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Take Aways From Carson Kressley

Past TV show, How to Look Good Naked, on Lifetime, with Carson Kressley, was  putting women on the radar, to embrace themselves from head to toe in their individual beauty!  He is going to Oprah’s OWN Network (their website).
Ladies!  Carson is just one of many reminders that we need to make ourselves feel good inside and out of our skin.  Most men are just gorgeous doing nothing, so let us learn to be less preoccupied with our silly hang ups and accept every part of ourselves.  Shake what your mother and father gave you, stop focusing on what other people define as beauty. I truly believe the world is our mirror, whatever we put out, we get back, so believe and live your best beauty  for yourself.  This  important Quote Beauty is only skin deep” has always  repeated itself  through centuries so absorb it !

Pay Attention If You Have A Mother or Mother Figure !!!!!!

I was on Hiatus from blogging, trying to wrap my head around stuff, the crazy weather and incidents around the globe. (tornadoes, oil spill in the gulf of Mexico..etc…)

Yesterday morning I was at my nephew Nathans Flag Football game.  I had my little niece Madison and Landon with me, and for Parents, sometimes you miss great plays for keeping an eye on the ever moving, wondering two year olds,( well Landon will be two in June).  The little ones and I were laying down with our whole bodies on the grass staring at the overcast sky, ( we were still taking it all in) yes I play and join the fun too! (children are great reminders for teaching us to live in the moment).  Nathans team was doing well, my brother- in- law coaches his sons team.  After the game was over, his co -coaches wife ended up collapsing to the floor, she complained of numbness in her hands and feet .  Her 10 year old son, who plays on my nephews team was a couple of feet away from his mother , he was sitting on the grass with his head facing the ground, he said he was praying for her,  that she has always been in his life.  He was worried and afraid she would not get to enjoy her mother’s day, and  gifts.  The EMT showed up and took her to the hospital.  I was present for that moment and it shakes you up to see a husband and child go through concerned emotions in a state of not knowing the possible outcomes.  I’m glad to report this precious mother was severely dehydrated and suffered vertigo.

I wanted to share this because today, as every day, whatever strife or neglect you have with your mother, or a mother figure, cherish the time you have, we can never predict the timing of things.

To my mother, my sister, and sister-in-law, who are all mommas, it is not just a title, it is the reminder of the beauty in unconditional love.

I Love My Planet, And My Peeps, Happy Valentines Day Globe!

Valentines Day, Do you think that these days are calendered, singled out as reminders for the globe to love one another?  Through our journey in life we always need reminders to check ourselves, (introspection) if we are loving , respecting the people and the world around us.   For Valentines, I wonder how much , chocolate , jewelry, flowers are bought on this day or days leading up to Valentines Day. I hope everyone feels loved today and everyday, and if you have no one, always remember, you still have yourself!

A Little Recognition To My Mom And Dad

Two of the most hardworking, active Seniors I know!  They keep up with the young folks.  My parents come from the kick Ass generation!  Fine quality people.  They never knew what debt was, worked for everything they have.  Mom and Dad have always been generous souls.  They devote their time and energy  to their kids and grand kids.  They come flawed, as all  humans do, but I am so very proud , and fortunate to have them in my life.  I hope that in their lifetime I can repay them for their devotion, unselfishness and unconditional love.

A Microscopic Look At Motherhood

I must say, having the title and responsibility of an Aunt is a mere glance into the enormous, undertaking role of motherhood. I may change diapers, bathe, and feed my niece and nephews, but they get returned to their parent(s). As a person who is without child, I have a daily routine that only involves me. I may get up in the morning, take a nice hot soaking bath, while watching the news with a soothing cup of hot tea, before I start my day. In a mother’s world, she is woken up to the tune of a little person, maybe several times throughout the night, crying for a bottle in the early morning. So the mom who has had interrupted sleep, starts her day feeding her hungry child, who will have many other needs and unexpected surprises, whenever, whatever they are, through the coarse of a day,every day (24/7) to react or respond to!

I have heard Oprah Winfrey on her views of Mothers worldwide, and I wholeheartedly agree, Being a Mother is the toughest, most important job on the planet.