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I Worked, And Am Working, Cleaning Up Oil On NAS Pensacola, Fl

I worked  this Saturday and Sunday on the Naval Base of Pensacola, Fl.  Sad to report there is  tar ball oil buried in the soft sand and on top ( the area I have been working is near the navy Lodge), and in the water.  They had two boom in place  holding oil sheen however with tides going in and out, the oil  was getting out.  There were shrimping boats out  in the distant where we were cleaning up.  Any kind of fishing does not seem appropriate at this time in the ocean.

Back To Clean Up My Community, Pensacola!!!!

I just returned from Panama City Beach, Florida working on the shorelines.  I was away for three weeks unable to blog. I do not tote my laptop because I like to travel light.  There is such misinformation between workers, contractors, sub contractors and staffing agencies, and the public!  There is an astronomical amount of oil in the water right now and it is going to reach the shorelines of the Gulf Coast, on a more consistent bases. The weather and wind play a big part of where the tar balls appear, however the oil slick is a whole other animal, and I fear what will transpire during hurricane season.

I was employed by a Staffing Agency(Command Center) and sub contracted out to Anderson Pollution Control, Inc. , and First Response Inc., if that explains a cluster of money dispersed everywhere!

I want the oil out of the water and off the beaches period!   There seems to be more of a concern to get the 21 billion then to allocate it and use it properly.  I have been a Pensacola, Florida resident  for some years,  I’ve always recognized and appreciated the beautiful beaches here, and now I get to witness at first hand this unfortunate environmental death.

If you have questions or insight please share, knowledge is power.