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Middle School Life [Too Much Drama]

By: Nathan on February 7, 2011

Middle school is so much drama.  Hey guys, I am a 6th grader at BBMS middle school, other 6th graders understand middle school like I do.   I’m here to talk about how parents always say “well when I was a kid”,  my parents do too.  Lets say every 6th graders parents are about age 35,  back in the old days “no offense” back in 1986,  25 years ago!  From movies that I’ve seen, parents that I’ve met,  lecturing from my parents, its a different time.  It  seems back when our parents were in school, if they were bullied they could just tell, and get it over with, but now a days it’s different.  If you tell, all your friends will pick on you, the person bullying you will get you back, trust me, I’ve been in this situation.

To Be Continued

Cool Song, “Gummy Bear”!

By: Nat on December 24, 2009

A little cool song I like to listen to when I’m bored. Has funny pics and a nice beat. Has a Gummy Bear shaking it’s booty, and singing!