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What Is Josh Fox Up To These Days ?

Josh Fox put hydraulic fracturing on the map for us with Gasland 1 & 2. Since 2010, what is our progression on fighting back the big company ? Mr. Fox is currently doing a tour traveling in his state of Pennsylvania and New York doing his lectures on getting off our dependency of fossil fuels and a contest for the public to write in on.

There is a great video on this page of EarthJustice about a couple (Mr. & Mrs. Slotterback) who took the steps to save Rider Park by  getting a petition signed by their community, your state, or others states that we all live in, and travel in, could be next !  Here is another great  video, Mr. Heatley is a scientist and a member of RDA , putting his credentials into his lectures across the globe.  Drilling is happening all over the world, not just in the U.S. !

What Caused Gas Prices To Lower ?

OPEC is on my mind.  The Daily Signal wrote an article back in October 26, 2014 regarding the drop in price of gasoline at the pump.  Mr. Steven Moore wrote the article and mentioned our expansion with fracking and horizontal drilling. This process was brought to light to us by Josh Fox  when he did his documentaries Gas land. What do the residents in  Oklahoma , Texas and North Dakota have to say about this process, there is a lot of drilling going on in those states.  Do the residence in those states see a drastic change in the air, their water source ?

Stop U.S. Gas and Oil Companies Drilling Across The Globe

Josh Fox, decided to explore  the meaning of the  documents he received regarding his home property, from a gas and oil company.  He made a documentary, GasLand, did all the leg work to show us the contamination of air , water , land that is occurring in the name of collecting natural gas.  Documents dangling money( to drill on and around your property) can be enticing , thank goodness Mr. Fox did his research and thinking !  How do you survive  on your own property with polluted water, land and air?

2005 energy bill Vice President Cheney push through congress that oil and gas companies were exempt from  safe drinking water act, clean air act, clean water act, Superfund law………….This needs to be changed!!!!

hydraulic fracturing has occurred in 34 states so far

CERCLA ( comprehensive environmental response compensation and liability act)

Some U.S. Oil and Gas companies: HalliburtonChesapeake EnergyEncana, Williams Companies , Cabot Oil & Gas Corp