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Thinking of My Uncle Larry And His Family

I was informed a couple weeks ago of my cousin Keith’s passing, unfortunately its never news you want to hear.  I did not know him, however I hope he lived a loving, fulfilling life.  Words are never enough, or sometimes empty for traumatic moments.  Parents lost a son and siblings lost a brother.

Yesterday Was A Not So Good News Day

Another round of tornadoes hit Tuscaloosa,  Al  and 4 other surrounding states.  We are seeing a different category of  much more powerful tornadoes.   The news discussed how it was missed on the weather radar Doppler, everyday people who did not have time to prepare.  ( I’m not understanding  how it was missed )  These devastating storms are happening more frequently with bigger damages, higher loss of life.  My humanity goes out to the loss of life.

The second is a little more personal, my friend Angie lost her grandmother a couple of days ago, I found out yesterday.  I know her grandmother had a special important place in her life.  The experiences, the time we spend with each other are priceless pieces of lessons and joy in our precious memory bank.

The Anniversary of My Cousin Mike

My father, along with other family,  met up in Washington D.C.  for my cousin Mike’s memorial, March 14th.  It is hard to believe a year has come and gone.  My cousin was a son and a husband.  I would have loved to have had talks,discussions with Mike.  Since I do not have children, I can not process what the loss of a child does to a parent.  My uncle Dean has had to experience his first year.  I have shared my sister-in-laws experience with death as well.  Is the effect of loss the same, or is there a difference between losing a parent, child, sibling, partner, niece or nephew, friend?  Each relationship is different, and they are all important.

Does Death Motivate You, Or Paralyze You ?

People inflict paralysis within themselves with their own thoughts and how they handle their experiences.  Death is only one of  many  paralyze rs.  For the person facing death, or losing a love one, he or she may check out of life , not fight (give up),or the individual will live each day, embrace it  like they never did before.

I wrote a post a year ago, Jan. 5th,  regarding my sister-in-law losing her mother and brother within a year of each other.  Now her fathers wellness is hanging in the balance.   I do not believe she has had enough time to process  the past losses and it is popping  its head up again.  Several passing’s within a short period has to be a lot on  her plate.  It has not been the time to approach her and inquire, however, I pray for her and her situation.  I do believe in a positive outcome for her father.  My sister-in-law has an amazing spirit, resilience that will carry her through.  I will do my best to be there in any capacity for her.

When we leave this planet or someone we love does before us , that is it, so give life and the people around you your best !

To My Uncle Dean

My family and I got word Sunday, March 14th that  my cousin Mike died in a head on collision.  I never know what to say in those situations, I have not experienced a loss by death.  I can only imagine, and that is nowhere near the same.  Mike was my Uncle’s only son and they were very close.  They both reside in different states, so any time they could get together they did.

The world really operates backwards most of the time, for people who suffer loss, they  long to stop time,  and for others who have all their loved ones, they disregard them , hold grudges , have severed relationships, for what, and why?  There is nothing more incomprehensible  then to live a life of regret, solidarity, fear,anger, then why exist?    For those of us with our eyes and hearts wide open,  we always keep learning in our journey of life.  We have  individual lessons to learn and to be mindful of the multi -layered human beings that each and everyone of us is.  The different experiences,  exposures, regions that we come from, makes each one of us who we are.  Basically, do not let self imposed limitations get in the way of receiving or giving love in your life.

Kris Allen-Live Like We’re Dying