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Alternative Medicine, Research What Is Out There!!

There is a huge population of people that do not consume any nutritional value.  Fast meals, microwaveable, frozen meals, fast food etc…  People use the excuse that they do not have time , that is baloney!  Take the time for yourself and the people you love.

It amazes me how much exercise equipment, weight loss supplements are on the market.

I have never  been a fan of pharmaceuticals, I much prefer the alternative medicine route.   I want to live off of the earth, everything natural on it, we are blessed with an abundance of natural healing alternatives that flourish from the soil!.  I do believe that people as well as the pollution in our environment ( toxic dump sites,chemicals sprayed  in the  air,  on vegetation ,ending up in our water supply) are the sources of unhealthy illness on our globe.

Suzanne Somers Speaks About Menopause and Cancer

My hat goes off to Suzanne Somers who has written about her own alternative approach to menopause and cancer.

She thinks outside the box, outside of herself and the junk TV /Media tries to derail us on.  It is our bodies, our minds and we are putting it into the hands of self interest groups.  My friends around the globe, take charge of your own minds, body and spirit, it is all contained within yourself.  Research, Research, use the magnificent internet.

Check Them Out, Polyface Inc.

Today,Poly Face, and maybe a hand full more of natural farm lands, are upholding and keeping the integrity of real farming  alive (Agriculture).  For farmers all over the world, I would love to hear your views on the new” mass production” direction farming has taken.  My Grandfather on my mom side was a farmer.

My mom has told me stories of how her mother would provide food to their neighbors from their farm. My mom use to stand in the field and pose as a scarecrow to ward off the birds from their crops.   Back in My Grandmother’s day food was more scarce, and back then, Spain was under Francisco Franco’s rule. I never got a chance to know or experience my Grandmother from Spain, she passed away when my mom was 11.  I think I would have been very proud and in awe of her, she was a very strong,giving soul.

Why Isn’t Nutrition Mandatory, In The Field of Study For Doctors?

Mark Bittman wrote the book “Food Matters” , a documentary film released in 2008.  The film gives you a simple look at fueling your body with natural  vitamins and minerals, to fight illnesses, rather than polluting yourself with risky, many side effect, pharmaceutical medicine.  Several Doctors, (they label themselves The Teachers on their Website) around the globe weigh in and speak  of their experience and knowledge. Presents the Food Matters Movie Trailer

What Is It, Beef Or Corn That The Globe Is Consuming?

Robert Kenner ,  directed the documentary film Food, Inc.  It is a film to bring our awareness to how food is being developed in processing plants.  Monsanto has aPatent on the corn and soybean (GE) seed they are selling around the world. How do you patent a natural product?  Food is already expensive, and then you get unhealthy and contaminated by it,  just  making it more expensive all the way around, including health cost.   There is a revolving door Lobbyist have held previous jobs with the FDA or The  White House , or vice versa, end up working for the big food Corporations, so how messed up  and coincidental is that?  Plenty !!!

Supply and demand folks, when did we demand crap for nutrition?  We must have because it is served up to us daily. We have always been a big population,  so why are they cutting cost  at the expense of their consumers.  We need to demand better food from our  Food Corporations.

We have always had to provide food to the masses, so the system should get better through the years, not worse.

2008 Documentary Film, Food, Inc.