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Nat’s Documentary Pick

Hackers Wanted , its a film on hackers hacking, explaining the overall importance of its continuous existence.  So please, when you here the term, think of it in its correct proper definition, there is no negative connotation with what it means or its culture of individuals. We do a disservice to important issues when we do not do the research.  The  world wide web and the internet are very powerful tools, that are heavily relied upon globally.

Adrian Lamo is in the film, ( a hacktivist) I wonder how his life is going since the Bradley Manning incarceration ?

Other influencial hackers: John Draper  and Robert Lyttle.

Mr. Assange, Are You Helping Bradley Manning ?

So I was having a little chat Wednesday about Julian Assange’s new show and the conversation  brought back up Bradley Manning.  Even though Mr. Assange was not the one to turn him over, is he planning on helping Mr. Manning ?  Are the two related to WikiLeaks ?  Remember the news coverage of the hacker Adrian Lamo who chatted with Bradley via internet and turned him in to authorities, is Mr. Lamo connected to WikiLeaks or did he operate solo?  There are some of you who have moved on from the whole WikiLeaks scandal however there are lives at stake, and not all of  the information regarding the involvement is transparent.  I hope more information and aid to Mr. Manning will be forthcoming.

I Think About The Bradley Manning’s Of The World

I wonder what the outcome will be for  Mr. Manning?  I do not know, nor think, that he was the only source.  There is a population of soldiers who questioned (and are questioning) their military agenda of the 10 year war, what it accomplished, and their actions.  There are those that will look at Bradley as a traitor, however, he joined the military for a cause, not a plethora of deceit and lies.  A military personnel has a duty to uphold to his country, not covering up the unethical, illegal conduct of his branch of service.  The moral code was broken, he took action to stop the criminal acts occurring during the war. Thank goodness for whistleblowers !  The military is not all it is cracked up to be.  It is a huge polluter,  taking a huge chunk in our defense budget.  There are  many unneeded  bases around the globe costing us money.  Wars are a great money maker for investors in congress, corporations and others .

The cables that were released by wikileaks and used to  incarcerate Bradley were a big deal for citizens around the globe to see the nasty secrets, functions that countries and their diplomats perform.  I have not looked at them yet, I wonder what the people in Iraq think, and others abroad.  Citizens do not want to read or feel their country does not uphold the best intentions for its people or its land, especially for personal financial gain.  It does not matter what organization you belong to, if it is behaving in a non  ethical manner,  causing harm to the masses, negotiating and concealing unlawful financial gains by the organization leaders, it is your duty to stand up to, report the injustice of your organization.