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Attended Nephews Two Baseball Games This Week

I went to Bryce’s  Tuesday night and last nights game.  Focusing on him individually, he likes to hit and not walk, he loves to slide into his bases.  I must say it does come in handy, he had two close calls , baseman caught ball however was not able to tag Bryce because he slid in low.  He pitched two innings last night, struck a couple players out, he needs to follow through on his throw, he holds back his power.  I think he gets derailed with the batter.  If he is not pitching he is playing first baseman.  It is nice to watch the team work together as well, they won both their games.

Sleep Over, Baby Sitting My Nephew Saturday Night

It has been a while since I have mentioned my nieces and nephews.  Landon and Madison are the youngest and they are growing so quickly.  Landon is 2, 5 months younger than Madison, mirroring  similar stages regardless of their gender.

So Saturday night I went to my buddies house, while his mother and father went to a Christmas party.  I spent some one on one time with him.  He was sporting a pair of red footed, Christmas pj’s , that is what he calls his pajamas.  It was  nice to spend time in his,  unfiltered, in the now,  world.  It is nice to be in the presence of an unconditioned human being.  They are so free.

The 3rd Burn Incident I have Experienced

When I resided in Ca I was cooking something on the stove.  There was a  pot with a lid, some how I tilted the lid and from the steam I ended up burning the top of my right ring finger.  It was painful, so I can not imagine fire burns, chemical burns etc…covering  a bigger and deeper skin area.

A couple of months ago my nephew Landon(2 years old) burnt his hands on the motor of a riding law mower, he ended up with a  2nd degreeburn.  Thankfully,  it did not do any permanent damage.  I was present the day it happened and it is a day I will never forget, his cry of pain.  He has since recovered beautifully.

On Saturday, Sep. 4th, I got a phone call that my father was in the emergency , that he had burnt himself.  My father (mid 60’s)also suffered a 2nd degree fire burn.  The area affected is his right side of his face, neck and shoulder.  My father is no spring chicken,  let us see the time it will take to heal his skin.

I have a friend who says there is a new gel on the market for treating burns, if you have been a victim of a burn or you have had experience cleaning and treating burns, I would love to hear from you.

A Hard Goodbye To The Binky

My Sister-in-law informed me that my nephew Landon ( will be 2 in June) has been without his pacifier since this Monday, today is the 4th day!  Way to go little guy!  Her strategy was to tell him that Binky went bye bye.  My niece Madison is 2 and binky is still used.  Parents come up with clever strategies to change behaviors, also keep in mind children have different personalities and learning curves.  Basically to parents, do not feel like your child is behind, you know your child better than any leading authority.  It is amazing how some children skip pacifier stage.  It is written in parenting books that after a certain age it can hinder a child’s speech abilities.

The Top Reader In His 2nd Grade Class, My Nephew Bryce!!!!!

My buddy called the other day with such self accomplishment of being the top reader in his 2nd grade division.  I got to hear the smile  through his voice, which was a special gift to me.   I’m a proud Aunt !  I told him that his award was a big deal.  Reading is a tool for life.  As we all know, the US Literacy rate is in the toilet.  Kids need to be motivated and inspired regarding their reading abilities, their education, period!