The L Word, Commentary

The battle , the debate  of many states recognizing same sex marriages and relationships,  arouses my curiosity for understanding .   I know that a television show The L Word, is not the true depiction or interpretation, but it sure imitates life.  The show translates  a culture  of  stories that shares insight to the unfamiliar.

I never understood the world between same sex genders.  I have lived a very sheltered life.  I come from a place of unfamiliarity, the last thing I want to do is judge and criticize.  If  I do not impose my way of being on anyone then I want the same freedoms.  I want to live my life the way I choose to.  The same set of rules needs to apply to everyone.

Why should the rights as a heterosexual  married person be validated when  heterosexuals do not give integrity to the sanctity of marriage. I believe there is an ignorant population out there that feels there is darkness and an infiltrating  outbreak that it is contagious.   Homosexuality represents a perverted sexual culture for the uniformed.  When people have fear they react or act un-human like.  Things that are different, unfamiliar pose threats to individuals.  Instead of checking themselves they rather backlash at something or someone else. I had one gay male friend at one point in my life.

Religion says same sex is an abomination but what do you think went on in the Roman days, men with boys , men with men, and now the Vatican in uproar of sexual abusive priests!

I say live and let live ( as long as no one else is getting hurt) a victimless life journey!

If anyone wants to share, please feel free!!

My Personal Triumphs And Strifes With Communication

I have shared that during my childhood I became withdrawn with my family, not sharing feelings, interest,  dislikes, all the questions, experiences of life lived.  So I learned and created my own form of communication. I am not saying that I have come full circle but I have been presented with situations to improve my voice.  I still struggle here and there but It is nice to know that I’m not the only struggling communicator!  Communication has its place depending on its setting, dealing with family, relationships, friendships, children,businesses or business relations.  It is as if we were all writers and every ten years,  or before, we write our story, communicating what we have processed(changed, eliminated, added, learned) we write about new adventures or becoming more sedentary.  Life is fleeting and things can change in seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months or years.  Every individual has his or her own story,  internal beauty, and when words are spoken or written on a page, they are meant to be understood, or shared.  If the message is not clear, then get clarification, every story has its own identity and individual importance. People want to be heard, they want their thoughts, convictions to translate what is in their heart and mind.

To My Uncle Dean

My family and I got word Sunday, March 14th that  my cousin Mike died in a head on collision.  I never know what to say in those situations, I have not experienced a loss by death.  I can only imagine, and that is nowhere near the same.  Mike was my Uncle’s only son and they were very close.  They both reside in different states, so any time they could get together they did.

The world really operates backwards most of the time, for people who suffer loss, they  long to stop time,  and for others who have all their loved ones, they disregard them , hold grudges , have severed relationships, for what, and why?  There is nothing more incomprehensible  then to live a life of regret, solidarity, fear,anger, then why exist?    For those of us with our eyes and hearts wide open,  we always keep learning in our journey of life.  We have  individual lessons to learn and to be mindful of the multi -layered human beings that each and everyone of us is.  The different experiences,  exposures, regions that we come from, makes each one of us who we are.  Basically, do not let self imposed limitations get in the way of receiving or giving love in your life.

Kris Allen-Live Like We’re Dying

What Does Regulating Banks and Companies Mean For Us?

We have to be clear about  what regulation does.  I know the term sounds self explanatory however regulations usually equates to deregulation. Corporations, and banks get bailed out by government which intern is us.  I was always led to believe if you went bankrupt it was on you, your problem no one else s.  Politicians( a huge chunk of congress) get a huge kick back!  Mom and pop businesses do not get aid from the government, if they fall on their face, they fall on their face.  Big companies can afford lobbyist to get them what they want.  We need government to step out of regulating companies, companies have lobbyist to persuade Congress to make the laws that protect companies(Corporations), not the people or the environment of the country.  It is a dirty monopolized business and it needs to stop!

This brings me to my introduction for my next blog, a brilliant and  great woman, Ayn Rand!  She spoke through her books, movies about this very thing  she experienced in Russia on regulation.

MIA Translation Button

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What Our Government Did To Saddam Hussein And Iraq Is Beyond Wrong!

Watched the House of Saddam on HBO George H.W. Bush use to be head director of the  CIA from 1976-1977, was President of The United States from 1989-1993.  Many People in power had vested interest in Iraqs oil and Saddam Hussein was a smart cat, he knew the greed he was up against,and the US CIA infiltration scandal in his country, so he was not backing down, he was going to defend  his  countries resources and his people’s Iraq.

  • Donald Rumsfeld, shook Saddam Hussein’s Hand in 1983
  • Gulf War, 1990-1991

My Life Story In Segments (2)

Then my family and I moved to Pensacola, Florida.  I attended middle school, grades(6-8). The US is very wide and spread open, in Europe roads are smaller, walking was very common in Europe, however in the States  you need a vehicle 80% of the time to go places.  I have vague memories of this time period, but I have a memory of when we were in New Orleans and I had grits for the first time.  I feel that Florida has one of the prettiest white sand beaches.  I remember, and this was back in the early 80’s, that alcohol and smoking was still an issue for kids in the states.  ( kids want to try the unknown of alcohol and smoking, however those things are escapes that are a temporary, empty numbness, and can be life threatening to ones health)  I had a significant incident during grade (6-8) that impacted and  altered who I was.  I remember the American television being different from Spain or Sicily, more channels and longer hours  of TV broadcasting.

Yeah!! Bill Maher Is Back!!!!!!

So I doubled my Sunday morning with  Mr. Maher’s HBO Special, But I’m Not Wrong, and his once a week Friday show, Realtime With Bill Maher. It is simply great to listen to the real current issues being discussed.