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Mitt Romney And Others Who Bank On Bankruptcy

By: Nat on February 7, 2015

My favorite, no body explains it better that John Stewart , The Daily Show .

We need to remember Mitt Romney and his company Bain buying Dade International , downsizing it, making a lot of money then declaring bankruptcy  by doing leverage buyouts . It is research like this that has to be done on all candidates, know who you are electing,  however it is really all a dog and pony show for us Americans.  The bottom line is lining their pockets and destroying America at their expense.

Here is a list of  companies that filed the Chapter 11 bankruptcy code .


Nat’s TV Pick, Game of Thrones

By: Nat on January 30, 2015

HBO houses a lot of great work.  Game of Thrones will resume  April 12, 2015, in the meantime I re watched all the seasons, I’m on season 4 episode7.  Yes re-watched, it is that good, I had forgotten a lot of things, or missed pieces of forshadowing the first time around.  A great body of work.


Where Are The Ann Richards In Politics ?

By: Nat on June 26, 2014

Ann Richards is my kind of human, we need more of her in our political arena.  I watched the documentary that HBO did and what a great piece, footage between the early 80’s and  90’s of her political roles, she was a force, and a real example of an elected official by and for the people.  The film is an introduction or a reminder to all of us of who Ms. Richards was.   She was a woman and a mother who cared about the community/state she lived in.  She was a history teacher who went on to become Travis County Commissioner (1977-1983),  Texas State treasurer (1983-1991) and then in 1991-1995  the second female Governor of Texas. As Treasurer she managed the states money,  she understood the mismanaging of funds. Texas and its citizens had been robbed for over 50 + years, and she wanted to make it right, the way a true treasurer would do the job.  When you follow the money trail you are in the know of where funds are being  misappropriated and she was going to put the money back into Texas and its citizens, increasing it, and she did.  During the campaigning for governor she questioned former governor Mark White‘s  increase in salary  from 59,905-812,219 after 4  years in office. The footage reiterates the corruption, bureaucracy that still goes on in state and federal government.   She kicked butt in Texas , she did her job dutifully as treasurer and governor.  As Governor she was winning for a little while,  She fought for health, education, gender, race, everyone was inclusive, all were citizens in her state of Texas (minorities,women, blacks, Hispanics, gays etc…), however special interest groups were not going to stand for it. Enters Karl Rove to promote George Bush (1995) for Governor (Karl Rove has been the mastermind behind republicans being elected for years).  She wanted better for her citizens and not the pockets of elected officials and corporations.  With the internet at our finger tips, we need to walk away from censored news , all the bull#% propaganda they cram into our ears and eyes.  Government officials and corporations want the revolving door,  all the players who do favors for big money, for their friends in all the top places, they are all connected folks, moving from one money bag position to the other.  If you looked up government state and federal officials, their income should not be millions, their salaries do not go anywhere near that, all that money should be going to the states and improvements for the lives of citizens( health, eduction,jobs,) not theirs.

Nat’s TV Pick, Vice

By: Nat on April 5, 2013

It has been on the Internet and now it has been picked up by HBO.  Vice , it is simply  great  global reporting news, it has been doing so since 2007.  It originally started as a magazine, and its vision has evolved.

I just watched their first show on HBO , you can go on YouTube and watch hundreds of their older documentary videos.

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Love, Love The Newsroom

By: Nat on February 8, 2013

The Newsroom, written by Aaron Sorkin, (bravo !) the chemistry between the characters Will McCoy (played by Jeff Daniels) and MacKensie McHale (by Emily Mortimer),  is similar to the onstage chemistry between Annette Benning and Michael Douglas in American President.  It is simply incredible writing for all the characters.  It’s a look inside a daily account of how news is verified, reported, choices made for what is televised to the public.  Another amazing product from HBO, season 2 starts in June !

It is how we would like to see our news being reported, the important stories, the truth.  Our news broadcasting companies are in the toilet, It needs to change.

Mary McCormack And Fred Weller, Bring On The Drama

By: Nat on September 9, 2010

The dialogue, the actors  Mary McCormack and Fred Weller of In Plain Sight , are a bundle of smart escapism.  Love the chemistry and the characters the two actors portray.

Glee Gets My Vote…Favorite Jane lynch

By: Nat on July 30, 2010

Glee is entertaining for everyone and children can relate to it.  The show has music, it covers all genres,  it takes you back in time.

The L Word, Commentary

By: Nat on March 24, 2010

The battle , the debate  of many states recognizing same sex marriages and relationships,  arouses my curiosity for understanding .   I know that a television show The L Word, is not the true depiction or interpretation, but it sure imitates life.  The show translates  a culture  of  stories that shares insight to the unfamiliar.

I never understood the world between same sex genders.  I have lived a very sheltered life.  I come from a place of unfamiliarity, the last thing I want to do is judge and criticize.  If  I do not impose my way of being on anyone then I want the same freedoms.  I want to live my life the way I choose to.  The same set of rules needs to apply to everyone.

Why should the rights as a heterosexual  married person be validated when  heterosexuals do not give integrity to the sanctity of marriage. I believe there is an ignorant population out there that feels there is darkness and an infiltrating  outbreak that it is contagious.   Homosexuality represents a perverted sexual culture for the uniformed.  When people have fear they react or act un-human like.  Things that are different, unfamiliar pose threats to individuals.  Instead of checking themselves they rather backlash at something or someone else. I had one gay male friend at one point in my life.

Religion says same sex is an abomination but what do you think went on in the Roman days, men with boys , men with men, and now the Vatican in uproar of sexual abusive priests!

I say live and let live ( as long as no one else is getting hurt) a victimless life journey!

If anyone wants to share, please feel free!!

Ed Begley, Jr., Another One Of My Love, Loves

By: Nat on February 12, 2010

Ed Begley, Jr. is putting his green, and environmentalism message out there via his TV show, Living with Ed. He has been living this way since the 70’s, he is a smart cat.  You should check him out!  He has a lot of knowledge and info for the globe.

Bradley Whitford on, Living With Ed

24, Lost, They Are Coming Back!!!!

By: Nat on December 29, 2009

Whenever I check in on the topics being discussed on The View, I usually hear the ladies perspectives, however, I mostly listen to Whoopi or Joy. I do not dislike Ms. Walters, or Sherri , or Elisabeth, they each bring something to the table, I just think Ms. Behar and Ms. Goldberg bring their comedic repertoire.

I want to holler to Ms. Goldberg, because I too, am a fan of the show Lost. We have to wait til February 2nd, I can not wait! The writers better make it a good finale!

24, will be here January 17th! What adventure will Jack Bauer take us on this season?

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