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A Birthday Celebration !!

It’s my niece Madison’s Birthday today, she turns 5 !!!  She ‘s one of  my influential people.  She is a very head strong, independent human being. I miss not being able to see her on a regular basis.  She loves animals and she got to go horse back riding again for her birthday celebration. I wish I was there with her.

Happy Birth Day Madison !  Lots of Hugs and Kisses, I Miss You Very Much.

There Are No Certainties In Life

People die everyday, every second, it is how we die that makes an impact.  I have just been given unimaginable news by my sister, her husband’s niece is in the fight of her life.  She was in a fatal car accident, her friend did not survive the crash.  My sincere wishes to my brother-in-law’s family, his sister, and the family that lost their daughter.  There is a mother scared to death, facing the most unfathomable outcome and another has.  The fathers as well.

It is surreal that this has taken place.  I met this young lady twice, my last time seeing her was when I went to Elizabeth City in ’07 to visit my sister, my brother- in- law’s family was there visiting as well.

We also had a close call, unbeknownst to us, My cousin in Spain was on deaths door from a cold that progressed quickly, being life threatening (while he took a couple of days up North with friends and his wife in Madrid) having no immune system.  He is a tremendously active, healthy man, who got a freakish bacteria.  He had cold symptoms before he left for Madrid, and it spiraled.  I’m so thankful he is fine and well.



Birthday, It’s Your Birthday Maddie

My Maddie pattatie (niece)  is 4 today !  It is crazy how time and growth are simultaneously fast.  My niece is still a very independent person.  She was introduced  to daycare, weening her away from mama and exposing her to others.  I can definitely empathize with moms on the separation anxiety, especially if you are a stay at home mom.  You are their sole care taker and now they are off to a strange adult and strange little people.

I’m off to a bowling party, and hopefully I will beat the pants off my brother this time!

A Scary Baseball Game

Yesterday evening, five minutes after arriving at the baseball game, my niece takes a tumble with her mouth hitting the metal bleachers .  I’m looking at her as she is on the floor and all of a sudden I start to see lots of red coming out of her mouth.  My sister grabs Madison and rushes off to the restroom, I follow with panic, not knowing the damage or harm to her mouth.  All I want to do is take away the immediate pain she is feeling.  Once the blood is cleaned off,  we see this horrible cut on her outer bottom lip, and another inside the bottom lip.  While we are in the restroom these two mothers share their own experiences with their own children cutting their lip. They were very humble and trying to down play our worries, a big thank you to the moms!   I run to get ice, I return, my sister tries to apply the ice and Madison is having none of it,  not even a popsicle, she tells us her booboo hurts.  We are still close to the restroom and concession stand,  her Momma is holding her and she starts to fall asleep…….

I missed a good chunk of my nephews game.  He played catcher for two innings……..To Be Continued..

My Fearless Niece With My Dog Sandy!

Here is my niece Madison massaging my dog .  Madison simply loves animals !  She constantly hugs and kisses Sandy.  I can not describe the feeling that comes over me when watching my niece and dog interact.  Sandy has claimed Madison and is very protective over her, and the other children.

Sandy has not been exposed to children or people like she is now, on a continual basis.  I have had to make adjustments in my life which brings Sandy and I to a new way of living.  It is different, however, I hope to fulfill both our lives.

Happy Belated Birthday Jessica!!!!

Jessica turned 15 on March 14th.  She is becoming an adult,  facing new responsibilities and choices of  Universities.  She got her permit and will embark in a year of partnership driving and  drivers education.  I wish you safety and skills in defensive driving.  I still have 5 to 7 years before my nephews get behind the wheel.  A big population of motor vehicle drivers tend to be on autopilot while operating dangerous machinery. Everyone driving needs to pay attention on the road.  It is a challenge just driving sober, without phones or all the other distractions.  I just mentioned a few weeks back that my cousin passed away from a head on collision.

A Hard Goodbye To The Binky

My Sister-in-law informed me that my nephew Landon ( will be 2 in June) has been without his pacifier since this Monday, today is the 4th day!  Way to go little guy!  Her strategy was to tell him that Binky went bye bye.  My niece Madison is 2 and binky is still used.  Parents come up with clever strategies to change behaviors, also keep in mind children have different personalities and learning curves.  Basically to parents, do not feel like your child is behind, you know your child better than any leading authority.  It is amazing how some children skip pacifier stage.  It is written in parenting books that after a certain age it can hinder a child’s speech abilities.

It Is My Niece Madison’s Birthday Today!!!

My Little MadisonThis little amazing person is turning 2 today!  She is an evolved spirit, pays attention to everything around her.  She loves all kinds of animals.  My dog Sandy is just at 100 pounds and she touches her everywhere, even on the mouth.  Madison will be a force to be reckoned with when she gets older.  Happy Birthday! It is a celebration of the years she has been in the physical world and In my life!!

In fairness, she has an amazing brother, Nathan that contributes to my blog and a half sister Alyson who permanently resides with her mother  in a  different city.  Alyson came to visit during the Christmas Holiday.  By the way Alyson, write me some time and tell us what is going on with you, or just stuff you want to share.  We miss you!!

Fred, My Older Niece and Nephews Dig Him!

These Little Darlings that I get to share time with are 8,10 and 12. To Bryce, Nathan and Alyson, this is for you! You guys are a smart bunch of  young people, you make me proud to be your Aunt!

Fred, Fred Goes Swimming