There is a lot of me, mine, in the world however I do not market meism, I like the word to be (to be or not to be)  beism  is not meism, you have to love yourself before you can love interact in a loving way to anyone else.  You have to be it, love, kindness, caring, generous, positive,,, can not give something you do not have. You have to take action, you have to act in kindness, love, care, etc….you can be or not be these things however I’m willing to bet God made you perfect with all these beautiful actions, you just have to rediscover them !

I have to break for this Important map, there are you tubers, posting the map, It is a tremendous body of work, an entire break down of all the research that connects, links all the corruption of our world leaders, corporations, think tanks,  news,, hollywood,  all who deceived us !  Who put this masterpiece  together ?  I know many have collaborated through the years, knowing or unknowingly, was it one or many, not sure but fills my heart.  It is surreal that it is happening, I am typeless, wordless, no words to describe how I feel to see all the truth coming to be ! This is huge Worldly brothers and sisters !

This is another, one of many behind the scenes sisters Trump News, Truth Natasha , who has been working around the clock for years putting out truths on her you tube channel and her blog.