Nat’s TV Pick, Vice

By: Nat on April 5, 2013

It has been on the Internet and now it has been picked up by HBO.  Vice , it is simply  great  global reporting news, it has been doing so since 2007.  It originally started as a magazine, and its vision has evolved.

I just watched their first show on HBO , you can go on YouTube and watch hundreds of their older documentary videos.

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I Like Matt !!!!

By: Nat on February 25, 2011

Matt Taibbi , his long interesting journalism journey like The Beast, and many other great pieces.  He is someone to check out.  Watched episode of Democracy Now (their website),  Matt was on and discusses his article in Rolling  Stones, Why isn’t Wall Street in Jail?  He lashes out  about the SEC and the revolving door of people  in positions to investigate Wall Street who eventually went to work for them.

Matt  Taibbi on Democracy Now, 2011

Watched An Episode That Took Me Back To 9/11/2001

By: Nat on December 23, 2010

There was a TV series, The Lone Gunmen, that aired for 1 3 episodes and it was created and ran in 2001 before September 11, 2001. I watched an episode and it was eerie, it was about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center.    This just left a weird feeling,  a million scenarios, incidents can happen in a life time, to see it played out on a TV show , it makes for questions of coincidence.

What ever happened to the investigation of 9/11?  There are so many unanswered questions regarding this incident.  Remember the Michael Moore documentary Sicko with all the rescue responders that got ill?   Well, a lot of them have died ,and  after 9 years,  others  still have no health coverage, why?   I put Jon Stewart’s  link to the Daily Show, he is my man, always putting fire under much needed cabooses!

After the air date of Dec. 16, 2010 , Mr. Stewart caused some ruckus , enough to get emergency responders some of the help they so desperately need!!! Check it out!

Airport TSA Frisko, Fiasco

By: Nat on December 6, 2010

TSA, (about TSA)

Ron Paul

The airport security is really flawed, with today’s perfecting technology there should be a better security system in place.  I do not want a strangers hands all over me, radiation exposure, or  a public  naked picture of me.   I do not want my freedoms to be penalized for inadequate security measure strategies.   Today, Science and Technology are capable of a far more efficient, system.

What are the rules for private air travelers?

With the US Intelligence and Security Agencies in America, there are better alternatives.  We lead the globe with our  military background, we are a powerhouse and yet we resort to less than security measures!!   Something smells foul.

Ron Paul Talks TSA on Freedom Watch 11/22/10

Mary McCormack And Fred Weller, Bring On The Drama

By: Nat on September 9, 2010

The dialogue, the actors  Mary McCormack and Fred Weller of In Plain Sight , are a bundle of smart escapism.  Love the chemistry and the characters the two actors portray.

Glee Gets My Vote…Favorite Jane lynch

By: Nat on July 30, 2010

Glee is entertaining for everyone and children can relate to it.  The show has music, it covers all genres,  it takes you back in time.

The L Word, Commentary

By: Nat on March 24, 2010

The battle , the debate  of many states recognizing same sex marriages and relationships,  arouses my curiosity for understanding .   I know that a television show The L Word, is not the true depiction or interpretation, but it sure imitates life.  The show translates  a culture  of  stories that shares insight to the unfamiliar.

I never understood the world between same sex genders.  I have lived a very sheltered life.  I come from a place of unfamiliarity, the last thing I want to do is judge and criticize.  If  I do not impose my way of being on anyone then I want the same freedoms.  I want to live my life the way I choose to.  The same set of rules needs to apply to everyone.

Why should the rights as a heterosexual  married person be validated when  heterosexuals do not give integrity to the sanctity of marriage. I believe there is an ignorant population out there that feels there is darkness and an infiltrating  outbreak that it is contagious.   Homosexuality represents a perverted sexual culture for the uniformed.  When people have fear they react or act un-human like.  Things that are different, unfamiliar pose threats to individuals.  Instead of checking themselves they rather backlash at something or someone else. I had one gay male friend at one point in my life.

Religion says same sex is an abomination but what do you think went on in the Roman days, men with boys , men with men, and now the Vatican in uproar of sexual abusive priests!

I say live and let live ( as long as no one else is getting hurt) a victimless life journey!

If anyone wants to share, please feel free!!

Michael Moore,Love His Reporting

By: Nat on February 22, 2010

I have seen Capitalism, A Love Story, these are just some of the things referenced in  Mr. Moore’s  film;

I had to put this video on here, he needs to come back to TV, this was a great show!

Michael Moore TV Series from (1999-2000), The Awful Truth

Ed Begley, Jr., Another One Of My Love, Loves

By: Nat on February 12, 2010

Ed Begley, Jr. is putting his green, and environmentalism message out there via his TV show, Living with Ed. He has been living this way since the 70’s, he is a smart cat.  You should check him out!  He has a lot of knowledge and info for the globe.

Bradley Whitford on, Living With Ed

An Oldie But Goody, Phil Donahue’s Ethical, Journalistic Ways

By: Nat on January 14, 2010

Body Of War, which I have not seen yet, but looking forward to it.  Phil Donahue was one of the best t.v.’s journalists.

Phil Donahue Show 1979 interview with Milton Friedman- Greed