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A Birthday Celebration !!

It’s my niece Madison’s Birthday today, she turns 5 !!!  She ‘s one of  my influential people.  She is a very head strong, independent human being. I miss not being able to see her on a regular basis.  She loves animals and she got to go horse back riding again for her birthday celebration. I wish I was there with her.

Happy Birth Day Madison !  Lots of Hugs and Kisses, I Miss You Very Much.

Family Birthday Celebrations In July

For this month we have my nephew Nathans birthday, which was yesterday ! My father and sister share the same day which is coming up !  So my nephew turned 13 and he will be starting over with his move to a new school and new friends.  I wish him all the best on his new experiences in school, his environment/ community and new peers.  I remember moving around with my family during my fathers time in the Navy.


Birthday, It’s Your Birthday Maddie

My Maddie pattatie (niece)  is 4 today !  It is crazy how time and growth are simultaneously fast.  My niece is still a very independent person.  She was introduced  to daycare, weening her away from mama and exposing her to others.  I can definitely empathize with moms on the separation anxiety, especially if you are a stay at home mom.  You are their sole care taker and now they are off to a strange adult and strange little people.

I’m off to a bowling party, and hopefully I will beat the pants off my brother this time!

Happy Belated Birthday Jessica!!!!

Jessica turned 15 on March 14th.  She is becoming an adult,  facing new responsibilities and choices of  Universities.  She got her permit and will embark in a year of partnership driving and  drivers education.  I wish you safety and skills in defensive driving.  I still have 5 to 7 years before my nephews get behind the wheel.  A big population of motor vehicle drivers tend to be on autopilot while operating dangerous machinery. Everyone driving needs to pay attention on the road.  It is a challenge just driving sober, without phones or all the other distractions.  I just mentioned a few weeks back that my cousin passed away from a head on collision.