Keep Track of Time Around The World!

By: Nat on January 24, 2010

World clocks,  gives you the time of the world by individual clocks, all hours every hour,  for business use  or just being  aware of  the time difference for your loved ones abroad.

Where Are You From In The World, And What Is On Your Mind?

By: Nat on January 13, 2010

I will most likely never visit every country on this planet, never see it,or experience its identity, so I would love to hear from people from across the globe.  The news is limited and censored, so I rather get it from the source.  Thanks to the creation of this magnificent tool, I’m a click away from any country.  I wonder what your way of life is like, and has it changed drastically with the economic state of the US ? People across the globe  and the ecosystem are going through hard times right now, I am not sure what everyone’s hardship is but I would love to hear from you.  I wish you love and peace in these times, and always.

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