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In PNJ Saturday, Oil Clean Up In Pensacola, Fl Will Run Until March 2011

It seems they have cut certain contractors and replaced them with who knows…I saw the Sept. 19th article, For Contractors, Oil Spill Is Black Gold in PNJ regarding the web of contractors by Mr Griggs .  I wish he would have pushed harder  for full transparency, disclosure, of how the money was being charged back to BP and the break down of monies from contractor to the people cleaning up the oil.  It is very secretive and convoluted for no reason, if  BP wants to keep track of how it is paying out the 20 million.   I’m still happy Mr. Griggs brought it to light , why did he encounter so much red tape reporting on it?

In oil clean up there was a no digging policy on  Pensacola beaches  !! I wonder if that has been lifted, there is a ton of oil embedded in the dry sand.

A big thank you to Mr. Dan Thomas from WEAR TV 3 for covering this and may other Oil cleanup issues

I want to know what the independent  studies are, coming out of the gulf.

Is BP Cutting Back, And Who Will Be The Remaining Contractors For Our Waters in Pensacola?

Front page on the PNJ today” BP cutting crews“.    A contractor, P2s, was let go with its people  Monday at the Fort Pickens location (supposedly replaced by another contractor who will intern hire new people??, and will the workers be from out of state????). P2s employees went to Fort Pickens yesterday to protest and my hat goes off to them!  If they are a functioning certified crew, why are they all being eliminated?   And does it affect p2s in Perdido , Johnson area as well?   P2s from my understanding hired all local people from Escambia county through the  Workforce Escarosa Center( Unemployment office) not sure if neighboring Santa Rosa, or Okaloosa County residents fell into this Escambia clean up crew as well.

So Far, I Have Been Officially Red Listed, From Oil Cleanup!!!

Supposedly, there was an email faxed to sub contractors,  From ERG( can not find Emergency Response Group on line) or Eagel SWS notifying contractors  several companies( Able Body , Command Center, Training U and one more) have been put on the no more work list.  We are not able to work cleaning up oil… going to work for  a new contractor or obtaining a new HAZWOPER certification is not an option. All the workers under these staffing agencies have been banned.  Why is this happening , and is it only affecting the workers in Pensacola, or is it  all neighboring workers,  along the Gulf Coast Oil community states?

O’Brien’s Response Management is running the show in Pensacola, I do not know if they are still in Destin or Panama City…( I was told they had closed up shop down there) I’m not sure if they are  still in Louisiana and Alabama, and Mississippi. I have questions and maybe some of you in the know can help me find out.

If anyone can tell me what the official business name is for ERG and how to contact them I would appreciate it!

There is a lot of Oil in these waters and there is more to come, to surface, are they indoctrinating us , to push us to drill in the gulf now that are waters are dead?  Is that their plan no matter what.

I Worked, And Am Working, Cleaning Up Oil On NAS Pensacola, Fl

I worked  this Saturday and Sunday on the Naval Base of Pensacola, Fl.  Sad to report there is  tar ball oil buried in the soft sand and on top ( the area I have been working is near the navy Lodge), and in the water.  They had two boom in place  holding oil sheen however with tides going in and out, the oil  was getting out.  There were shrimping boats out  in the distant where we were cleaning up.  Any kind of fishing does not seem appropriate at this time in the ocean.

Do The States and Counties Along The Gulf Coast Still Only Want Their Residents Working?

I reside in Pensacola, Florida, in Escambia County.  I was sent to work in Bay County, in Panama City because there was nothing at the time in Pensacola for me.  Now it seems counties are fighting to have county residents working in their perspective counties.  Not sure how true or what actions will be taken , so I am proactively searching  in Pensacola to find me  a contractor to work for.   I’m trying to keep a  running tally of contractors  and Staffing Agencies in Pensacola.  If anyone comes across more information I would appreciate the input!


O’Briens Response Management

P2s, (Escarosa Center was taking applications for them currently on freeze)

Eagle SWS,     Mid West Environmental Services Inc.,       Southern Cat,



Staffing Agencies:



SOS Staffing

MVP Staffing

Able Body

Back To Clean Up My Community, Pensacola!!!!

I just returned from Panama City Beach, Florida working on the shorelines.  I was away for three weeks unable to blog. I do not tote my laptop because I like to travel light.  There is such misinformation between workers, contractors, sub contractors and staffing agencies, and the public!  There is an astronomical amount of oil in the water right now and it is going to reach the shorelines of the Gulf Coast, on a more consistent bases. The weather and wind play a big part of where the tar balls appear, however the oil slick is a whole other animal, and I fear what will transpire during hurricane season.

I was employed by a Staffing Agency(Command Center) and sub contracted out to Anderson Pollution Control, Inc. , and First Response Inc., if that explains a cluster of money dispersed everywhere!

I want the oil out of the water and off the beaches period!   There seems to be more of a concern to get the 21 billion then to allocate it and use it properly.  I have been a Pensacola, Florida resident  for some years,  I’ve always recognized and appreciated the beautiful beaches here, and now I get to witness at first hand this unfortunate environmental death.

If you have questions or insight please share, knowledge is power.