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Mike Daisey Reminding Us Where Our Eletronics Come From

Our faster than fast technology and yet corporations still do nothing for, or about its employees who provide the huge profit margins for their companies.   When will consumers stop buying and get companies to step up to legal standards of human employment that has been exploited  way too long.   Mike Daisey is reminding us and asking us to think how such a mass production of the next upgraded electronic gets to us so quickly.  Michael Moore reminded us with many eventful works like Roger & Me  telling facts of GM Motors Corporation moving factory plants to Mexico to getaway with employment laws and through the roof, profit margins.

We want what we want immediately, however at what cost?  The sweatshop industry is still very much alive and huge.

Mr. West And Mr. Smiley Traveled Parts of The U.S Last Year For Added Input

Cornel West is a savvy cat and he amongst Mr. Smiley  and six other cats( Michael Moore, Barbara Ehrenreich, Roger Clay, Vicki Escarra,  Suze Orman, and Majora Carter)  have a must see video  of a discussion at Georgetown University “Remaking America from Poverty to Prosperity” you can catch it on PBS  as well in your local listing.

I watched the video from Mr.  Moore’s site last night and had to watch the whole thing !  I always check up on him to see what he is doing and I landed on this magnificent 2 1/2 hr dialogue of candid important issues.  I am passing it on because it is necessary to listen to !