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Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad

To my family in Iowa and in Spain, I hope everyone is doing well and joyous in their lives.  I have not been back to Iowa in many years, over 28.  I was back in Spain in 2011.  So much has happened in a year, and what a gap of 28 years.  Lineage on both sides of my parents families, I  want to know my family tree, I know a couple of people on my fathers side are doing it, not sure about my mothers side.   Although I am away, and awful with correspondence, letters, emails, I think about everyone.

To all the souls who have been a part of my life, you are thought of.


We Went Wahoo for the Wahoos

My uncles Bob and Dean drove down from Iowa for a visit, they arrived yesterday afternoon. We all went to a Wahoos 7:00 p.m. baseball game last night, they were playing Mobile BayBears.  Wahoos won 6-3, it is so different watching baseball in a stadium vs my nephews up close games.  Smaller field, space and players, its a n adjustment to the eyes.  This is the first year for the Wahoos and the completion of the stadium.

My Family In Iowa

Iowa is where my Dad’s family is from.  Within the last two years we lost my cousin Mike and recently my cousin Keith.  Now my uncle Richard is taking a turn for the worst.  I can only imagine what his children and spouse are going through at the moment. Nothing is for certain, my uncle may take a turn for the better and be around a few more years.   Some of us experience the loss of a loved one sooner than others, and we all have a different way of dealing, coping with it.  Unfortunately time is what notify s us of our healing.

To My Dads Family In Iowa, Lots Of Love, And In the New Year

My father is from Iowa and he comes from a family of 8 brothers and 1 sister. He too comes from a large family. There are a lot of cousins there that I have not seen in a long time, many that I would not recognize, sadly. Leave it to my dad to be the one not to live back where most of his entire family resides. It is amazing where life takes us all. I have some crazy, funny Uncles! I hope to see everyone again!

About, The Author’s Life

Welcome readers to my Blog !  I hope to give you a little in-site to the Woman behind the words.  I was born to Stan and Rosie, in Rota, Spain, where my Mother is from.  I was given the name Natalia.  I come from a military background, my father use to be in the Navy.  Having a father from Iowa( Luxembourg ancestry) and a mother from Spain, I was predisposed to universal thoughts  from the onset. People are people no matter what country they reside in.  They may have different customs, traditions or language, but the fundamental needs are all the same in each and every country and person.

I graduated from high school in Spain and went on to college.  I took classes in Spain,  my parents were still residing overseas when I decided to see what being independent meant.  (I was 20 at the time).  In Europe it is custom for children to live at home passed the age of 18.  I’m Sure my father and mother had different views on that one!  My father would always tell me I live a sheltered life,  so I wanted to check it out, experience what that meant.  To experience the big world on my own, the transition was different and the concept was kind of hard to wrap my mind around.  I had been with my family for 20 years of my life and now I was on my own, well not entirely.  I moved to the US, Jacksonville, Florida where I was roommates with my friend Danny.  My dad had a friend from Spain who lived in Jacksonville as well, Nick(his family, Peggy, ,Jeff,   and Robin ) they became my extended family.  They were an enormous support group, and my 2nd friends.

I have not completed my education for my BA, or higher, but I would like to. I have traveled cross-country through out the US and just like John Melincamp sings ” ain’t that America, something to see  baby”.  We in the US have a beautiful country, so we need to defend its beauty.

I like to reserve some privacy, but for the most part, I am fairly open and opinionated.