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60 Minutes, Citizens, It’s Not Over Yet !

We have to give huge credit to 60 Minutes for bringing attention to it, and the citizens who signed the petition, or wrote to their state representatives to stop the STOCK Act, it passed in Congress, so lets see what happens !   I  hope the bill is not tweaked in their favor, it must stand to the strict adherence of no insider trading or political intelligence.  President Obama must pass it in its original context, no loopholes !

It is not over yet, we need to put pressure on Congress.   Take a look and watch last nights John Stewart with Congress woman Louise Slaughter .  My head was on fire on how Congress wants to appease us by a charade of a revision of the bill.  It is illegal, for goodness sake, for them to do insider trading and leak it to wall street, with their inside insight to political intelligence.

National Security Archives At Our Fingertips

Scott Armstrong is the man to thank for this gift originating in 1985. The National Security Archive stores declassified U.S. Government files.  You can click on the link National Security Archive and it will take you directly to their website to research on line through years of what really happened in our foreign affairs.  You can also go to the research and archival institution at George Washington University in D.C and check it out for yourself !  There are many avenues in this massive collaborative tool, the internet, or your local library !

If you are on the internet,  there is a wealth of information that is available to find.  I think it is everyone’s duty to research everything !  It matters when our government has been operating in secrecy for over 50 + years, worsening our liberties with our Constitution’ s 27 amendments (changes)  the new bills that come to exist.    Some of the changes (infringing on our freedom)  to our Constitution, Bills that have been passed,  happened on our watch, we did not stop them !  We can not afford to do nothing anymore, we have to act on the changes we want to see !

Congress is still working on the SOPA and The STOCK Act bills.  We have to stay on top of what our Legislative, Executive and Judicial  branch is introducing to the country.

2004 STOCK Act Bill, How Long Will It Take To Pass It ?

I’m disgusted the STOCK Act Bill is still not passed after being introduced 8 Years AGO (2004) by Brian Baird, and  Louise Slaughter ! It hit the floor and Congress has been avoiding it ever since.   Everyday citizens go to jail for insider trading, what makes the Law makers on the hill any different?  It is criminal, unethical and their activities need to stop.  Please go to change.org and sign the  Economic Justice Petition HR 1148 STOCK Act Bill to stop Law makers from: IPO’sinsider trading……political intelligence etc… Congress gets all the inside information and they get to invest and pass bills for their benefit and not our countries?  It is a conflict of interest, illegal , corrupt for them to behave and to continue to get away with it, so let us, the people, make them! Let us give the 15,000 signatures( so far only 609) we need to change it !   I have signed the petition.  This video from 60 Minutes should make your head on fire !


60 Minutes piece that aired 11/13/2011