This Is For My Sister-In-Law Jeannie and My Friend Angie

My Sister- In- Law has been in my life, in our family for a little over 8 years. We may not see eye to eye on some things, or we may have had a little falling out but she is still important to me and a strong remarkable lady. Unfortunately, she has suffered two terrible losses in 2009, her brother Charlie, and her rock of life, her Mother. It is resilient what kind of unimaginable pain a human being can endure. I really do not know what to say but, her mother from the times I have been around her,  had an amazing spirit, I always enjoyed talking to her.

My Friend Angie came into my life when I lived in Jacksonville, Fl. We met through mutual friends and we have manged to stay in contact ever since. I have not seen her in over 8 years but she is always in my heart. We have both been on our individual journeys of life, but we have stayed in touch. My dear friend is going through a hard time with the decline in her Grandmother’s health, it does not look good. Her Grandmother has been the rock in her life and now she will be leaving this earth. These are uniquely different women but my message is that I love them both and I do not take the changes to their lives lightly, when people leave us forever, that is it, there is no do over, everything is said and done while they are living, so cherish the people you love now until they leave you!

To My Dads Family In Iowa, Lots Of Love, And In the New Year

My father is from Iowa and he comes from a family of 8 brothers and 1 sister. He too comes from a large family. There are a lot of cousins there that I have not seen in a long time, many that I would not recognize, sadly. Leave it to my dad to be the one not to live back where most of his entire family resides. It is amazing where life takes us all. I have some crazy, funny Uncles! I hope to see everyone again!

To My Moms Family In Spain, Hello and A Happy New year!!!

My mother is from the Southern part of Spain. She comes from a big family, 4 sisters and 5 brothers. Her siblings all have families and kids of their own. I will have to get an actual count one day. I was fortunate enough to go back a couple of years ago with my mother. It was a whole month, but it sure went by fast! I had not been back in over 15 years, my how things have changed. It was a blessing to see my cousins, Aunts and Uncles! Os quiero mucho y pienso en ustedes y la alegria de Espana!

“Que Bonito”, Rosario Flores

Mrs. Ward’s Thought on One’s Individual Baggage

Sela Ward said something on The View when she was promoting her latest 2009 movie, The Stepfather, that made me ponder. The ladies where asking her a slew of personal questions, one of them which was how her husband and her have kept their marriage going. Mrs. Ward’s response was genius, she says that her husband and her see their own therapist individually.

My brain cells were spinning. Why should those two worlds, of each individuals baggage ever meet? The issues that pertain to you, are all yours, no one else’s. We fix and work on ourselves, not the other person, or other people! Both people come together,each one as a whole, not a half. We all have baggage that we try to clear, or get a handle on before we make a life connection with that one special human being.

So, What’s Your Take Away On Tiger Woods?

Does a famous professional athlete succumb to the dissection of his personal life? Should sports investors pull out when backing a major money making athlete that screws up in his personal life? We have seen this time and time again with athletes. Maybe not the same scenario, but the conflict it causes investors, fans and kids across the globe when they realize that athletes are humans too !   All I have to say is that I am glad that my personal goof ups, are not broad casted worldwide.

Jessica and Michael…..You Are Great Human Beings!!!!!

Michael just started college, at a University away from home this year. He is going to school to be a doctor, he’s a smart young man! Jessica is in 9th grade this year, she plays softball, she’s smart and she is a force of strength! I will always wish you the best! Keep in touch


Mr. Maher, Why Wait Until February?

I enjoy his show, Real Time With Bill Maher,  he speaks his mind  tells it like it is. Always has a balanced debate panel of guests on his show. He is very informed of the current events, he is one of many alternative news sources of mine.  He tackles the weeks current events with his conservative and liberal panel.  Our News is very censored, that is why I thank the heavens for great t.v. shows and the Internet.

Richard Dawkins on Real Time with Bill Maher (October 2, 2009)  video


Stewart , And Colbert ,

Comedians will always have a place in my heart! They are the researchers of the world with their clever analogies, ironies, and satires of all things that encompass the world around them! They bring humor and provide laughter to the masses, alleviating audiences of life’s harsh realities.

Two of these mastermind comedians are John Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. You can catch their shows on the Comedy Central Channel, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I usually like to get some of my news from them. They almost always have interesting guest, the topics are current and the writing is cleverly spot on!

Fred, My Older Niece and Nephews Dig Him!

These Little Darlings that I get to share time with are 8,10 and 12. To Bryce, Nathan and Alyson, this is for you! You guys are a smart bunch of  young people, you make me proud to be your Aunt!

Fred, Fred Goes Swimming

My Little Niece And Nephew

The two beautiful, little darlings that I am privileged to be a part of, are under 2 years of age, they consistently bring a smile to my face. This is just another forum to express the many ways I love them, to Madison and Landon.