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Baseball For The Nephews Is Back !!!

My nephew Landon had 2 games yesterday, it was opening park day.  I made it to his second game.  This is his last year in t ball.  I have not attended any games for two years. I dropped the ball big time on my aunt duties.  Because  of work, I quit doing all the fun stuff.  I had no balance in my life.  I enjoyed every second of it ! Those little ones can hit.  My nephew played first base and it was sad and exciting to see him play. Sad because I have missed out on his development, changes, growth in all aspects of his life. ( their lives) Just like my sisters children, even though they are in a different state.  It is time you do not get back, however, it is what I do now that counts. Landon has sharpened his skills, I can see his progression from two years ago.  He throws, catches, and hits very well. Bryce is still practicing baseball with his team, games have not started yet for him.  Both boys have inherited their dads natural athletic abilities.  My brother,  any sport he played or plays, he excels at.

It’s Another Sports Season For My Nephews

Landon is playing t-ball, and Bryce finished his basketball season and is on to baseball.  Both boys take after their dad with natural sports abilities, they are both very good in all sports they play.

I unfortunately have not been able to attend any games as of yet.  My new job has been the most physically demanding one I have ever had. I usually do not get off until 5 or 6  (Back on November 25th when I blogged about my weight when I went skydiving) it just makes it a little more of a challenge.

My Nephew Is In The All-Star Baseball Tournament In Alabama

I went to Daphne, AL  last night to watch my nephew Bryce’s all-star  Foley Combat team play their first game at 8:00 p.m..  I think he put in  2 weeks of practice with his new collection of Foley players.  This is his fourth year being picked for the all stars.  My brother and father went as well to watch the flourishing seeds of the next generation.  I know Bryce has inherited the natural athletic abilities of his daddy ( my brother was an excellent baseball player, he hit balls out of the park consistently) and his grandfather(my dad use to be a good baseball player)  It is my family, however this is factual, it is what it is, I am a proud aunt, sister, daughter.

So they were down 4-1 and then they came back in the 5th inning.  They had bases loaded for a couple rounds walking their runs in.  Both pitchers on his team are excellent.  Bryce plays 3rd baseman.  They ended up winning 10-4.

A Scary Baseball Game

Yesterday evening, five minutes after arriving at the baseball game, my niece takes a tumble with her mouth hitting the metal bleachers .  I’m looking at her as she is on the floor and all of a sudden I start to see lots of red coming out of her mouth.  My sister grabs Madison and rushes off to the restroom, I follow with panic, not knowing the damage or harm to her mouth.  All I want to do is take away the immediate pain she is feeling.  Once the blood is cleaned off,  we see this horrible cut on her outer bottom lip, and another inside the bottom lip.  While we are in the restroom these two mothers share their own experiences with their own children cutting their lip. They were very humble and trying to down play our worries, a big thank you to the moms!   I run to get ice, I return, my sister tries to apply the ice and Madison is having none of it,  not even a popsicle, she tells us her booboo hurts.  We are still close to the restroom and concession stand,  her Momma is holding her and she starts to fall asleep…….

I missed a good chunk of my nephews game.  He played catcher for two innings……..To Be Continued..

Baseball, Baseball Read All About It !

My buddy’s team had a week off of playing, and he resumed  Monday night.  It was an exciting game as always, they were down 0-3, then 3-7 and then they caught up and won 11-7.

Last night he played again, they played the Summerdale Al  all star team.  They were down 0-3, then 3-9, then 6-10.  They lost by 4.  They have different rules at this level for the 8 and 9 year olds.  One of his team members batted an infield pop up, the player caught it and dropped it and it was an instant out.  The reason behind that is that it could potentially be a double play for two outs.  There innings are cut shorter after the 8th batter.

Looks like my buddy will be playing another position, he currently plays 1st base man , one of the pitchers, and now catcher.  The coach is trying to arrange and perfect the team.  I think it is great to expose them to other positions.  This is  Bryce’s first year playing a more serious baseball game.  He has a lot to take in, even if he has natural athletic abilities.

8 games 2 losses to date

Thursday Night Baseball

It was my brother, Landon and myself headed to Foley, Al for the game.  My buddy pitched two innings and he did so well.  They were down 0-2 and won 6-4.  On one play, bases were loaded and a team batter brought all of my buddies team members home, scoring 4 points !

to date, 6 wins 1 loss

Minors Baseball Game Monday Night

Bryce has team practice once a week, and 2 games every week.  His game had a little less action last night. I still enjoyed it !  My dad being an ex baseball coach and my brother having played for several years, feel that the coaching/teaching methods are slacking in this generation of youths.  There are all types of coaches, I just wonder if there is a little more of a disconnect now, than in earlier years of sports.  I wonder what parents think about the training/teaching their kids receive from their coaches.  It is a two way street between the player and teacher.

The team was down 0-3 and then they came back 6-3.  5 wins 1 loss

Baseball Game Last Night !!

Foley field is where Bryce usually has his games (not sure what the name of the park is) .  I believe it was built in 2009, it houses 5 baseball fields, very nice complex.  It is about a 45 min drive one way to see my buddy, usually it is a carpool of family members. I love the drive,we pass so many farms.  I see cattle, horses, big farming fields and it is always so clean, and a different kind of air.  Mom and dad use to always stop at BJ Farms to pick up local produce, or private farmers who were selling their grown goods.

So the game started off slow, my buddies team was down by 5.  Bryce pitched the two first innings, threw a lot of balls, he was off last night.  In the last inning they pulled it out and scored 4, they lost however it was a nice comeback.  I enjoyed it either way.  A great play that stood out, the opposing team was up to bat, a known good hitter, he knocked it out into mid field, we thought he was going to make it home , however this great arm out fielder threw it back in, and the batter only made it to 2nd base, it was priceless!

4 games so far 1 loss

Attended Nephews Two Baseball Games This Week

I went to Bryce’s  Tuesday night and last nights game.  Focusing on him individually, he likes to hit and not walk, he loves to slide into his bases.  I must say it does come in handy, he had two close calls , baseman caught ball however was not able to tag Bryce because he slid in low.  He pitched two innings last night, struck a couple players out, he needs to follow through on his throw, he holds back his power.  I think he gets derailed with the batter.  If he is not pitching he is playing first baseman.  It is nice to watch the team work together as well, they won both their games.

Baseball Season Is Back!!!!

I love to watch the little people play sports.  I went to my nephews game( 7 and 8 year olds ) last night and it was  enjoyable and entertaining.  This is my nephew Bryce’s 4th year playing and what a difference in performance.  He plays lots of sports, his mom started him when he was 4.  I believe he inherited his dads natural athletic abilities.  The genetics in our DNA is amazing, and we never know what other things are passed down through generations.   If children play sports they learn valuable life tools.  (not every child needs to play sports, he or she can have other interests) My mom made the comment yesterday that when my brother played baseball, (they split up the children according to their age) he was a tall boy and very good, parents would get mad and think that he was lying about his age.  It is amazing to me how sometimes parents get more political than the kids,  competitive, misguide, and teach them incorrect lessons of sportsmanship.