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I Miss My Beautiful Dog

On my last post, my heart was chipped away when Sandy died. My world seems different without her in it, she was my family.  I’ve posted this picture before but I’m going to do it againMadison Massaging Sandy. That is my niece Madison (several years ago) with her best buddy Sandy.  I am horrible about photos and now I wish I would have taken many more of her.  She will always be in my heart, and in my mind.

Brandon Fouche is my hero ! If you have a chance look him up. Here is a video that is needed for dog owners. I’ve posted stuff on him before.  Louis Theroux another hero of mine did a documentary on, City of Dogs, in LA on the over population of unwanted dogs, strays , overcrowded dog shelters. He also brought attention to dogs that are labeled difficult, unable to be rehabilitated.  Brandon Fouche says he has never met a dog that could not be rehabilitated. We as humans are not doing right by theses animals, or our own, and we need to learn to do right by them.  We need to live in harmony and celebrate the things they teach and  improvements they bring to our lives.

For that matter, we need to spread love and include all people, things and places that are mistreated.

Communication Is Not Always Speaking

 P2709120003  Animals prove it all the time, we can communicate without  words, because I am a human being, I can communicate in multiple ways.  Hence my blog, to express my thoughts, opinions, experiences.  Sandy taught me that regardless of words, she always loves me, she would lay down her life for me.

This is a tough time for me, those of you who have never had a pet dog, or other animal, you are missing out.  I respect not everyone likes having, and raising one in their home, however you miss out on great lessons that animals teach you.  My dog has been the best friend I have ever had.  She has loved me unconditionally and she has protected me, been my body guard. She is, and has been one of my most loyal friends.

 The timing could not be worse, my dogs life is ending and my boyfriends brother is struggling with health issues, I can not go into specifics with his, because it is a private matter for him, and I pretty much write about experiences, circumstances, that affect me directly  in  my life.

Sandy Getting Physical Therapy

This is a video for my  niece Madison, she wanted a video of sandy, she knows she has an injured leg. ( it’s her right front leg) She tells sandy how much she misses her via the phone.  This is a must do for my little Chickie poo.   I shot this today 01/08/2013 !  Still practicing with video filming.


Sandy’s Surgery Update

Sandy’s Stitches

So Chickie pooh had to be at the vets office before 9.  Sandy’s Dr. performs surgeries on Tuesdays, it was May 15,  many thoughts of new moments running through my head( her first surgery, first time being under anesthesia, will she have a bad reaction, possible fatality under the knife,  etc…. ) So we drive to her vets office, once we get out Sandy gets excited to smell all the different animal smells ( cat and dog).

I am not a drama momma I just had normal worries of my loved one.  The vet must have seen the look of concern all over my face, he explained she would get a  loopy shot and then she would get the put her out ketamine shot.  She held up pretty well with the loopy shot, then we went back with her to the surgery room and as soon as he stuck the needle in her vein she was out .  It was an eerie feeling to see your dog lifeless with her tongue just a hanging, and being hooked up to a monitor.  I got a little teary, gave her a big kiss and we took off.

About an hour later we got the call that she was waking up, so we headed back to the vets.  They had her in a large kennel and she was  out of it.  I knelt on the floor next to her, rubbed her head.  It took a good hour maybe before she got up.  It was weird to see her body, motor skills, come to in sections ( from her head all the way back to her tail).  The doc spoke to us and half of what he said about exercise, getting the area wet, went out the window, I was wrapped up in newness, however he did say to call with whatever questions I had.  So we got her back home, she was not herself, she pretty much slept all day, and into the next.  I had antibiotics and pain medicine that I gave her for a couple of days.

So we got the biopsy report and it was adenocarcinoma .  They were two small tumors, doc thinks he got it all, it is an awful limbo state to be in.

Sandy Went To The Vet Yesterday

My dog sandy had her yearly check up at the Vet’s office.  Her tag was updated, heart-worm test, and we weighed options on the mass that is around one of her nipples.  She has never been spayed so mammary tumors are more common for dogs like her.  We would like to have another Sandy, I’m just not sure it will happen, it’s been almost 9 years, we have never tried leaving her with a male, and she shows no interest.   So we are going to have them remove the mammary tumor on the 15th of this month and they will do a biopsy on it.  It’s still going to seem like forever before we know for certain whether the tumor is good or bad.  I just hope for the best, she is my baby.

My Dog Sandy And A Little Golf Ball Moment

Sandy is my profile picture that I have on Facebook.  I have 2 pictures on my blog of her that I posted back in 2009, one of Max, and I need to get a picture of my brother’s dogs.  They are all family. So I am introducing her again on a more personal level.  I had taken some videos of her a couple of months ago and decided to share one.  I get so wrapped up in my thoughts to put them out there, that I do not put the spotlight on my furry pal.  She has been with us for almost nine years and what a gift she is.  She is one of my best friends.   My life is brighter because of her.

Introducing Max, Sandy’s Pal

Max is my sisters dog, and Sandy has been spending a great deal of time with him.   Max is a rescued dog from Katrina.  It is a shame that during hurricanes, fires  etc…a lot of animals get left behind.   The two buddies are quite a pair.  Size does not get in the way of their play dates!

I Love My Dog, Sandy!!!!

Let me introduce you to my fury companion, Sandy!

She is a Husky, German Shepard mix. My fury friend is right at 100 pounds. Sandy has been in my life for 6 years so far, since she was a little pup. She is the second dog I have owned in my life. When I was growing up, we never had animals. She has been a blessing in my life!  She challenges me to be better.  She swims, she goes camping, she has traveled cross-country through out the US, she is a trooper.  She is always by my side and loves me no matter what! Animals are special and unconditional that way, humans unfortunately put limits on how they receive you and the love they give you.