the very real and grave concern of gas drilling, the documented reports of contamination and undisclosed truths of land, air, water, pollution.

Sandy Getting Physical Therapy

By: Nat on January 8, 2013

This is a video for my  niece Madison, she wanted a video of sandy, she knows she has an injured leg. ( it’s her right front leg) She tells sandy how much she misses her via the phone.  This is a must do for my little Chickie poo.   I shot this today 01/08/2013 !  Still practicing with video filming.


My Dog Sandy And A Little Golf Ball Moment

By: Nat on April 26, 2012

Sandy is my profile picture that I have on Facebook.  I have 2 pictures on my blog of her that I posted back in 2009, one of Max, and I need to get a picture of my brother’s dogs.  They are all family. So I am introducing her again on a more personal level.  I had taken some videos of her a couple of months ago and decided to share one.  I get so wrapped up in my thoughts to put them out there, that I do not put the spotlight on my furry pal.  She has been with us for almost nine years and what a gift she is.  She is one of my best friends.   My life is brighter because of her.

Mr. West And Mr. Smiley Traveled Parts of The U.S Last Year For Added Input

By: Nat on January 15, 2012

Cornel West is a savvy cat and he amongst Mr. Smiley  and six other cats( Michael Moore, Barbara Ehrenreich, Roger Clay, Vicki Escarra,  Suze Orman, and Majora Carter)  have a must see video  of a discussion at Georgetown University “Remaking America from Poverty to Prosperity” you can catch it on PBS  as well in your local listing.

I watched the video from Mr.  Moore’s site last night and had to watch the whole thing !  I always check up on him to see what he is doing and I landed on this magnificent 2 1/2 hr dialogue of candid important issues.  I am passing it on because it is necessary to listen to !

Susan Shaw, Check Out Her ted.com Video On Impact Of Dispersant On Human & Marine Life in Gulf

By: Nat on August 23, 2010

TED (Technology. Entertainment, Design)

Susan Shaw

MERI (Marine Environmental Research Institute)


Marine Pollution

TEDtalksDirector    Susan Shaw: The Oil Spill’s Toxic Trade-Off

Know The Products You Are Buying, And At What Environmental Cost!

By: Nat on August 4, 2010

The Dove adds jumped on the band wagon of “natural beauty”  recognizing that 80% of women are not sticks, and do not believe in tampering with mother nature.   We are who we are and we need to stop chasing the  photo shop pictures.  What is in dove products?

Learn about Greenpeace if you have not already, and Greenpeace International.

Dove Onslaught(er)

Greenpeace video

Love, Love Louis C.K

By: Nat on August 3, 2010

Louis C.K. , Great comedian in my eyes.

Louis C.K. On Father’s Day

Michael Moore,Love His Reporting

By: Nat on February 22, 2010

I have seen Capitalism, A Love Story, these are just some of the things referenced in  Mr. Moore’s  film;

I had to put this video on here, he needs to come back to TV, this was a great show!

Michael Moore TV Series from (1999-2000), The Awful Truth

An Oldie But Goody, Phil Donahue’s Ethical, Journalistic Ways

By: Nat on January 14, 2010

Body Of War, which I have not seen yet, but looking forward to it.  Phil Donahue was one of the best t.v.’s journalists.

Phil Donahue Show 1979 interview with Milton Friedman- Greed

Love This Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial!!!

By: Nat on December 28, 2009

My friend sent it to me a couple of years ago.

Wedding Dress

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