So, What’s Your Take Away On Tiger Woods?

Does a famous professional athlete succumb to the dissection of his personal life? Should sports investors pull out when backing a major money making athlete that screws up in his personal life? We have seen this time and time again with athletes. Maybe not the same scenario, but the conflict it causes investors, fans and kids across the globe when they realize that athletes are humans too !   All I have to say is that I am glad that my personal goof ups, are not broad casted worldwide.

Jessica and Michael…..You Are Great Human Beings!!!!!

Michael just started college, at a University away from home this year. He is going to school to be a doctor, he’s a smart young man! Jessica is in 9th grade this year, she plays softball, she’s smart and she is a force of strength! I will always wish you the best! Keep in touch


Mr. Maher, Why Wait Until February?

I enjoy his show, Real Time With Bill Maher,  he speaks his mind  tells it like it is. Always has a balanced debate panel of guests on his show. He is very informed of the current events, he is one of many alternative news sources of mine.  He tackles the weeks current events with his conservative and liberal panel.  Our News is very censored, that is why I thank the heavens for great t.v. shows and the Internet.

Richard Dawkins on Real Time with Bill Maher (October 2, 2009)  video


Stewart , And Colbert ,

Comedians will always have a place in my heart! They are the researchers of the world with their clever analogies, ironies, and satires of all things that encompass the world around them! They bring humor and provide laughter to the masses, alleviating audiences of life’s harsh realities.

Two of these mastermind comedians are John Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. You can catch their shows on the Comedy Central Channel, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I usually like to get some of my news from them. They almost always have interesting guest, the topics are current and the writing is cleverly spot on!

Fred, My Older Niece and Nephews Dig Him!

These Little Darlings that I get to share time with are 8,10 and 12. To Bryce, Nathan and Alyson, this is for you! You guys are a smart bunch of  young people, you make me proud to be your Aunt!

Fred, Fred Goes Swimming

My Little Niece And Nephew

The two beautiful, little darlings that I am privileged to be a part of, are under 2 years of age, they consistently bring a smile to my face. This is just another forum to express the many ways I love them, to Madison and Landon.


Welcome 2010 , Looking Forward To The Next 365!!

They say that how you introduce the new year sets the tone for your whole year. I do not know if I agree 100% with that, because it is one day out of the remaining 364. We are suppose to live in the now, be present in the moment, in the day, not two days or two weeks down the road. If you keep your mind clear and your heart open, your days, weeks, months and years will be full of incredible bliss.

On The Eve Of A New Year!!!!

I look forward to a whole new adventure for 2010!!! As I reflect back on 2009, for any of the days that were obstacles personally or throughout the globe, I challenge myself and everyone else, where ever you are on the map, to minimize the limits we put on ourselves and the world. To step out of our “auto pilot” ways, and try thinking and doing innovative things, in this journey of life. No matter what our circumstances may be. I share space with every living creature on this planet, you are all my brothers and my sisters from another mother! I wish you all love, health, and prosperity in this year, and every year that follows!

The Bee Movie, Illustrates The Importance of Bees To All Generations !

The Bee Movie, an important message of our times, since the population of bees has declined, pollination, is a non negotiable process, it is one of our main sources for food in the world. So children, the next time a bee is buzzing around you, do not swat at it or try to kill it. Bees have a much bigger task at hand by pollinating plants, and making nectar for honey. 1/3 of our world food source, and honey come from these working bees.  Do not fear Bees, they are like other insects that provide an important purpose on our planet.

Bee Movie, 2007