Where Are You From In The World, And What Is On Your Mind?

I will most likely never visit every country on this planet, never see it,or experience its identity, so I would love to hear from people from across the globe.  The news is limited and censored, so I rather get it from the source.  Thanks to the creation of this magnificent tool, I’m a click away from any country.  I wonder what your way of life is like, and has it changed drastically with the economic state of the US ? People across the globe  and the ecosystem are going through hard times right now, I am not sure what everyone’s hardship is but I would love to hear from you.  I wish you love and peace in these times, and always.

A Little Recognition To My Mom And Dad

Two of the most hardworking, active Seniors I know!  They keep up with the young folks.  My parents come from the kick Ass generation!  Fine quality people.  They never knew what debt was, worked for everything they have.  Mom and Dad have always been generous souls.  They devote their time and energy  to their kids and grand kids.  They come flawed, as all  humans do, but I am so very proud , and fortunate to have them in my life.  I hope that in their lifetime I can repay them for their devotion, unselfishness and unconditional love.

Are The Problems Of The World Internal or External?

My Internet family, share what you think I have always wondered what the rest of the world ponders over.  Do you take accountability, or is  the mess in your immediate life, and across the globe somebody elses?  I came to find out that everything we question judge etc…) or everything productive, and good missing is all inside us:

  • love
  • respect
  • peace
  • joy

Your validation of love comes within you, for yourself.  If we were better human beings, wouldn’t our outlook for the world be to improve it rather than to dismiss it?

  • Education
  • Money
  • Nutrition
  • Pollution
  • Segregation

these are the main problems we share across the globe.  Education is our key component to improve all of our heartaches about the mistreatment of  the ecosystem they all have, and share an important place in our planet !

I feel that when people look outside themselves for solutions, that is the majority of the battle right there.  People want to place blame on the things they think hold them back, but it is only yourself.  If you clear yourself of negative views, negative thoughts you invite , and allow room inside yourself for growth, improvement, endless possibilities.   You will make significant contributions, and change to the things around you, (family, community, etc…) or the world.  Aren’t we the highest ranking species on the planet?

We are the driving force making the devastating decisions that are occurring around the globe.  We can not just sit idling by waiting for our government’s , their legislative branches  to screw us and our planet out of quality of life.   It starts with us , every country has a system in place, if it is not working then We the Masses need to demand a change.  How can we accomplish this if we are not willing to  change within our self first?  If you stay preoccupied with lower level thinking ( your own ego)   worried about what people think of you, how mad a  motor vehicle driver made you  etc… the list is never ending, and all this is stored inside.  The lower level thinking occupies lots of unnecessary space, it creates paralysis within you, not to look at the bigger picture of your life and the life around you.

ANNIE LENOX, A Special Scottish Spirit Working For Aids Awareness

Annie Lennox is an amazing musical Artist, Song writer, who’s genius, timeless work has been around for years.  She speaks to my spirit as a woman and a human being on this planet.    She is known for her band Eurhythmics, but she also went solo.  In her fourth solo album, “Songs of Mass Destruction”  released October 2007,  launched the SING campaign,Annie Lennox Sing , working to raise awareness and support for women and children affected by the HIV/Aids pandemic in Southern Africa.


Shawn And Sonya, The Best Siblings For Me!

To my younger brother and sister, we were all created to be a part of our chosen family.  Like all families, we all have our craziness.  I always dreamed of a better relationship growing up with the both of you, but I always felt like the odd man out.  I am not trying to make excuses, or make anyone feel guilty,  It is what it is,  my experience, through my eyes, and my moments. I truly wanted to be close but somehow it never happened back then.  I just hope that now I get to learn more about each of you and we can share new experiences and memories with one another.   Please help me fulfill  one of my life long wishes.  I will always love the two of you no matter what!

My Family At The Rosicrucian Fellowship

I had a great two years at the Rosicrucian Fellowship, it was nice and simple living.  I was invited to live on the grounds which where, beautiful and peaceful. I worked hard as a gardener, and cook, but when you are enjoying it, it is not work.  It was  educational to live amongst  a pupil of different nationalities from:

I was very fortunate to have the experience of living in a universal community.  California is  a beautiful State, the southern part is way to crowded but I would go back and stay there for a while again.  The geography is simply breath taking  with all the mountains and beautiful unique flowers  indigenous to its  climate.  Not  to mention the array of choices or options of  recreational activities( beaches, skiing, hiking) that can be done all in the same day.

To My High School Friends From Spain And Italy, Hello

I think growing up in a military household there were many attributes to it. Travel abroad, opening your mind to the exposure of other cultures, customs, just that the world is a big place( and yet so small).  Europe is so much older than the U.S.,  it is simply amazing to see history still standing.

I hope life has been good and treated you well through the years.  I lost contact with some of you along the way, but there are memories that I will have for always!  High school is a part of our life experience,  our years when we were young and free! I am hoping to check in and see how some of you are doing!  I am sure a lot of you are on facebook. It is a great way to link everyone together.

No More Voids

Important to readers, that this is my version or depiction of emotions and experience in my role as a daughter and sister.   I understand that everyone who is part of a family has there own.  Growing up I always had a void to fill, of being close with my family.  I had my ideal family in my head, that we would play, share, connect and challenge one another, but being a little different, and lacking the tools to bring closeness, I learned to isolate and withdraw myself from sharing or interacting with them.

I spent time with friends, and they were a small outlet for me.   Your peers at a younger age are impressionable to you because they reflect your age, they share your same world of youngsterville.  When we are young, our voice only carries so far, we are just  smaller  intelligent little people.  So for all you parents out there, never dismiss your child because of  their age or size, they were born with a brain just like the rest of us adults.    The magnificent brain that houses all our motor and logic abilities/ skills.  We need validation and acceptance that we are an individual and still  an important piece to the many parts of our family unit.  I did feel ostracized from my family, or reminded that I was different, but in a negative light. We need input from our family but it can not be all ridicule, negative feedback.  Those things stay with you.

I have had mother figures, father figures, sister figures, that stepped in or showed up in my life when my soul needed it.   Luckily I did not substitute my void with drugs, alcohol, men, the vices in the world.  Some where in my divine being I knew I was more than flesh and bones and pain.   We all encounter people that substitute a void and unfortunately for some, they substitute unhealthy and deadly substitutions.  Through the years I have learned to fill that void, exploring within myself  to improve the love for me, to love me, and to carry it over to my family and the world outside of me.  It has always been with me, inside me, the love I have for myself, I just needed to remember and be my best friend and  my own adviser.  No one sees or hears within you but yourself!

I hope my family  comes to understand what has always been in my heart, I would never replace any of them.  I do not hold grudges or look back, we all do what we know how at the time, that is why you have to dig deep within yourself  when you want to be an example of what you want in your life.  When our communication and actions do not convey or express what we truly want to say, or what we need, we should always aspire to strive for that, be better to ourselves and to the world inclusive around us!