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Relationships, Relation Ships

Anything worth having in life requires dedicating time to it. When you are single and off on your own, you only worry about yourself,your shelter, your food supply, your sustainability in the world. Life is easy for one.  Then one day  you stumble upon and meet a human that reflects a lot of your fundamental beliefs/values, a friendship and romantic chemistry that is all encompassed, it’s magic, it’s rare, its kismet!  You make the decision to progress forward with this magical connection, testing it out, making sure its real and not fleeting. Through  time, some individuals escalate the testing to live in the same space and incorporate both lives together, the sustainability now becomes 2 instead of one. So living in the same space brings a slew of  testing elements, each individual brings their way of being, thinking, to the romantic relationship. Within a loving, romantic relationship there has to be a wonderful friendship, and then an awesome individual relationship with our self. Keeping yourself intact is your job, people, places things just enhance your world experience.

Our way of being begins from nurture and nature, our genetics map us (our parents, grandparents, maybe great grandparents, maybe skipping generations) so does your upbringing, in and out of the home  we are raised for those 18 years. Not everyone gets that amount of time, it varies on ones circumstances, their life. Not everyone has or gets siblings, or both parents, or even parents. So as infants we are taught and hopefully guided to perfect our motor skills  , and protect our tender brain spot to help us develop into the adults that we become.  Our personalities develop by 6 and then parents add or subtract from our learning curve, and then we start to add or subtract stuff along our independence journey.

For my first 20 years of life I lived under my parents roof, and they tried to teach me the lessons of life, being responsible, independent, tools to defend myself through my way in the world.  So I had 20 years of juggling advise and observing a couple demonstrate their love, to each other and how they presented their love and their genders to myself and my siblings.  So there are all these relationships going on with each other as well as how my female and male role-model  parents interact with each other, us,individually, and together as a family.  There is a lot going on within the family you are raised in, and there are things that are instilled in you, and when children are finding, and discovering  themselves, parents play a very influential part in the process.

These are stages and dots that I have been connecting and continue to connect in my life.  Introspection and analyzing everything, choices, emotions,people,places and things in my life.

I have data that I collected being raised in my family home, then when I moved away into my own home, being single, I put all my tools, nurture, nature things to test. I had old and new data to analyze, what I was taught as a child and then what I learned being on my own, making all my decisions based on guidance and tools taught to me by my parents. The example they displayed of their loving relationship between a man and woman, their individual gender roles of how a woman and man behave, ( whatever genders a child is raised with) the responsibility that they demonstrated with finances, jobs/work ethic, hygiene, in their choices of behavior towards each other and us. I took all that data and then with  my experiences incorporated all of it into my way of being and thinking. One thing that I found is that children tend to repeat what they learned from their experience in their families.  You observe 18 years of a relationship being played out before your eyes and ears.  Think about how TV influences the masses, so parents definitely leave a mark on their children. That is why you always hear break the cycle whether it is our own world history or our own personal family history that we want to improve.  As Humans we are not perfect, our genetic make up, genes passed down from generations,nature/nurture, effects us all in different ways. So take everything you are exposed to, analyze it and try to improve yourself, what ever predisposed and new data you are dealing with.

Self Awareness, Introspection For The ADD/ADHDers

I have found that there are people who are oblivious to themselves.  They can do no wrong, everyone one else is the problem, the trouble maker, they are the victims in every situation. People with ADD have this  huge social issue that they are not even aware of.  I was not even aware of  the convoluted issues associated with ADD/ADHD. I stumbled on this page and it was mind blowing.  Where is the accountability for their actions ? How do they get help ? How do they help themselves ?  ADD individuals think everything happens to them, or at them. We all have to know who we are and make peace or find peace with things that have broken our hearts, angered us. Self awareness is hard enough for most individuals without a mental disorder, so add that challenge to the mix. I think people have to dive deep within themselves  and trace all the things that impacted their lives negatively, and realize they were isolated instances, that not everyone, or everything is out to hurt them.

I have mentioned mental disorders before, and I do so because we never know what or who we are dealing with. Never judge a book by its cover, there is so much beauty and good however not understanding something can misdiagnose a persons true being.


Certain Cancers Are Over !!!!!!

A little less than a year ago I found out my uncle was diagnosed with cancer and now my aunt has been diagnosed with it.  There are over 100 types of cancers. I lost my dog and brother in law to it. There has been too many infected that have died with this disease. I was waiting for Vice’s season three because of this episode , a break through, cure, to this ugly ravaging  killer, cancer.  New hope for lung cancer patients !

This article came out in 2011.  Another article that came out in 2014.  What, when, how, will this be available to the mass of cancer patients ? This article from the Wall Street Journal tackles some of those questions.  I wonder how long there has been a cure ?  I just hope that all individuals with this disease get informed, and receive the new treatments.  Hopefully  there will be no red tape, hurdles, or outrageous costs to anyone.

Celebrate The Now In Your Life

Take inventory of all the life around you.  At this moment, where are you at, not yesterday not tomorrow, now !   Thinking back and ahead causes limits and ruins what is actually going on in the moment. Do your best, give your best with what is in front of you. Stop trying to do it all, by neglecting, ignoring to have fun and enjoying what is around you.

Improvements To Things That Already Exist

I have to take a real hard look at making changes in my life.  When your body and mind are depleted you have exhausted all the good stuff, the cohesive well oiled machine that your mind and body once were.  You are aware that changes need to be made however you keep plugging along until your body breaks down.  It got real and serious when I no longer was controlling an outcome. Stress gives you health issues, your diet gives you health issues, overworked, not balancing your fun and work load give you health issues, finances give you health issues, worrying gives you health issues, love gives you health issues.  They can become health issues if you do nothing and let them take over. When we do not try to resolve, minimize, or eliminate the issues, our body and mind become a health consequence.  Do not ignore the warning signs, some are life threatening.  Sometimes the mind wears down before the body or vise versa.

We will always be faced with how we handle or choose to react to problems, stresses, circumstances in our lives. Just do not put it off, figure it out !  Always remember the good too, laugh,  Life is responsibility and fun ! As I get older the clearer everything becomes and the less complicated I want things to be.


New Year, Improvements Can Be and Should Be Made

I’m back again, my break was a little rocky, I hit a wall physically and mentally towards the middle of September.  I was down for about 2 and a half months.  It was a wake up call, my body was telling me it would no longer continue the way things were.  You have to balance work, play,  and your relationships.  I was all work, no play.  We all need to laugh, relax, do things we enjoy besides our job.  So you guessed it, I am going to incorporate more play into my life.  I have this one journey and I have to make it count.  Time goes by faster than you think so I have to do fun however or whenever I can !

A Visit To The ER Today

It is my first time ever going to the Hospitals ER for medical attention.  I do not have my own  doctor .  Now that I am getting older,  visits may start happening more frequently.  I have been very fortunate with my health all these years, nothing broken, nothing needing to get fixed.

I injured my back 3 weeks ago. The pain was not going away so  I  finally went to the ER today to check on it.   I strained my thoracic , they took x rays and  the doctor said  there was no visible damage.  There is no time frame for healing, I will have to wait and see. I have never had back issues until now.   Having a pain in your back that does not go away is super uncomfortable.   I am to apply a little heat (5 min) and ice(15min) 3 times a day, do back stretches, rest, no lifting more then 15 pounds,  and take muscle relaxers  and  motrin that I was prescribed for pain.  I do not like taking any kind of pills.  So for all people who have suffered  back damage, I feel for you.     I do not exercise, however I will start with strengthening my stomach and back.

The Flu Pandemic, Scare, Rise, of Deadlier Virus

What is going on with the flu ?  Who besides the CDC is reporting on the out break and numbers of affected individuals in the U.S.   I know of a case that the child was diagnosed with the flu and his parents were prescribed Tami flu for protection against child (diagnosed with flu) , the parents were directed by doctor to take it, and that crap prescribed was not cheap !

Remember the swine flu ?

National Influenza Centers



Continuing On To New Beginnings

So it was a couple days before the jump when I guessed my weight of 160.  I never did get on the scale to weigh myself before the jump.  (Not smart) So a couple days later I decide to get on a home scale.  I stepped on it and it read 220, I was in disbelief.   So I tell my boyfriend and he instantly tells me there is no way that is my weight. (how sweet and supportive of him)  He had guessed my weight at 150.  The following day at my hair appointment I tell my hair dresser the scale said 220 .  Later that night, I tell my mother my weight, and she asks me if I weighed myself on the carpet , and I tell her yes, she laughingly says I’m not suppose to on carpet.  So when I re weigh myself, scale shows 190.  I guessed my weight at 160  because I really thought I had lost weight, then the real number appeared.  It sounds ridiculous, however I did it.  The number is hard to see and digest, however I can do something different about it .    I did forget  also that a couple of months ago I had started running  and adding time to my walks.    I walk with my dog Sandy, she is a motivator too, dogs love their walks and ever since the removal of  her cancer tumor, she has to live a doubly purposeful life.  I am slowly building my endurance with running, I jog 2 or 3 days a week building my distance. Sandy joins me in the runs also, a real trooper !

Nat Will Be Appearing In Natblog

So I will be more transparent with my blog by videoing myself and including  more of me in it.  I have to put a face to my opinions and take criticism face on.

A couple of things have influenced me on to a new path.  My skydive experience was one of them.  To skydive you have to be 250 pounds or less.  Well reality hit me rather quickly, I was going to jump a pretty high jump.  I have had an ongoing struggle of not losing weight.  I was walking everyday did not incorporate any other form of exercise, trying to do it at natural, non excessive pace.  So I start thinking, am I in shape enough to do the jump ?  Its a valid question when your frame expands, everything inside you expands.  So My boyfriend had asked me how much I weighed, and I guessed  160 !  The last time I weighed myself was a year and a half ago at the doctors office at 180 pounds.  I was shocked and in disbelief.  Up until I was 34, I had maintained a 125 pound frame, after that I went  many years without weighing myself, I knew I had gained weight just did not care to know the number. So bottom line was that I did not want to face reality, my truth full circle.  I have always believed that you should always be able to look yourself in the mirror, never be ashamed of anything if you are truthful and honest with yourself, nothing will eat away at you.  So the not weighing myself was damage, a huge denial zone.

This is not  just another weight story, I have always been an active person, I envisioned my older years still spunky, energetic, active.  I have never tried any diet or gadget to lose weight, however, after several years of not seeing changes, I have decided to challenge myself.  I am taking a leap, stepping out of my box.  I am going to do the p90 program, I am going to spend  90 days with Mr. Tony Horton.  I will be displaying myself on video with my progression here on my blog.  I never show much skin in my daily clothing apparel, and I have not worn  a bathing suit in 8 years probably, so to say I am stepping out of the box, my comfort zone, is huge in my world.  I am bearing my body to many, and that was always a private matter for me.  I have watched several YouTube videos on line of people documenting their transformation.   Its courageous, and sure, people have all different kinds of reason that motivate them for change, displaying themselves, regardless, I am taking on a daunting intense training regimen.  My idea of exercise is outdoors, the idea of watching a video and doing the exercise indoors is not my idea of a work out, however, now I say yes.  Its a new outlook, new technique, new experience.   My weight is a small reflection of what is going on in my life.  I have steps to go, and I am taking it on.  I want to be joyful again, somewhere I lost a good part of that.  I have heard enough in the media,  society  about weight issues and it is about so much more than that.  I know I am not alone, and I am so glad I am getting it,realizing it.  Its nice to look slender and fit, but its even more rewarding to feel alive, vibrant, energetic and strong mentally and physically.