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Positive Media Spin On Gulf Coast Oil Spill Anniversary

Media, the powers at be, are putting a positive spin on visiting the Gulf Coast .  I’m concerned that we are missing the bigger picture.  I want businesses to prevail but at what cost?  They have been using machines to dig and rake the sand, what about the water?  I would like to know what  independent studies have come up with and how many there are. Well PSU under Charles Fisher has been doing studies in the Gulf prior to and after the  oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico . I hope they can tell us honestly what is going on with ocean life,  and  its total environmental exposure for communities around it.  I want to find a list of how many researchers are in the Gulf.

I’m going boating on Saturday so I am looking forward to seeing what the water looks like.

Watched An Episode That Took Me Back To 9/11/2001

There was a TV series, The Lone Gunmen, that aired for 1 3 episodes and it was created and ran in 2001 before September 11, 2001. I watched an episode and it was eerie, it was about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center.    This just left a weird feeling,  a million scenarios, incidents can happen in a life time, to see it played out on a TV show , it makes for questions of coincidence.

What ever happened to the investigation of 9/11?  There are so many unanswered questions regarding this incident.  Remember the Michael Moore documentary Sicko with all the rescue responders that got ill?   Well, a lot of them have died ,and  after 9 years,  others  still have no health coverage, why?   I put Jon Stewart’s  link to the Daily Show, he is my man, always putting fire under much needed cabooses!


After the air date of Dec. 16, 2010 , Mr. Stewart caused some ruckus , enough to get emergency responders some of the help they so desperately need!!! Check it out!


Airport TSA Frisko, Fiasco

TSA, (about TSA)

Ron Paul

The airport security is really flawed, with today’s perfecting technology there should be a better security system in place.  I do not want a strangers hands all over me, radiation exposure, or  a public  naked picture of me.   I do not want my freedoms to be penalized for inadequate security measure strategies.   Today, Science and Technology are capable of a far more efficient, system.

What are the rules for private air travelers?

With the US Intelligence and Security Agencies in America, there are better alternatives.  We lead the globe with our  military background, we are a powerhouse and yet we resort to less than security measures!!   Something smells foul.

Ron Paul Talks TSA on Freedom Watch 11/22/10

Job Requests Surfacing For Oil Clean Up Again In Pensacola Fl

There are adds being placed on Craigslist for oil clean up, individuals who have been through the process are posting, saying that it is all  fraudulent.  Somehow contractors put the word out they are hiring county workers for oil clean up.  The contractors have you come in,  fill out an application,  then put you on a stand by list while getting paid by Bp for your application information. What is going on?   Why say you are hiring if in fact you are not putting the applicants to work?   How is compensation possible for these contractors?   How is someones personal  information being used for a contractors wages?  Hundreds of workers locally were let go, red listed Aug 19th, p2s workers were let go on August 23rd.

P2s hired local county people  from the get go, after July 26, everywhere you went whether it was the unemployment office or contractors ,  it was a requirement that you had to  be a local resident of the county. There are all these stipulations put in place for workers when none of it is being adhered to.   Who do the contractors answer to, we want full disclosure from them.  They get the contracts and then  30% of the workers are local.  Why is this allowed? Dan Thomas from Wear TV did story on, Local Oil Clean Up Crews Are Not 100% Local, this video along with others, can be found  in the video listing on this link. All Local information reported regarding oil status.

I can only imagine the fiasco going on in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and other affected states.  If you are a worker or someone that would like to share your experience, I would love to hear from you.

So Far, I Have Been Officially Red Listed, From Oil Cleanup!!!

Supposedly, there was an email faxed to sub contractors,  From ERG( can not find Emergency Response Group on line) or Eagel SWS notifying contractors  several companies( Able Body , Command Center, Training U and one more) have been put on the no more work list.  We are not able to work cleaning up oil… going to work for  a new contractor or obtaining a new HAZWOPER certification is not an option. All the workers under these staffing agencies have been banned.  Why is this happening , and is it only affecting the workers in Pensacola, or is it  all neighboring workers,  along the Gulf Coast Oil community states?

O’Brien’s Response Management is running the show in Pensacola, I do not know if they are still in Destin or Panama City…( I was told they had closed up shop down there) I’m not sure if they are  still in Louisiana and Alabama, and Mississippi. I have questions and maybe some of you in the know can help me find out.

If anyone can tell me what the official business name is for ERG and how to contact them I would appreciate it!

There is a lot of Oil in these waters and there is more to come, to surface, are they indoctrinating us , to push us to drill in the gulf now that are waters are dead?  Is that their plan no matter what.

Found This Article in Google Cache, This Page was removed!!! RE: Command Center Hazwoper


Command Center Reports 2nd quarter net profit of $336,123

By commandlabordebrief

Reporting from Gulfport MS:  Once again don’t get too excited about this reported profit, we know most of the reported increases in sales revenue and this profit is attributed to the Deep Horizon Oil Spill clean-up, and now with the clean-up starting to wind down so will the sales volume and the profits and I will be surprised if the company makes a profit in the 3rd quarter. Even with the up tick in sales and profits they still only have $31,000 in cash and I image only the critical bills are being paid and the others are put off until the calls start coming in.

Once again the company is forced to acknowledge concerns as an ongoing company in the future, “The Company has incurred losses since its inception and does not have sufficient cash at June 25, 2010 to fund normal operations for the next 12 months. The Company’s only source of recurring revenue and cash is from continued successful operation of temporary labor stores. The Company’s plans for the long-term continuation as a going concern include financing the Company’s future operations through sales of its common stock, the exercise of outstanding warrants, entering into debt transactions or the return of deposits from its workers’ compensation risk pool deposits. Additionally, the current capital markets and general economic conditions in the United States are significant obstacles to raising the required funds. These factors raise substantial doubt about the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.”

Now to the Press Release, The Glennster “also said that clean-up activities in response to the Gulf Oil Spill had a “definite positive impact” on second quarter results. “Additionally, it has strengthened our relationships with several major environmental contractors with whom we expect to continue working not only along the Gulf Coast, but in other areas of the country as well.” I find this interesting and I guess The Glennster didn’t get the memo. Actually there are two, the 1st is a OSHA  New Release 7/7/2010, stating concern some oil spill workers not receiving proper training “ Employees hired to be supervisors in the onshore and marine cleanup are required to receive extensive training. A rigorous 40-hour program is required under OSHA’s Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response Standard.”

The 2nd is an ICS 213 General Message to All Responders and from UAC Safety “OSHA has recently advised the Unified Area Command about a concern the Agency has with the adequacy of 40 hour HAZWOPER training administered to some of our contractor personnel. There are two companies that provide this training that OSHA has identified as a potential concern. These companies are Command Center and ———–. OSHA has asked us to identify any contractor personnel who might have received their 40 hour HAZWOPER training from either one of those firms.”

“Please review all of your sub-contractors 40 hour HAZWOPER training certifications immediately to confirm whether the training was administered by either of these companies. If you identify response personnel with training provided from either of these two companies, please notify your ICP Safety Officer or Local Safety representative by August 1st, 2010. Response personnel who received 40 hours HAZWOPER training provided by Command Center or ———- need to be re-trained by attending 40 hour HAZWOPER training fro a qualified training firm by August 20th, 2010. Contractors are also requested to relay how they are verifying the skills of their response workers and sub-contractors to ICP Health and Safety team by e-mail by August 1st 2010 HAZWOPER training is to be provided at the Contractors expense”.

“You should take action to ensure no one with these certifications is placed in a supervisory role for this incident until they can provide a 40 hour HAZWOPER training certificate from a qualified training firm. In addition, Command Center and  ——- will not be used for Deepwater Horizon MC252 response operation from this point forward”.

Now the question that comes to mind was Command Center providing supervisory personnel for the cleanup and if not this means nothing. But if they were ouch!!! But no matter I’m sure The Glennseter is already pointing figures and if there is an appeal process he has already sent in the paper work and if that fails the threat of a suit will not be far behind.

Again The Glennster and company are shrouded in bad press and controversy and maybe its time to hire some people who can avoid this from happening in the future. Only if the Glennster would listen.

HAZWOPER Certifications…Which Ones Are Legitimate? How Did Mine Fail After 2 Months?

I just got a phone call from (GCRM)Gulf Coast Response Management( company name) branched out from P3 Construction…The company that I am currently working for..has just  informed me that my HAZWOPER  certification from Command Center is not being accepted, that my badge will be pulled on site, or any other site. Command Center spoke to BP  back in late July regarding the rumor-ville of  invalid certifications and supposedly everything was straightened out!  I have been working for a while with this certification!!!   I started oil clean up on the 21st of June , and it is now August 19th!  This is my second week out with GCRM!!!   .   So what is going on??

If anyone has any info to add…if there is a running list of banned certifications….Please send me a comment… would love to hear from you!!!

Update On The Oil At The Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida

I  worked Sat. and Sun. of last week  and was not put back to work until this passed Sat.  Most  oil workers are on 3 day one week 4 day the following week rotations.  Some workers are sill working 7 days a week.  We still have workers that are out of town and receiving housing and  per Diem.( even though they were suppose to eliminate non county workers)

The boom that was on the water was taken away by the time I went back out Sat. Aug. 14th because they were not seeing oil on the surface.  I work on  the area by the lodge and camping ground,  the inlet  in that area actually goes out to  the Pensacola Beach and Fort Pickens.   Yesterday there were  small boats skimming  the inlet area for oil on top.   I watched as the personnel on the boats placed the pompom boom down, a little 4 foot strip yesterday,  not sure when they will re check it but it will turn black catching the oil.  It was already turning a darkish black brown from the oil when we were there.  My team picked up over 100 bags weighing 20 pounds each, within a 2 hr period, there were approximately 13 of us in our area.   It was all tar consistency in the water, in the shore line.  We are not allowed to go any further than ankle deep.

I Worked, And Am Working, Cleaning Up Oil On NAS Pensacola, Fl

I worked  this Saturday and Sunday on the Naval Base of Pensacola, Fl.  Sad to report there is  tar ball oil buried in the soft sand and on top ( the area I have been working is near the navy Lodge), and in the water.  They had two boom in place  holding oil sheen however with tides going in and out, the oil  was getting out.  There were shrimping boats out  in the distant where we were cleaning up.  Any kind of fishing does not seem appropriate at this time in the ocean.