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Taking Advantage

By: Nat

If someone takes advantage of a situation, a person, there comes a time when the endless taking will come to a screeching halt.  There is a moment, a time when a situation changes, or the person being taken advantage of has had enough.  So my question is this, is it the takers or the doer/givers fault ? Do takers have deeper issues going on to make them oblivious ?

I know people, family, friends who have been generous, giving of their time, lending items, helping out monetarily, etc…only to get slapped with the harsh reality of ungrateful, selective memory,  individuals not reciprocating any kind of thankful gesture in return, nothing, nada, zero.  It astounds me how people who have been helped out in a pinch, or several, will simply never return a favor that has been bestowed on to them. Life is not free, there is limited free time, bills to pay, things to manage, so when people display helpfulness, it should be acknowledged and returned at some point.  Relationships get destroyed because once the taker is told no more generosity will be coming  their way they don’t come around anymore.  Families, friends, have not spoken to each other,  and relationships have ended over this matter.

Do Not Let History Be Erased Or Rewritten

By: Nat

Humans have traveled through the many different world events in history, paving a better way, making advancements in the human race, however, we still need to go farther.  People, study our world history, do not let events, the truth be rewritten or erased.  Take the Charleston South Carolina shooting, the young man, Dylann Roof, was labeled a racist, from the get go, his friends tell a different story.  The confederate flag has been taken down in certain states due to this one incident, why?  The flag is a representation of a region, a group fighting in a battle.

Religion hurts society, this is a great website, look what happened recently with Kim Davis. Gays, lesbians, transgender, bisexuals, have existed since the beginning of time, since humans have walked the earth, religion wrote it wrong centuries ago, people have been trying to debunk those written books for centuries for a reason, its crap, people kill, hate, judge, discriminate against other religious denominations, deny equal rights, or the same rights to all humans, in the name of religion.

Returning After Some Downtime

By: Nat

My Last blog post was on March 31st regarding the discrimination that still goes on against women.  We need to fight for, support, and have each others back .  I have seen a little shift where women are becoming more fearless.  Our younger generations see things less traditional, and are way more exposed to the world, not just their home town, state, or country.  Look at Malala , a courageous youth who is fighting for the right for female education ! There is still a lot of unwarranted discrimination regarding race, sexuality, religion, national origin, age, disability, around the world, however, I’m pretty sure women have been targeted the longest through the centuries. Still, no group should be discriminated against period !

I have to admit that I am a hypocrite at times.  I have been struggling with balancing work, family, fun, relationships,  etc… It has been all work and no play. I have been existing not living for a long period and that is no way to be, or live.  I have issues and I hope I will conquer them all. I am at a crossroads in my life. I take ownership that I have not been happy for a while. I need change, want change, and only I can do it ! Aging is not an issue for me, it is a reality, it creeps up slowly, my fountain of youth is entering into another phase, stage in life with things like perimenopause,  difficulty reading small print, unaccounted for aches and pains, etc….  I am so blessed I still have my family and a great couple of friends in my life to help me navigate through this maze of life.

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My Fellow Women, We Must Stand For Each Other

By: Nat

You know as I watched this film it hit me that of all the groups that have suffered discrimination, inequality( race, gender, sexuality, religion) whether it be the Indians, Jews, the blacks, women have suffered the most and the longest, and we are still suffering. Many great women have stood up for us through decades and in this day and time women need to unite and fight together, the inequality and injustice that has been going on for women in developing countries as well as under developed ones.  There has been war on women for decades.

Women have been the backbone of the world, we are the yin to the yang, without women humanity would not exist !  Women took care of everything in any time of war when the men fled off in combat, and we are still doing it.  We are not second class citizens, we are citizens.  We need all our sisters to come together for one another.  We let too many distractions, fashion, weight, make up,  get in the way of the real issues at hand, we make a stand together and not wait for men to define our worth, we rally together for today and always.  We set the standard of beauty, not anyone else.

Humanity is all inclusive and until we start treating everyone equal there will always be injustice and abuse of power. I know what I speak of because I am a woman working  in a primarily male dominant field in landscaping.  I knew what I was getting into.  I brought my skills to the job, I have excelled and yet some men want to make it a gender issue, not I. Some try to push me to the brink and for what, and why?  Why is my work measured constantly , or questioned constantly ? I work side by side fellow co workers why is my bar not set, it seems I get questioned, measured however everyone else is set.  I am the first female working in the landscaping division for my company so I was hoping to breeze through in this day and age however we still have obstacles.  Your gender does not dictate superiority or authority, or inferiority.

Get Off The Street Wall Street

By: Nat

I want Wall Street , the banks, real estate brokers, to pay back all the money they stole and are still stealing ! All the bailout money was a sham just putting money in pockets of thieves and mismanaged funds.  Why were  bonuses and company trips being payed out while companies were going under ?  Where is the investigation ?  They  all need to be prosecuted for insider trading, and manipulating the markets.  Our occupy wall street brothers and sisters have been trying  to fight for us protesting all over the world and especially in New York.  Here is a great article and video on how most citizens are getting screwed on their investments.

The U.S. dollar , Qaddafi wanted to get off the dollar with the denar  video  just like Saddam Hussein to use euro, and look what happened to them.

2012 Forbes article , Neil Barofsky and his book , there is information all over the internet to look at the disastrous issues facing all of us.  You can fact check and discover it all for yourself.

Brazilians Are Not Happy

By: Nat

I love to see citizens come together to stand up to their deceitful government.  There has been corruption for many years in Brazil and the citizens are tired and they are not going to take it anymore.  They made headway during the world cup when the massive stadium was built while their country and citizens have been doing without, their economy, education, housing etc…

We have a huge population of citizens here in America who are not happy, and I hope there comes a time, soon, that we all come together to get, and start the change we want and have deserved for many years  here.  We the population, the real numbers, dictate what businesses, government agencies, governing bodies thrive and are needed.

Remember our brothers and sisters of Occupy Wall Street, that was a huge message.  Wall Street is the key holder, gate keeper of all commodities.  Oil companies, banks, etc… control and extort our government, our congress representatives have been for sell for years, its time to stop all of that.

The Daily Mail , Bidness Etc

Oh My Russell

By: Nat

Russell Brand is just simply brilliant.  He has his own YouTube channel and does radio, is a comedian, writer,  activist,has done movies and voices on several movies, etc…  He is someone who seems to have been self reflecting, self examining, himself, and the world around him.  He has been improving his ways and always has something worthy to say.  One of the biggest things you do in life is self examination and making improvements where you can.  He has tried on drugs, fame, and through it all still displays his creative side in all of his work.  As a comedian he has said a lot.  I love the great comedians, and he is definitely one of them ! He has a new book out, Revolution.

Baseball For The Nephews Is Back !!!

By: Nat

My nephew Landon had 2 games yesterday, it was opening park day.  I made it to his second game.  This is his last year in t ball.  I have not attended any games for two years. I dropped the ball big time on my aunt duties.  Because  of work, I quit doing all the fun stuff.  I had no balance in my life.  I enjoyed every second of it ! Those little ones can hit.  My nephew played first base and it was sad and exciting to see him play. Sad because I have missed out on his development, changes, growth in all aspects of his life. ( their lives) Just like my sisters children, even though they are in a different state.  It is time you do not get back, however, it is what I do now that counts. Landon has sharpened his skills, I can see his progression from two years ago.  He throws, catches, and hits very well. Bryce is still practicing baseball with his team, games have not started yet for him.  Both boys have inherited their dads natural athletic abilities.  My brother,  any sport he played or plays, he excels at.

Certain Cancers Are Over !!!!!!

By: Nat

A little less than a year ago I found out my uncle was diagnosed with cancer and now my aunt has been diagnosed with it.  There are over 100 types of cancers. I lost my dog and brother in law to it. There has been too many infected that have died with this disease. I was waiting for Vice’s season three because of this episode , a break through, cure, to this ugly ravaging  killer, cancer.  New hope for lung cancer patients !

This article came out in 2011.  Another article that came out in 2014.  What, when, how, will this be available to the mass of cancer patients ? This article from the Wall Street Journal tackles some of those questions.  I wonder how long there has been a cure ?  I just hope that all individuals with this disease get informed, and receive the new treatments.  Hopefully  there will be no red tape, hurdles, or outrageous costs to anyone.

What Is Josh Fox Up To These Days ?

By: Nat

Josh Fox put hydraulic fracturing on the map for us with Gasland 1 & 2. Since 2010, what is our progression on fighting back the big company ? Mr. Fox is currently doing a tour traveling in his state of Pennsylvania and New York doing his lectures on getting off our dependency of fossil fuels and a contest for the public to write in on.

There is a great video on this page of EarthJustice about a couple (Mr. & Mrs. Slotterback) who took the steps to save Rider Park by  getting a petition signed by their community, your state, or others states that we all live in, and travel in, could be next !  Here is another great  video, Mr. Heatley is a scientist and a member of RDA , putting his credentials into his lectures across the globe.  Drilling is happening all over the world, not just in the U.S. !

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