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Hopefull The Dream Will Come True One Day

I hope that people really start to think about the huge significance of Martin Luther King, he stood up for everyone that was being discriminated, the poor, military vets, race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.  He was not biased, he was not only thinking of his race, he saw inequality happening everywhere.  The most obvious group were the blacks who where getting mistreated they had no legal rights, voting, owning a home.  He understood in a country of freedom, all must be free and have the same rights, not some.  And we still have small versions of Mr. Kings crusade, however it should be bigger, most recently our Occupy Wallstreet brothers and sisters, Our LGBT  etc.

If we do not stand for everyone to have the same rights, then our Government and its legislation continue to have power over us,  eliminating  all our rights, our freedoms.  If you single out groups such as homosexuals, gender, equal pay, people who have fire arms, people without health coverage, over taxing the poor, people of a different race, by limiting or taking away our inalienable rights for certain groups,  a republic country will never happen.  We, the citizens of the U.S., keep the continuance of ignorance alive, keeping ourselves divided and defeated for not standing up for each others rights, and amended rights in the Constitution.

If lawful rights are being taken away from groups of citizens, and we do nothing, the powers see the ignorance we display amongst ourselves, our brothers and sisters, we take no action to stand for equality, so it is happening to all of us.  We are getting screwed and it is time to get our heads out of our butts and to start paying attention to the important issues and choices, rather than the many superficial choices we have.


Shooting That Killed Children In Conneticut

The horrible school shooting of innocent children is unspeakable.  Animals, children, the elderly are a no no on my list of people to harm.  I am in no way advocating to hurt anyone, however, in fighting you fight people your own size, able to defend themselves.

There are people who snap, and then there are people that have issues for many years.  Mental health, the mind is a powerful thing, and not everything will have answers.

I had a brief conversation with my brother and his wife regarding  guns.  It should always ignite conversation about what is going on in our country, how to improve it ( when our bill of rights come into question, write to your congressman ) .  Anytime something horrible of this magnitude happens it gives government the opportunity to take more of our freedoms away, we have to think that  bad things are going to happen, however we can take action to solve it in a logical way, to lower incidents or the access to them.  The NRA was established for a reason, it is not a bunch of shoot em up fanatics, they stand for our freedom and our protection.  My boyfriend had a great idea of arming teachers .  Train teachers to use a gun,or have some form of weapon to defend themselves and their students.  Our  2nd  amendment  in the United States Constitution is the right to bear arms and that is not negotiable. I want and I have the right to protect myself against my government, or any hostile take over. There is no discussion, guns do not kill people, people kill people.

I Like My Bill’s

Bill McKibben was instrumental along with NRDC  and U.S. citizens to stop the Canadian pipeline through the U.S. for now.  Another battle that is not over yet !

Bill Moyers has brought great journalism to us on and off through the years on PBS.  One of his many great pieces was The Secret Government, The constitution in crisis, regarding the lies we have been told about the wars we have been in, and the overthrowing of heads of state up until the late 80’s.  Was The cold war (started 1945) a catalyst or opportunity for the covert creation of the NSA  and CIA ?  The U.S. started so many secret operations  before they became wars, the Korean war (1950) then followed the Vietnam war (1959) and later the Iran Contra ( 1985) affair with  Oliver North .

In Iran (1953) The U.S. CIA orchestrated the removal of Mohammad Mosaddegh because he wanted Iran to control oil in their country not the British companies within Iran.

Guatemala (1954) Jacobo Arbenz was removed, replaced by colonel Castillo Armas  because he gave the peasants of his country land to live on that the United Fruit Company owned.

Cuba (1961), we wanted to remove Castro, assassinate him, our government turned to the mob for hire and then in 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Watergate (1970)

Chile (1973) Salvador Allende was booted out of presidency by U.S.

Allen Dulles and his brother John were a big influence in carrying out the orders for those many secret attacks.  What do you think about the CIA, NSA acting as a separate entity, above the law, accessing what they think other countries should be doing, benefiting the bottom line?

Look at where we are today, still removing heads of state only to put others who are far worse in their place.  The citizens of those countries are outraged, they have lived under a certain rule and then our covert ops orchestrate an up-rise, removing  their ruler by  replacing him with a real dictatorship, killing their people, for our own agenda.  They claim we go in to these countries to make them democratic, BS,  they end up worse off.  Hopefully we still question the wars and the illegal behaviors that go against our Constitution.  I’m looking forward to the day we (citizens) stop the wars and  hold our people accountable for violating their own U.S. Laws.

Do We Know All of History, Philosophy, Ecology?

Somewhere along the way we may not truly understand everything we were taught or learned in school.  We read life long works written by the great philosophers, people in history that paved the way for how humanity operates today, or the nature structure of the animal kingdom. Through the years we forget, or simply ignore making the difference or connections.

I was poring sparkling water and mixing it with pomegranate juice ( I like to do that with a lot of juices) and I immediately thought of my friend and old roommate in Jacksonville, Fl who use to mix seltzer and cranberry juice.   My discovery of sparkling  water and fruit sodas originated many years ago when I lived in Sicily.    In Spain, where I was born,  my favorite carbonated fruit drink is  Kas naranja or limon and my aunt’s wonderful cooking.  I enjoy eating her food more than going tapa hopping around town. I spent a tremendous amount of time with her this past May and she cooked amazing, healthy meals everyday.  I always have a smile when I think of food and beverages I enjoy.

The memory of my history of soda got me thinking, to reflect back and think of who my influences were.  It is making the connection, remembering its origination and connecting the dots.  I think people have lost there way of critical thinking.  Our history, wars, film, music,  re account what we have seen, read, heard.  I think we owe it to people who died, spent their life work examining and finding the truths and improvements, a better outcome of our humanity.  Things are re-presented, repackaged to us through stories in film, books, music, and we forget or ignore it all.  History has a profound wealth of wisdom, however, there are things that need to be re examined and tweaked, like how Washington D.C. runs, and the great thing is that we have the original interpretation of our Constitution.  Through the years there have been revisions and we need to eliminate those revisions like the Patriot Act .  History fought for Racism, gender, sexuality, and we still ignore it all.  We are free to be who we are, isn’t that what people before us fought for?

Martin Luther King fought for everyone, if one race is oppressed, we all are!  He was a visionary and saw the control government had and still has.  He stood for all, for every walk of life, and sadly people still think it was only for the African Americans.  Not one class, one race, one sexual orientation rules, civil rights is for all.