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Research The Natural Plants That Have Curing, Healing Properties

So after waking up sore this am I decide to go on my morning walk. It helps stretch me out and helps that wonderful brain flow releasing dopamine .  I am a strong advocate for any kind of exercise, body movement. I love looking at nature, seeing the different birds, squirrels, plants, trees, and sometimes you get a glimpse of something amazing, if it comes in your way. and you see it notice it.

So in my soreness I thought of my brother from Unity Collective he speaks about so many truths however, he has been spreading the word about Kratom. , it is another natural plant the government wants to squash out of circulation, human consumption to make a synthetic form for the public to buy and use.  I am so tired of Our medical, pharmaceutical industries approving the crap that does not benefit anyone.

Here is a video by Mr. Triple form Unity Collective bringing his first hand knowledge and trial and error test of Kratom, the wonderful , no side affect natural plant.I will always stand on the side of nature, and what is natural from mother earth ! Kratom has different strands for different strengths of alleviating  different levels of pain. He does provide a company Amilia Botanicals who he has been in contact with. You can do the research, contact them yourself.  You are free to do what ever you wish , I, as well as unity collective, are presenting maybe introducing  a  healthy, safe, non harmful option. I do not get paid by anyone, my words, writing, all I do is for the love of humanity and mother earth., and for my loving and loyal God.


An Amazing Populous in Alternative Media Platforms

I put two videos in this post that I thought were very important, the published work  that all the truthers are publishing is important. There is a community out there, you just have to search, and you will find them. One is the Titus Frost yt channel who puts his being into action, he is putting together goodies from money he has earned through his labor of love work. If you live in Boston and you can help, look him up, he is going to be driving to find  our brothers and sisters who live on the street to provide them with a little love, with a back pack of goodies !

Today 1 pm Boston #OpSafeWinter Op.

The second video is of my brother Triple and I thought this was an important video for truthers and all of us around the globe to hear.  it is time for us to change our world.  We all have our skills, strengths, in what ever way you can to make change.

These are two of many of  the real people bringing you truth, they are real human beings coming to you showing themselves in their pure form, not hollywood fakery, Think about how hollywood tricks you on so many levels to the point that it tricks you to not like yourself, love yourself, the way you are !!! The plastic surgery, the clown make up, all to alter who you are ! It is  not balance ,it is off the rails to the dark side,

Do You Choose To Be Or Not To Be ?

In talking with my sister this morning, we were having a discussion about changing the world and I believe with all my heart, mind and action aligned, I/we accomplish that by one person at a time. You have to be the change you want to see, ( many through centuries have spoken deep profound words to alert us, to tell us ) so if you believe in love, caring , sharing, having support, you have to be it, to see it, speak it, type it, and hear it.  On a molecular level  we/everything was created with the same stuff the oceans,  grass, trees, animals, all that is around us ( all created by our creator, most high). When I started to hit a wall mentally and physically, I was in heart pain, I had  to stop spinning on a wheel , I wanted change, I began to research, I started to see that everything is a part of me, I have a responsibility to be what I want to see and feel , Do unto others as you would have done unto you, this is universal law, it is, there is no disputing it. , I choose to make my world a better place and now I see and hear to  put out positive vibrations when I interact with all the things I come in contact with.  I am emitting either a positive or negative charge, (good or bad, kindness or ugliness)I have to choose to be one or the other(to be positive or negative) I have been posting about changing  my inner dialogue changing my ways .

I have been on this journey for a while, since I was a kid, and with my blog I wanted to share real human pain, confusion, and to make sense of  the craziness of the world, the rich being rewarded and the poor being penalized  …etc.  Everyone has to come to a true understanding of what is happening around them, and unfortunately none will have eyes to see and ears to hear until you choose, make a decision what path you want to take, and the work you have to put in to get to the truth.   We were antenas born putting out a slew of output,  and receiving not all true input. Many do not understand the stagnation, hamster wheel they have been spinning on and continue to spin on. Wouldn’t you want to understand the universal consequences you make everyday not knowing or truly understanding how it all affects everything ?  Our circuitry/antenna is constantly flowing around, all these molecular cells/atoms interacting.  So if we all put out positive charges, positive ways of being , we would not see ugliness, homelessness, all the things that are ugly in the world. When you come to that understanding, your world will be very different, you will have new eyes you are looking out of, and new ears to hear from. Everything about you will change because once you understand truth, all that is you will become it and be it. The lies that the movies, tv,churches, government all spew are for you to sit back, and just wish things to be better.  Well are you better, are you acting in complete alignment with what you think, feel, and do ? None of it will work, improve if your wiring is crossed.  You can not think negative and do positive,  all 3 have to align, Jesus was our example, that is why he was born to leave his human body as a reference to us about his way of being, and doing. Energy has a momentum, so use it wisely,

Another beautiful brother Mr. Triple, from Unity Collective on youtube has been sending you his love labor for a while.  I will continue to put all these beautiful human beings  that I have followed and learned from on my blog post because these are visible, real humans making a difference in our world.