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The Inflex Of Terrible Destructive Tornadoes

What is going on with the increase in tornadoes that are appearing more frequently?  The Midwest  and parts of the south have been trampled over by the tornadoes.   Some Scientist are taking their ques from nature, plants and animals migrating to regions that were not an inhabited climate for them before.  Not everyone agrees with Al Gore’s assessment on global warming .  There is always a financial driven agenda,  each side has scientists and investors making a buck,  staying or believing in our status quo or going the better  route.

Yesterday Was A Not So Good News Day

Another round of tornadoes hit Tuscaloosa,  Al  and 4 other surrounding states.  We are seeing a different category of  much more powerful tornadoes.   The news discussed how it was missed on the weather radar Doppler, everyday people who did not have time to prepare.  ( I’m not understanding  how it was missed )  These devastating storms are happening more frequently with bigger damages, higher loss of life.  My humanity goes out to the loss of life.

The second is a little more personal, my friend Angie lost her grandmother a couple of days ago, I found out yesterday.  I know her grandmother had a special important place in her life.  The experiences, the time we spend with each other are priceless pieces of lessons and joy in our precious memory bank.

Spent Time at Harbor View Marina

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day at the Marina.  It is amazing to see all kinds of boats stored in a warehouse storage facility several feet high.  The expensive customized tool boxes that the mechanics invest in.  It was just a really nice day.  It was Sandy, my beau, our friend and myself.

Being out all day I was not aware of the horrible tornadoes that blasted through Virginia, North Carolina, etc… and the fires in Texas . Crazy weather we are having through out the U.S., I know people that live in these areas and I hope they are all well.