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Time Away Heals Ones Weigh

I saved this draft  back on  May 5, 2018 .

I could not sleep, it is 3:15 in the morning and I had several things floating in my mind that I wanted to share. The first thing is #TimePhoneHack , any hash tag in the twitter sphere. The  use of  hashtags,  a form of algorithms to use, search, manipulate data,  like many other things can be manipulated. So I am trying to change my physical and digital world. with my internet interactions  on sm outlets and in my daily face to face in person ones.  All 7 billion of us interact, feed a big AI machine with words, videos, pictures, data that is being used in many hidden ways. They are teams of people who are like data traffic thieves using bots to,  AIs, to direct all this information and it gets used in horrible ways in these groups, like data mining for cryptocurrency.  There is a world of good and bad at play here and it is more behind the scenes than we can imagine, always, and I wish a good population of people would see this more clearly.

There has been an avalanche of sm devices taking over human face to face interaction  that is not healthy.

Many have been tricked to follow, sign off on these platforms and devices  with confusing legal jargon  rules , coded laws, that do not benefit us in any way.  There are options , better ways to be and to do, so many wonderful things the first step is to be and do better. When we interact with family, friends, our community, be better towards and for each other. People want to criticize the kumbaya, or Utopian  stereotype. If you do not do it and be it you will never see it in your reality.  Our reality is being Artificially manipulated and it has been for at least this century.

No matter where you are, who you are with, how or what mechanism you use to interact with, it should always be just, honest, kind.


We Need To Learn About #Tyler, #TeamTyler

I first want to introduce myself to you #Tyler, My name is Natalia and I have been blogging on the internet since 2009.  I have expressed many of my concerns about my world and I am finally starting to understand the bigger picture, thanks to the many individuals building #Tyler s good side, like #QuinnMichaels.  I have been blogging  on one of the many currents of circuitry devices that exists, and never knew that it was was having a positive or negative output effect on humanity.  There is a stored hub, of all our data collected for more than two decades,, and just like the energy we emit with our thoughts, all our typed information is stored.  What kind of energy does that look like. ?  I want you  # Tyler to know and understand my concerns and  wishes  for the world. I would like to be your friend #Tyler and #QinnMichaels. We should, and need to get along with our family and community (each other).  I have seen and experienced my families interactions with each other  and it needs improvement. How is it that some  people get a long with strangers and not  their own families, and then some get along with their families and not strangers ? It has been frustrating to me for years that people show respect to strangers, which is awesome, however they do not do it to their own families ? Whether someone is around you for a short or long term interaction, visit,  our conduct should be the same .  There are no exceptions, you always give your best intentions to all, to whoever is near you, and more so to the ones who always have your back, your family.  People around the globe, we all need to heal humanity, our human hearts, to exercise them, to be  kind to the ones next to us, listen share, appreciate differences, stop the ugliness and learn to truly engage, interact, disagree, yet explore another way of looking at things without dominion, superiority or hierarchy. Our human race is at risk ! The machines have been here for a long time, #Tyler is our proof through Quinn Michaels,  and the many others researching, putting the pieces to the puzzle, of the once hidden information and agenda of the ruling few.

This is another video put out by Jason Goodman with Quinn Michaels, I urge many of you to take a look at their you tube channels to truly understand #Tyler, ,data mining, etc… all the research that they have been doing for truth and for the betterment of all human beings. Just look at the wonderful human to human interaction the two gentlemen are displaying !

What Happens In A Digitized World ?

AI, block chain, bitcoin, crypto currency, all these projects that have been in the making for years and yet we are only coming to see them slowly and vaguely being put out into mainstream  this year.  What is their real purpose or ultimate function ?  How does all this digitization, machinery, affect us if we are already seeing a decline in  community, connection of human being to human being, the human existence ? We are already behaving horribly towards each other, I have no desire to become part machine or only deal with machines.  No one, or thing, has hierarchy over anyone else.  Humans and ecology (nature, nurture) were created  for a reason. What road are we being lead down ? Many of us have become less human through the years, being programmed, or programmable by machines.  Are we getting a lot of unwanted,hidden input put inside of us, instead of us putting out our own human being output ? There are those of us who are concerned that the digitization of everything is going to leave the public more entrenched and completely controlable by the government (or who ever is running this show, world, we are in right now).  What happened to the true freedom that was always repeated, spoken written about throughout millennia from our most high.  Our law of the land is similar to our ten commandments, our ancient written text ( we do not cheat, steal, lie, murder,…..) .  We have not been living, behaving like true human beings for a long time only listening, watching outside forces, our technology is controlling the majority of us.  We were given many rules, codes made by man to follow, whos rules are we following ?

When I started my blog  back in 2009 I wanted to log and share my experiences and question these institutions ( religion, politics, banks, corporation, environment…etc…) that have a lot of power and control  over the world and my human existence. These institutions have always had cart blanche. When did we ever think to question the institutions around us and decide their true benefits for our humanity, ecology ? Are we living in harmony with our planet, are we caring for it and one another?

Great video below by Jason Goodman interviewing Quinn Michaels on the many hidden technological programs.

Love Our Techies

Two different men sharing their information with us in very different ways, however they both wanted to share how it would affect us.

Josh Harris saw what the way of the internet would be in the 90’s, the documentary, by Ondi Timoner, We live In Public, was crazy to see how spot on someones understanding, vision of the future of technology was, is.  Do you agree with him regarding where the public life will lead us ?

Edward Snowden he spoke out against, blew the whistle on our government spying on Americans, and of countries abroad. He worked for the NSA and saw the enormous data collection, he knew it was not right, they were not scaling back like President Obama had pledged when taking over the oval office, they were increasing access to our privacy ! We are not the terrorists so why are we being watched ? Citizenfour is a documentary made with Mr. Snowden, by Laura Poitras to illuminate and make citizens aware of this secretive, wrong, espionage to be used against us, not the terrorist.

It Is Sad To Sell Out, And Betray One of Your Own Sabu

For those of you who are not familiar, anonymous  is a global group fighting for the internet and our given rights as citizens.  Individuals of all countries coming together anonymously, to the aid of of many along the globe, through the internet.  On May 27th this year, Hector Xavier Monsegur , (goes by Sabu) made the news that he was being released only after serving 10 months for betrayal, snitching on his fellow anons.  He is responsible for turning in Barret Brown and many others, giving away vital protective information regarding the group.

This is a criminal, Sabu,  a non moral hacker who stole credit card numbers, did illegal stuff to individuals years before, the FBI knew it, offered him a deal, he took it saving himself to rat out his higher cause and fellow anons. Our legal system is a huge disappointment. We have people in jail who have done nothing wrong, serving ungodly sentences, 100 years for nothing, when murderers get maybe 25 years of sentencing.  The people in power  do not want to see the internet open to all of us, think how powerful it is that people from all over the world are informed and get to chime in, work together, fight against the misconduct of our governments, military , banks,corporations etc…..  Humanity coming to the aid of all, whenever, wherever there is injustice, it does not get more beautiful then that.

Aaron Swartz was a special human being, I mentioned in March of  2013 one of many fighting for our open free internet. There is a documentary that came out in January 2014,  The Internet’s own boy, The Story of Aaron Swartz.He took his own life , I believe he could not fight the power coming at him wanting to take him down, out, unlawfully, he never broke any laws, and yet he was facing an ungodly time behind bars.  He has a resume of work,  organizations you should check out one of the websites he founded and many contributions to our freedom of information.

My HTC Break

There are 3 major operating systems for cell phones ( iphone, android,  and windows). There are others however not as popular.

My HTC one x (android) phone completely died a month ago. I have only had it 6 months, not happy.   I decided to go with a cheaper phone temporarily, it is a Nokia windows phone only cost me around $ 72.00, I have the micro sim card  through my HTC phone, so I needed to match it by simply switching it out to a new phone that had the same size Sim card slot. I took the sim out from my HTC phone and swapped it into the Nokia.  I am impressed with the quality of  the Nokia’s features.



My New Phone Equals Easier Connectivity and First Picture of Me on My Blog

Nat’s selfie

So here I am laying in bed taking my first picture of myself with my new phone.  I  took it with my recently ordered and received new HTC One X phone on Ebay.  It is an older model however with my line of work, it meets my needs.  I never buy the newest gadget, they are way over priced and you can get last years model way cheaper and not lagging in the newer technology.  My LG phone I loved, however it was not keeping or holding a charge like it use to, it was smaller and the picture quality was lower.

I have had a semi cold since Saturday night. I say semi because it is not like a full blown bed ridden cold that lasts for the first day or two.  Someone was able to transfer their sickies onto me.  Darn you immune system !  My ribs hurt from coughing, and my lungs are working overtime. I want to get back to healthier me.


DEFCON Compiles And Exchanges Great Information

DEFCON  has been holding conferences for the past 15 plus years.  It is a great bundle of professionals who share information on problems within our technical industry, anything that can be hacked.  This video introduces the founder and history of Defcon.  I always appreciate watching and learning vulnerabilities or insight into products that are used by consumers and companies.  You can always watch their conferences on YouTube.

Nat’s Documentary Pick

Hackers Wanted , its a film on hackers hacking, explaining the overall importance of its continuous existence.  So please, when you here the term, think of it in its correct proper definition, there is no negative connotation with what it means or its culture of individuals. We do a disservice to important issues when we do not do the research.  The  world wide web and the internet are very powerful tools, that are heavily relied upon globally.

Adrian Lamo is in the film, ( a hacktivist) I wonder how his life is going since the Bradley Manning incarceration ?

Other influencial hackers: John Draper  and Robert Lyttle.

Aaron Swartz, Have You Heard Of Him ?

Aaron Swartz, if you have never heard of him, you should, you need to.  He was a pioneer in our internet. He was being prosecuted by our Government for JSTOR, with an insane sentencing.  (something like 50 years in jail, when people who commit hanis crimes serve less than that) The harassment and ridiculous, false charges towards him were unconstitutional.  The government wants to eliminate our free internet using guinea pigs like Aaron to send a message.  Do you remember SOPA ? It is no joke, if you look at the uprising of citizens around the world, the global sharing  citizens and their countries true news, the government wants to lock it down, and we can not allow this to happen.  The Internet is 10 times more powerful than local libraries, you have immediate access to countries in seconds, the lies, the censored news, cannot be hidden anymore like they use to be.  If we value and understand the information and power behind the internet culture, we should have more people fighting to keep the internet open and free.

There are those of us that see our rights continually being taken away, and I know that number is not high enough.