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Celebrate The Now In Your Life

By: Nat on February 2, 2015

Take inventory of all the life around you.  At this moment, where are you at, not yesterday not tomorrow, now !   Thinking back and ahead causes limits and ruins what is actually going on in the moment. Do your best, give your best with what is in front of you. Stop trying to do it all, by neglecting, ignoring to have fun and enjoying what is around you.

Improvements To Things That Already Exist

By: Nat on January 25, 2015

I have to take a real hard look at making changes in my life.  When your body and mind are depleted you have exhausted all the good stuff, the cohesive well oiled machine that your mind and body once were.  You are aware that changes need to be made however you keep plugging along until your body breaks down.  It got real and serious when I no longer was controlling an outcome. Stress gives you health issues, your diet gives you health issues, overworked, not balancing your fun and work load give you health issues, finances give you health issues, worrying gives you health issues, love gives you health issues.  They can become health issues if you do nothing and let them take over. When we do not try to resolve, minimize, or eliminate the issues, our body and mind become a health consequence.  Do not ignore the warning signs, some are life threatening.  Sometimes the mind wears down before the body or vise versa.

We will always be faced with how we handle or choose to react to problems, stresses, circumstances in our lives. Just do not put it off, figure it out !  Always remember the good too, laugh,  Life is responsibility and fun ! As I get older the clearer everything becomes and the less complicated I want things to be.


New Year, Improvements Can Be and Should Be Made

By: Nat on January 23, 2015

I’m back again, my break was a little rocky, I hit a wall physically and mentally towards the middle of September.  I was down for about 2 and a half months.  It was a wake up call, my body was telling me it would no longer continue the way things were.  You have to balance work, play,  and your relationships.  I was all work, no play.  We all need to laugh, relax, do things we enjoy besides our job.  So you guessed it, I am going to incorporate more play into my life.  I have this one journey and I have to make it count.  Time goes by faster than you think so I have to do fun however or whenever I can !

A Visit To The ER Today

By: Nat on May 27, 2014

It is my first time ever going to the Hospitals ER for medical attention.  I do not have my own  doctor .  Now that I am getting older,  visits may start happening more frequently.  I have been very fortunate with my health all these years, nothing broken, nothing needing to get fixed.

I injured my back 3 weeks ago. The pain was not going away so  I  finally went to the ER today to check on it.   I strained my thoracic , they took x rays and  the doctor said  there was no visible damage.  There is no time frame for healing, I will have to wait and see. I have never had back issues until now.   Having a pain in your back that does not go away is super uncomfortable.   I am to apply a little heat (5 min) and ice(15min) 3 times a day, do back stretches, rest, no lifting more then 15 pounds,  and take muscle relaxers  and  motrin that I was prescribed for pain.  I do not like taking any kind of pills.  So for all people who have suffered  back damage, I feel for you.     I do not exercise, however I will start with strengthening my stomach and back.

The Flu Pandemic, Scare, Rise, of Deadlier Virus

By: Nat on January 18, 2013

What is going on with the flu ?  Who besides the CDC is reporting on the out break and numbers of affected individuals in the U.S.   I know of a case that the child was diagnosed with the flu and his parents were prescribed Tami flu for protection against child (diagnosed with flu) , the parents were directed by doctor to take it, and that crap prescribed was not cheap !

Remember the swine flu ?

National Influenza Centers



Continuing On To New Beginnings

By: Nat on November 26, 2012

So it was a couple days before the jump when I guessed my weight of 160.  I never did get on the scale to weigh myself before the jump.  (Not smart) So a couple days later I decide to get on a home scale.  I stepped on it and it read 220, I was in disbelief.   So I tell my boyfriend and he instantly tells me there is no way that is my weight. (how sweet and supportive of him)  He had guessed my weight at 150.  The following day at my hair appointment I tell my hair dresser the scale said 220 .  Later that night, I tell my mother my weight, and she asks me if I weighed myself on the carpet , and I tell her yes, she laughingly says I’m not suppose to on carpet.  So when I re weigh myself, scale shows 190.  I guessed my weight at 160  because I really thought I had lost weight, then the real number appeared.  It sounds ridiculous, however I did it.  The number is hard to see and digest, however I can do something different about it .    I did forget  also that a couple of months ago I had started running  and adding time to my walks.    I walk with my dog Sandy, she is a motivator too, dogs love their walks and ever since the removal of  her cancer tumor, she has to live a doubly purposeful life.  I am slowly building my endurance with running, I jog 2 or 3 days a week building my distance. Sandy joins me in the runs also, a real trooper !

Nat Will Be Appearing In Natblog

By: Nat on November 25, 2012

So I will be more transparent with my blog by videoing myself and including  more of me in it.  I have to put a face to my opinions and take criticism face on.

A couple of things have influenced me on to a new path.  My skydive experience was one of them.  To skydive you have to be 250 pounds or less.  Well reality hit me rather quickly, I was going to jump a pretty high jump.  I have had an ongoing struggle of not losing weight.  I was walking everyday did not incorporate any other form of exercise, trying to do it at natural, non excessive pace.  So I start thinking, am I in shape enough to do the jump ?  Its a valid question when your frame expands, everything inside you expands.  So My boyfriend had asked me how much I weighed, and I guessed  160 !  The last time I weighed myself was a year and a half ago at the doctors office at 180 pounds.  I was shocked and in disbelief.  Up until I was 34, I had maintained a 125 pound frame, after that I went  many years without weighing myself, I knew I had gained weight just did not care to know the number. So bottom line was that I did not want to face reality, my truth full circle.  I have always believed that you should always be able to look yourself in the mirror, never be ashamed of anything if you are truthful and honest with yourself, nothing will eat away at you.  So the not weighing myself was damage, a huge denial zone.

This is not  just another weight story, I have always been an active person, I envisioned my older years still spunky, energetic, active.  I have never tried any diet or gadget to lose weight, however, after several years of not seeing changes, I have decided to challenge myself.  I am taking a leap, stepping out of my box.  I am going to do the p90 program, I am going to spend  90 days with Mr. Tony Horton.  I will be displaying myself on video with my progression here on my blog.  I never show much skin in my daily clothing apparel, and I have not worn  a bathing suit in 8 years probably, so to say I am stepping out of the box, my comfort zone, is huge in my world.  I am bearing my body to many, and that was always a private matter for me.  I have watched several YouTube videos on line of people documenting their transformation.   Its courageous, and sure, people have all different kinds of reason that motivate them for change, displaying themselves, regardless, I am taking on a daunting intense training regimen.  My idea of exercise is outdoors, the idea of watching a video and doing the exercise indoors is not my idea of a work out, however, now I say yes.  Its a new outlook, new technique, new experience.   My weight is a small reflection of what is going on in my life.  I have steps to go, and I am taking it on.  I want to be joyful again, somewhere I lost a good part of that.  I have heard enough in the media,  society  about weight issues and it is about so much more than that.  I know I am not alone, and I am so glad I am getting it,realizing it.  Its nice to look slender and fit, but its even more rewarding to feel alive, vibrant, energetic and strong mentally and physically.

Who Likes A Weak Immune System?

By: Nat on January 24, 2012

So Thursday I had a scratchy throat, and for the last couple of days it progressed to a head cold .  I  was trying to back track and trace my steps to see where I might have contracted the bacteria.  I do not like to get ill, feeling unlike me, I usually do not.  My immune system  defenses are low so I need to figure out how to improve it.  I have been consuming, putting raw garlic on everything !  There is a huge amount of pollen in the air right now, plus wind, bad weather in various states, I’m sure that also plays a factor.

The hardest thing about a cold is that it takes away a lot of your energy.  I would like to be able to say It has been 10 years since I have been sick.   Experts say if we follow a regimen of nutrition, exercise, meditation(quiet time)  it is a path of health and for the most part I agree, however, as we know,  we all have different metabolism speeds, different heart rates, genes, age, race, environment, etc. that also play a factor in  a journey to health.  You have to find what works for you and pay attention to yourself.

Our body mind and spirit fascinates me !

To Bethany Storro, And The Many Burn Victims Across The Globe

By: Nat on September 9, 2010

Stay strong!  Our anatomy is an amazing self healing phenomenon.  My father suffered a fire burn.  I look at my dad and its bothersome to see some layer of  charred skin.  For individuals that end up in an unfortunate burn  accident or that some devil spun human deliberately throws acid or sets a human being on fire, is simply incomprehensible.  I by no means am saying one is lesser of the two horrible s, the end result is still managing the burn, based on the level of  injury.

The 3rd Burn Incident I have Experienced

By: Nat on September 8, 2010

When I resided in Ca I was cooking something on the stove.  There was a  pot with a lid, some how I tilted the lid and from the steam I ended up burning the top of my right ring finger.  It was painful, so I can not imagine fire burns, chemical burns etc…covering  a bigger and deeper skin area.

A couple of months ago my nephew Landon(2 years old) burnt his hands on the motor of a riding law mower, he ended up with a  2nd degreeburn.  Thankfully,  it did not do any permanent damage.  I was present the day it happened and it is a day I will never forget, his cry of pain.  He has since recovered beautifully.

On Saturday, Sep. 4th, I got a phone call that my father was in the emergency , that he had burnt himself.  My father (mid 60’s)also suffered a 2nd degree fire burn.  The area affected is his right side of his face, neck and shoulder.  My father is no spring chicken,  let us see the time it will take to heal his skin.

I have a friend who says there is a new gel on the market for treating burns, if you have been a victim of a burn or you have had experience cleaning and treating burns, I would love to hear from you.

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