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OOPs, My Domain Had To Be Renewed

That was a little oversight on my part.  I have had my account since December 17, 2009.  I consider it my public journal that I can revisit and look back at moments in my life or events around the world.  (what I was thinking and where I was at physically and mentally)  I want to keep moving, learning, trying and seeing new things, and documenting it all.  Eventually NatBlog will get a new face once I acquire my new phone, equipment to video more often.

Trying to Understand Social Media Through The Eyes Of The Younger Generation

Children that were born when the Internet existed are cut from a different cloth.  They have an amazing grasp on technology.  Their conduct of social media is different from what I was brought up with. I did not have the internet.  I had a home phone, no cell phone.  It is crazy to see how far we have come with communication,  human interaction, connection on a global scale.  My nephew Nathan, who is now 13, need to pick his brain and see where he navigates on the internet, I know he texts to his friends, I’m pretty sure he is not on Facebook yet.  At any second of the day you can speak to your friends, or anyone, anywhere no matter where you are.

There are many that feel face to face conversations are going away, less interpersonal.  Maybe we do not have to speak as much as we were led to believe.  We as humans keep evolving and with that comes a new way of interacting with human beings.


I Purchased Three Domains Today

It is my first time going to to purchase a couple domains. I am looking at starting a couple more websites, one is for my dog Sandy.  I’m diving in and becoming  more aware of the internet culture. My boyfriend/ partner ( we have been together for 10 years) is an amazing programmer, Web Developer/ software engineer, IT consultant, he is part of that culture and I keep learning more and more.  I am learning programming, he is teaching me.  Eventually I will make changes to natblog and create other things.  I have several challenges ahead of me and I’m excited.

SOPA, PIPA Learn About Them !

President Obama recently signed The National Defense Authorization Act,  but wait, today you will not be able to see it on Wikipedia because my fellow brothers and sisters are sending a loud message regarding SOPA and PIPA.  So if you share information  you will be detained indefinitely for behaving as a terrorist ?  Think of the steps Congress and the law makers are orchestrating, the squash of our freedoms, one bill at a time. We need to limit the control government has on our lives.  It wants to control what we see and  do on the internet.  Does that sound okay with you?

Congress , corporations, are trying to say information shared is pirated, stolen, infringing on the  copy write laws of the music, film, industry.   Really it goes way deeper regarding our freedom of information and freedom of speech act.  We need to change the ways bills are written and the undisclosed attachments to them. A bill is to be presented and written in its clearest form for all citizens to understand the new law  put into legislation, affecting all of us .   The internet is free, it is not owned by the government, it is a collaboration of many means.  Our media and journalism for the most part is censored, so thank goodness we still have Libraries and the Internet.  The government is good at manipulating their agenda.   There are some bad areas of the internet, however, the good totally out ways the bad .  Piracy, that word has been looming around for several years now, they have been on the witch hunt to control more for a while now.  What is there to steal ?  The music, film, all those industries are protected and technology has moved them in that direction.   Thank goodness  for our technology, that has hackers and whistle blowers and groups like wikileaks and anonymous  reveal this to us.   Everyday there are human beings, belonging to created organizations keeping us informed, like this video below from the Young Turks !


Laptop Problems

So I discovered problems with my laptop Wednesday morning, it was plugged in and would not start.  My world has been a little weird and tested not having access to all the convenience, great info and connections  that I am accustomed to.  I think it is my cord adapter.  I ordered an ac adapter cord for my gateway.  My baby is a pretty powerful 14’inch notebook.  It is an amazing functional machine so hopefully it will be restored by Monday to its original operative ways!

I learned that a lot of major companies do not make their laptops, they are built by OMDs


We Need To Understand Hackers

Hackers understand the powerful tool that the internet is, they respect its FOIA and FOS. Do not let the word  hacking scare you,  or misguide you.   The group Anonymous were recently in the news regarding  freezing transactions of Mastercard, Visa, Paypal.  They stand behind one of their own, Mr. Assange, and his team of journalist and hacktivist.  They simply delivered a message to not meddle with citizens rights.  Look up the Hackers Ethic.  You do not take away someones way of life, liberties until it is proven that they did act unlawfully!

TV is programmed to what you will see, and how you will see it.  There is no  interaction with the world through TV.  I want to keep the internet that I have right now.    I do not want  a modification of what government wants me to have access to, like China with its Golden Shield Project.  I want to have all access of information available to me.  I want the truth, to see it, read it, and hear it for myself.

There is a tremendous population that does not even begin to understand the amazing tool the internet is.

video by the Alyona Show:  “Anonymous” Hacker speaks,  events Re: Assange

Put Wikileaks Back On The Internet!!

DDOS on wikileaks website.  Interpol is on alert for Mr. Assange on alleged rape charges.  Our government  officials, media,  are using words  like terrorist organization, criminal activity, espionage , execution.  Where exactly are we at with our  FOIA ?   There have been so many exemptions and revisions.

If your an individual who thinks government, military around the globe, are being compromised by the whistle-blowing ,think again!   How does a small organization bring a threat to diplomacy around the world?

What  will happen with Bradley Manning?   Just because he is in the military does not mean he is exempt or forbidden  from doing the right thing.  He is paying an unnecessary price when far worse things have been done by our government.  How do we hold them accountable for the misuse of power, and misuse of our livelihood?

We all do a job, have a job,  however if  down the road you are asked to look the other way, to deceive, lie to a people, I would hope ethics would kick in,  to take action, stop harmful activities, divulge them,or expose them.

Love Documentaries, Watched Iranians Live Feed And Dedication For Neda

Take note, Iran is an example  for all people, for all of us.    There are many who look at  the advancement of technology and  the gadgets that are produced  as evil.  We as individuals choose or make the choice of the intent and usage of these produced products.  The people of Iran just like many before have stood up to their governments.  Now we can actually get live feed from anywhere in the world, and normal citizens can make that happen.  Thank you for the individuals who allowed Iran’s citizens Intel to be routed to US via  internet.  These days and everyday,  it is  important that  people are standing up for justice and truth.   Iran’s voting process was a sham and the people took to the streets in numbers to convey that to their government.

For Neda

Neda had many independent views and stood up for women.  Iran’s treatment today is worse than what American women had in the 1920s until  women’s suffrage was set in place.

Austin Heap–  unblocked, rerouted  proxy servers that Iran put in place  during June 2009 elections

A year later IFEX reports on Iran’s status.

I AM Having To Correct My Plugin Error For Wiki Pop

I use the Wikipedia link , I like to refer the things I write about back to Wiki for a more detailed explanation.  I was trying to jazz up the link, however I made a mistake along the way.   I was trying to convert the link to a wiki pop link, hence the coding in the posts is part of the cluster mess.  I am working as quickly as I can to rectify the typos, I apologize in advance.   Thank You!