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The Chatty Twins On Youtube !!!

It was just a great moment caught on video.  It just brings smiles and laughter witnessing an amazing transfer of  interaction.  Children are communicating before their words get perfected.  I have always been in awe of children.  Nature and Nurture go hand in hand to the stimulus that children take in. Children mirror what their parents do, and take in all that is around them.  So sorry to break it to you parents, you provide them with their fundamentals, so whether it is their cognitive skills or motor skills in question,  it is on you to build the best foundation for them!

I was given heads up on this great talk on TED regarding the start of children s words.


My Nephews Last Basketball Game This Year

So my nephew Bryce( who is 9) had his last Basketball game(tournament) last night.  His first year playing for his school,and he is a natural(and I am not being biased).  I was there  on the edge of my seat, clapping, shouting, and probably annoying people in front of me.  I Love being supportive with whatever he is involved in(or any of my little ones), its funny because  I do not watch college or professional basket ball yet I was glued, engaged on what was going on the court.  It’s thrilling to see the youth in their pre- stages of athletic abilities and to wonder what may become of them.  They lost 14 to 28 (coming in 4th in tournament) however his team played  cohesively well through out the season.  I’m proud of his sportsmanship, dedication, and drive !


Next is baseball !!!


Middle School Life [Too Much Drama]

Middle school is so much drama.  Hey guys, I am a 6th grader at BBMS middle school, other 6th graders understand middle school like I do.   I’m here to talk about how parents always say “well when I was a kid”,  my parents do too.  Lets say every 6th graders parents are about age 35,  back in the old days “no offense” back in 1986,  25 years ago!  From movies that I’ve seen, parents that I’ve met,  lecturing from my parents, its a different time.  It  seems back when our parents were in school, if they were bullied they could just tell, and get it over with, but now a days it’s different.  If you tell, all your friends will pick on you, the person bullying you will get you back, trust me, I’ve been in this situation.

To Be Continued

A Hard Goodbye To The Binky

My Sister-in-law informed me that my nephew Landon ( will be 2 in June) has been without his pacifier since this Monday, today is the 4th day!  Way to go little guy!  Her strategy was to tell him that Binky went bye bye.  My niece Madison is 2 and binky is still used.  Parents come up with clever strategies to change behaviors, also keep in mind children have different personalities and learning curves.  Basically to parents, do not feel like your child is behind, you know your child better than any leading authority.  It is amazing how some children skip pacifier stage.  It is written in parenting books that after a certain age it can hinder a child’s speech abilities.