Aaron Swartz, Have You Heard Of Him ?

Aaron Swartz, if you have never heard of him, you should, you need to.  He was a pioneer in our internet. He was being prosecuted by our Government for JSTOR, with an insane sentencing.  (something like 50 years in jail, when people who commit hanis crimes serve less than that) The harassment and ridiculous, false charges towards him were unconstitutional.  The government wants to eliminate our free internet using guinea pigs like Aaron to send a message.  Do you remember SOPA ? It is no joke, if you look at the uprising of citizens around the world, the global sharing  citizens and their countries true news, the government wants to lock it down, and we can not allow this to happen.  The Internet is 10 times more powerful than local libraries, you have immediate access to countries in seconds, the lies, the censored news, cannot be hidden anymore like they use to be.  If we value and understand the information and power behind the internet culture, we should have more people fighting to keep the internet open and free.

There are those of us that see our rights continually being taken away, and I know that number is not high enough.


National Security Archives At Our Fingertips

Scott Armstrong is the man to thank for this gift originating in 1985. The National Security Archive stores declassified U.S. Government files.  You can click on the link National Security Archive and it will take you directly to their website to research on line through years of what really happened in our foreign affairs.  You can also go to the research and archival institution at George Washington University in D.C and check it out for yourself !  There are many avenues in this massive collaborative tool, the internet, or your local library !

If you are on the internet,  there is a wealth of information that is available to find.  I think it is everyone’s duty to research everything !  It matters when our government has been operating in secrecy for over 50 + years, worsening our liberties with our Constitution’ s 27 amendments (changes)  the new bills that come to exist.    Some of the changes (infringing on our freedom)  to our Constitution, Bills that have been passed,  happened on our watch, we did not stop them !  We can not afford to do nothing anymore, we have to act on the changes we want to see !

Congress is still working on the SOPA and The STOCK Act bills.  We have to stay on top of what our Legislative, Executive and Judicial  branch is introducing to the country.

The Hunt On Piracy Is Now Through The DOJ

Megaupload was shut down by the FBI and has made a lot of headway, this fight is not over.  The DOJ is making an example of megaupload, and they are using SOPA snips to coincide with their other existing laws, to achieve their goal.  The legislation has not gone through, and yet criminal arrests have been made toward megaupload and I am sure others will follow.   Something smells really bad when a companies website is shut down and its owners detained  without Due process ?  Wall Street and the banks have yet to be criminally charged, since 2008.

SOPA, PIPA Learn About Them !

President Obama recently signed The National Defense Authorization Act,  but wait, today you will not be able to see it on Wikipedia because my fellow brothers and sisters are sending a loud message regarding SOPA and PIPA.  So if you share information  you will be detained indefinitely for behaving as a terrorist ?  Think of the steps Congress and the law makers are orchestrating, the squash of our freedoms, one bill at a time. We need to limit the control government has on our lives.  It wants to control what we see and  do on the internet.  Does that sound okay with you?

Congress , corporations, are trying to say information shared is pirated, stolen, infringing on the  copy write laws of the music, film, industry.   Really it goes way deeper regarding our freedom of information and freedom of speech act.  We need to change the ways bills are written and the undisclosed attachments to them. A bill is to be presented and written in its clearest form for all citizens to understand the new law  put into legislation, affecting all of us .   The internet is free, it is not owned by the government, it is a collaboration of many means.  Our media and journalism for the most part is censored, so thank goodness we still have Libraries and the Internet.  The government is good at manipulating their agenda.   There are some bad areas of the internet, however, the good totally out ways the bad .  Piracy, that word has been looming around for several years now, they have been on the witch hunt to control more for a while now.  What is there to steal ?  The music, film, all those industries are protected and technology has moved them in that direction.   Thank goodness  for our technology, that has hackers and whistle blowers and groups like wikileaks and anonymous  reveal this to us.   Everyday there are human beings, belonging to created organizations keeping us informed, like this video below from the Young Turks !