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Massachusetts Is In The News

To Massachusetts and other states along the northeastern coast  areas that were effected by the blizzard, hang in there. It is not known what the total damage is, hopefully everything is recoverable. The  New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks in the upcoming Superbowl game is causing waves of nonsense over previous deflated balls.

Some of my favorites from the state are  senator, Elizabeth Warren ,Temple Grandin

Comedians :

Bill Burr , he was on Bill Maher this past friday, way to go !  Hopefully  Mr. Maher will continue to cast his fellow comedians !   Doug Stanhope ,Patrice O’neal  , Steven Wright , Louis C.K.

Yeah!! Bill Maher Is Back!!!!!!

So I doubled my Sunday morning with  Mr. Maher’s HBO Special, But I’m Not Wrong, and his once a week Friday show, Realtime With Bill Maher. It is simply great to listen to the real current issues being discussed.


Mr. Maher, Why Wait Until February?

I enjoy his show, Real Time With Bill Maher,  he speaks his mind  tells it like it is. Always has a balanced debate panel of guests on his show. He is very informed of the current events, he is one of many alternative news sources of mine.  He tackles the weeks current events with his conservative and liberal panel.  Our News is very censored, that is why I thank the heavens for great t.v. shows and the Internet.

Richard Dawkins on Real Time with Bill Maher (October 2, 2009)  video