Carbon Copy

By: Nat on April 25, 2011

Carbon Copy came out in 1981, just a great movie about racism, it stars George Segal and a young Denzel Washington.  It is simply a classic  with great dialogue, glossing over huge racial stereo types with comedy.  I appreciate and enjoy movies much more in this decade.

There is a documentary on marketing that I want to watch, and I truly believe that racism is something that is marketed.  How many of us have ever had a personal negative experience with a different race?  If racism is marketed we stay divided as a country, as a globe .  Look back at what Edward Bernays accomplished with  group marketing.  If the powers at be package racism and market it , we buy it, as they do with so many other  things.

Did My Taxes ?

By: Nat on April 14, 2011

My first time e filing my taxes, it was easy.  This was the link I used I pay what I owe, however, I have a lot of issues with the IRS.  This was a documentary I watched a while back by Aaron Russo, America Freedom To Facism.  If you have chance give it a whirl.


Enron Is In The Past, Yet Corporate Corruption Continues, And Investors That Never Lose Or Fall

By: Nat on February 23, 2011

Looking back at Enron, then and now, corporations are always finding a corrupted loop hole in our never changing system in the U.S.   Accounting today did an article about employees, CPA s who where whistle-blowers during the Enron scandal.  Accounting is the same as it has always been a log, a record of where all money is recorded coming in and out.

Enron reminds me of our 2008 bailout  rolled up  bankruptcy bundle of Wall Street( including, real estate, banks,automotive corps, and insurance companies).  SFGate has a breakdown of the bailout money (you can key ctrl+ to increase the size of the table to view it )

When is enough enough!  The Enron team,  Bernie Madoff team, , Hedge Funds, Wall Street, Banks, etc..  It seems that theses groups are always finding a bigger more disastrous score.  I want justice , people need to be incarcerated and stripped of their earnings for all these unlawful acts.

Enron :The Smartest Guys In The Room, 2005

Bulworth, Another Cleverly Written Movie, With Insightful Political Truths

By: Nat on February 21, 2011

There is great, insightful dialogue and rapping lyrics Warren Beatty sings in Bulworth.  It is amazing that a film made in 1998 is still relevant with the same bureaucracy we still deal with today regarding  our political officials and government!  I love the visionaries that see and illustrate the snapshots.

We have such a monopoly and a one sided agenda that needs to change.  I’m hopeful that the day is coming, just look around the globe and countries that are speaking out !

Must See Movie, Joe vs The Volcano

By: Nat on January 27, 2011

The eighties, nineties, and some earlier movies are just great to go back to.  Dialogue is so important , the message or messages it leaves you with.  That time period in movies was minimal and more realistic, people in film were normal looking and we related to them much easier.  Joe Versus  The Volcano, just a great movie, with a great message. There  are so many great lines in this film. If you have a chance , watch it!

The Republicans Will Always Have A Lee Atwater

By: Nat on January 21, 2011

A couple of months ago I watched Boogie Man , The Lee Atwater Story, a documentary about his pre- Karl Rove spin abilities  for Republican Candidates such as Ronald Reagan and George H. W.  Bush Sr.

It is always interesting to watch a collective compiled journey of a forgotten force.  I may be incorrect, however, it always seems the Republican party slings a little more mud.

Ric O’Barry, OPS, And All Collaborators of, The Cove, Bring Transparency

By: Nat on September 30, 2010

I watched  The Cove documentary  last Thursday night ,  for those of you that watch Whale Wars, this film just adds tremendous insight to the bureaucracy Japan  and other countries have  over  the IWC.   We need to stop exploiting animals and mammals.  Any animal that is caught and taken out of its natural habitat is going to suffer.  Think about the zoos and the water parks that hold these animals captive.  It is time to look at the bigger picture and to require justice and a better life for all.   We do not need an hour of  entertainment this bad, at this cost.

Taiji, Japan

Roger Payne

Ric O’Barry has a new show on animal planet, Blood Dolphins

Earth Island

Louie Psihoyos

Jim Clark

OPS (Oceanic Preservation Society)

This is the month for slaughtering until March.. …..

Most people feel there are bigger fish to fry than saving Dolphins, but it is all relevant.   The Dolphins just represent a mirror to the many monstrosities that happen  in making a buck.  The “out of sight out of mind “concept does not work.  We need to rethink accountability and the depths of  exploitation.  Supply and Demand, there is all kinds of negative, consequential , destructive commerce that exists because we buy it.

Baby Boom, Children Are One Of Our Many Teachers!!

By: Nat on February 9, 2010

I enjoy Diane Keaton movies.  Baby Boom is a classic in my opinion, it reminds women,’ if there is a will, there is a way’!  Just a great great movie.  Children open a new door to your life, or make you re examine it !

Baby Boom

Why Isn’t Nutrition Mandatory, In The Field of Study For Doctors?

By: Nat on January 20, 2010

Mark Bittman wrote the book “Food Matters” , a documentary film released in 2008.  The film gives you a simple look at fueling your body with natural  vitamins and minerals, to fight illnesses, rather than polluting yourself with risky, many side effect, pharmaceutical medicine.  Several Doctors, (they label themselves The Teachers on their Website) around the globe weigh in and speak  of their experience and knowledge. Presents the Food Matters Movie Trailer

What Is It, Beef Or Corn That The Globe Is Consuming?

By: Nat on January 18, 2010

Robert Kenner ,  directed the documentary film Food, Inc.  It is a film to bring our awareness to how food is being developed in processing plants.  Monsanto has aPatent on the corn and soybean (GE) seed they are selling around the world. How do you patent a natural product?  Food is already expensive, and then you get unhealthy and contaminated by it,  just  making it more expensive all the way around, including health cost.   There is a revolving door Lobbyist have held previous jobs with the FDA or The  White House , or vice versa, end up working for the big food Corporations, so how messed up  and coincidental is that?  Plenty !!!

Supply and demand folks, when did we demand crap for nutrition?  We must have because it is served up to us daily. We have always been a big population,  so why are they cutting cost  at the expense of their consumers.  We need to demand better food from our  Food Corporations.

We have always had to provide food to the masses, so the system should get better through the years, not worse.

2008 Documentary Film, Food, Inc.

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