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I Need/Want The Natural Stuff

Woke up at 4 am  and I put dishes away, made my lunch /snack to take to work.  I usually put a handful of raw almonds and walnuts,  a banana, orange and an apple. I switch the fruit up. Sometimes I add raw veggies carrots, celery etc..  I have mentioned in several posts that I started intermittent fasting this past november. For most of my life I have eaten fairly healthy.  One of the main reasons I decided to test and try cleaning out my cells by intermittent fasting was a rash I have had on my stomach that would not go away. It is actually starting to fade away now.  I go to natural stores. I bought a hemp cream that I apply and it seems to be helping. I love natural oils peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus.  I like to use them for perfume as well as for other uses.  I do not look at food the same way anymore. I  am much pickier and I eat less. I do not dream of food, and I am not controlled by it.  I make the choices. The marketing,  commercial strategies are  false advertisements.  The food pyramid is phony baloney. It has changed several times through the decades regarding our protein, carbs, grains, daily  guidelines of intake.  A lot of food on the guide does nothing for us.  Lessening my intake of food has not harmed me in any way.  It does the exact opposite, you are healing helping your body by eliminating all the crap, the food that was generated, yes processed food is created. It is synthetic just like synthetic medicine.  We were meant to eat from the fruits that mother earth provides, not the man made concoctions. There is an abundance, well lots of crops have been dowsed with chemicals,  metals , genetically modified seeds. When I type this, it just enrages me ,that we live in the twilight zone, the absurdity of it all.

I had my first chiropractic appointment/experience yesterday, it was not what I expected. I have never had surgery, never had any broken bones,  I found out that my   sacrum is slightly rotated and the right side of my pelvis is higher than the left.  I have a lot of tightness all over my body, I need to start stretching. The chiropractor was pushing my legs forward, bending them and then I stood bending side to side and forward,to see my flexibility. I am right handed, my muscles are more developed on my right side. I felt different, less stiff after my adjustment. I will have to have a chat with my sister-in law- to get her in put, her experience.


Do Not Be Fooled By Cuddly Names Of Organizations

There are people creating petitions to change our choices that are being mandated ( where is our choice , voice for natural plants ?) and just not healthy for my brothers and sisters around America, or the world, The first petition, we have an opiod problem with loritabs ( a synthetic form of heroine) prozack, …etc…all these synthetic  prescripted pills that are harming us rather then helping the problem.  People take them for injuries, painful injuries and then get hooked, why hasn’t the DEA done anything about it ? The system is pro bad, everything that harms, restrics us from our free choices. They want us to destroy ourselves, the less of us there are, the better the numbers for them.  We are the majority people, we can make significant changes to our lives,  community, and world, if we came together for the good of everyone.  I may not need to use marijuana medicinally, however I may want to use it recreation ally how I see fit, or not use it period.  I can think outside myself and still wish it to be available to whoever needs it If you are pain free good for you !  We could all be, however until then, we must  act,, do, in unity I fight for all having access to all the natural herbs that our creator put on mother earth.. If we all bought healthier we would pay less for it, all the bad stuff for us is cheaper because a lot of people buy it.  It is a fact my friend, supply and demand .


The second petition is getting the UN and its funding out of the United Staes UN out of U.S.  Have you ever heard of car dealerships, restaurants as fronts for moving drugs, weapons,  well these institutions corporations appear non harming from the outside however they are doing horrible, treasonous things. The name United Nations sounds very benign very pro unity well it is anything but.  What has the UN done for you, your world ?

Research The Natural Plants That Have Curing, Healing Properties

So after waking up sore this am I decide to go on my morning walk. It helps stretch me out and helps that wonderful brain flow releasing dopamine .  I am a strong advocate for any kind of exercise, body movement. I love looking at nature, seeing the different birds, squirrels, plants, trees, and sometimes you get a glimpse of something amazing, if it comes in your way. and you see it notice it.

So in my soreness I thought of my brother from Unity Collective he speaks about so many truths however, he has been spreading the word about Kratom. , it is another natural plant the government wants to squash out of circulation, human consumption to make a synthetic form for the public to buy and use.  I am so tired of Our medical, pharmaceutical industries approving the crap that does not benefit anyone.

Here is a video by Mr. Triple form Unity Collective bringing his first hand knowledge and trial and error test of Kratom, the wonderful , no side affect natural plant.I will always stand on the side of nature, and what is natural from mother earth ! Kratom has different strands for different strengths of alleviating  different levels of pain. He does provide a company Amilia Botanicals who he has been in contact with. You can do the research, contact them yourself.  You are free to do what ever you wish , I, as well as unity collective, are presenting maybe introducing  a  healthy, safe, non harmful option. I do not get paid by anyone, my words, writing, all I do is for the love of humanity and mother earth., and for my loving and loyal God.


Look Into Your Other Health Options

Back in my  Nov. 25 , 2012   blog post I had mentioned I was going to start doing the  p 90 program and videoing my progress well that has not happened, wow since 2012 , time flies.  In an older post I had indicated I had gone sky diving (my post Nov.21, 2012) and I guessed my weight at 160, I never weighed myself for the jump. (I had not weighed myself in a long time)  I started to notice a change in my body back in 2005 when I started putting on weight. (there were other feelings as well besides the physical) So, I started trying  to look into what may be causing it.  When you were always one way, and then things about yourself started feeling different, uncomfortable movements, uncomfortable feelings, limited flexibility starts to occur,, you want to change it, better it for yourself ( one life, one body).  I remembered blogging about  how I was going to start introducing into my world the p90 program ,and then  in my March 30, 2013 post I commented about getting my new job landscaping for the next  2 years, so that appeased my requirement  in getting more  exercise. It did not solve my problem completely, however I was moving in a better direction. I have always believed in implementing some form of exercise to your entire life span. I believe in doing an exercise that works for you. I attribute my healthy eating to my parents, my mom always cooked healthy meals, there was never a lot of junk food, so I had a solid foundation, map, for healthy choices. ( that does not mean they can not change).

When I lived in Jacksonville, Florida years ago, I remember fasting for a 24 hour period and it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Since I had a memory of it, and I had accomplished it, I made it doable, attainable for later. Early this September someone very dear to me shared they were doing a 30 day fast, we spoke throughout the duration of the fast and it it seemed  hardest the first three days and then it was  amazingly easy, and there was lots of energy., wonderful sleep, just amazingness.  I have always wanted to stay active,  healthy, not in a vanity way, but in a longevity long term way. So now  in November of this year, I started fasting.    I do intermittent fasting, I eat from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. ( which usually breaks down to two meals a day ) and then I just drink water until I go to bed.  I hardly get hungry, I crave nourishing things and since I get fuller faster  Iwant better choices going into me. I am choosing now what goes into my body and the things I want to learn and understand.  I have so much more of a focus and I pay attention to what is around me, what I am putting out.  There are many people who  have fasted for 30 days and they were fine, no harm came to them.. Fasting has existed since the beginning of time, religions have practiced it, its in the bible, and yet this great historical practice was lost. You have to take a dive unto the unknown, question the professionals you are listening too.

Why did we forget that God created everything, he made everything that we needed in its natural form, natural medicines, and yet in this century, many have  and are taking synthetics.

This is a video by Dr. Suzanne Humphries and she shared important, real, information about cholesterol, statens, fats…..etc.  There are many doctors like Ms. Humphries, who are going against the indoctrinated and artificial medicines, you can search for healthier alternatives to actually heal and cure your illnesses.

We Are Living In Crazy Times

This video was sent to me yesterday and I thought it was perfect to illustrate how we as humanity have lost our individual thinking process.  We may have to take a better, longer look at the transgender movement, agenda, a little closer. Is it okay for a man to compete with women, in a womens competition ? If a man feels he is a woman, he was still born a man, is he competing on a fare and even field ? I feel we have to go back to our own true being, DNA chromosomal  make up and look at the real picture of things without the propaganda influencing our emotions in our decision making process.. Propaganda is a very powerful weapon, tool, that has been used for centuries, starting with the bible.  You have to decode it, what it says and what it really means, that is how it was used against us. Man will trick you, god will not.

Let’s Master Ourselves

Citizens have polluted their minds and bodies with the infested sick world.  We have followed down a very destructive, orchestrated path to eliminate humanity.  The devil and his worshipers have been infiltrating society for centuries, it dates back to Babylon, however we can change this course  by starting with ourselves to go back home to our creator, to ask for the love and forgiveness  to inhabit us again. We can be the the change we want to see . Our intent, our actions, have had, and have consequences to our universe, so we each individually do the work necessary to put love energy, frequency back into it, or we can put out ugliness, lies, deceit, and continue on as status quo. With a clear mind, heart and body we are the most effective with everything we do.  We have been led down a path to destroy  all living beauty.  We have freely chosen, and ingested the pollution into our minds and bodies.  We were made perfect by our creator,  all the systems that dominate and control, us through this evil web, reaches the whole world . The devil wants to eliminate everything beautiful in the world, and there is no limit, boundary, horrors of all horrors that he will go to, to accomplish it.

This video is about Doctors,our brothers and sisters, who are telling us how our entire medical system was hijacked from us. We can cure ourselves by getting the right natural medicines from mother nature.

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary from Jason Greenwood on Vimeo.



Get Your Brain Healthy Now !

I have always found our brain to be one of the most amazing, fascinating organs, billions of nerve cells in that space !  If each individual put some work into themself,(mind and body) the mental and nutritional chosen intake would be the outcome and result of our internal mechanism.  All the  emotional weight we have carried around through our life and the false foods with no nutritional value, cause an imbalance, disruption, chaos, in our highly efficient body.  We were made perfect to work and co exist with nature, mother earth, as God intended.

There are amazing Ted Talks one of them is an OBGYN physician, Lissa Rankin, who is looking at the way her profession needs lots of  improvements. I for one am very skeptical of our health system.



Time Is Ticking

We try to  squeeze time for all the events in our lives.    Some of us manage time better than others.  Some of us are very generous with our time, others are very selfish or just horrible with managing it. We can never get it back, so we have to use it up wisely.

We are chasing, and choosing to spin in all these false hoods, there is no material item on this earth that will provide you with anything you need.  God gave us a world of abundance and the devil and his followers have squandered it, for themselves.  Our lives and humanity have lost its moral compass, we are so far removed from the godliness, beauty we were born with.  The devil has gotten us to put his toys and ideas above everything else in our lives.  We have no care for our family, our children, our neighbors, mother earth.  People are so disconnected from one another and worship electronics more than anything else.  There are horrible atrocities happening all over the world and we are just spectators letting it happen, well don’t.  I started my blog back in 2009 when I began writing about  myself, my concerns, observations.  We are so powerful, and we can move mountains ,however we have to be it, to see it, and do it.  It is never too late for anything !  I want to act and be in gods image, as he created me, to see the love in me, in and through other people.

Emotional Emotions, Moods, Feelings

Our emotions, moods, feelings are separate, yet intertwined.  There is a lot going on in our head,  and our heart.  We have many cognitive responses in and out through our head and body constantly, not including all the data, stimuli , and emotional clutter we fill it with.

I am becoming more sensitive and clearer about making my life calmer, more peaceful, amidst  the chaos/clutter that surrounds me. I am choosing to clean and reprogram,eliminate the clutter, negativity that has weighed me down. I define clutter as the negative junk we fill our brains with, unhealthy storage, negative emotions that we nest in our brains . We put it there, we can take it out. Each of us has our own clutter , experiences, memories, good and bad, it seems that many of us let the bad overshadow and dominate the good.  The most powerful paralysis in our life is the clutter we fill our brain with, repeating, processing  all our past stored  occurrences. I guarantee many of us are stuck, repeat, or hold on to all the bad feelings, hurts, fears and it distorts what happens in our present, day to day occurrences.  Our attitude and choices  towards everything is a big key to our true freedom  of  how each individual sees the world, interacts, reacts to the input and out put of their reality that surrounds them.

I am choosing to say yes to love, caring , sharing, and keeping my mind free of clutter(ugliness).  I think holding on and saving all the un needed , blinding forms of  clutter( anger, heartache,ect..) distorts our reality and stops us from being truly present in our day, or in the present period !  There is a lot going on around us to process, however, what we choose to take in I believe is the light or darkness we extend out to the world. I do  not want anything to taint my daily choices or experiences. I want to let the sun in each and every day. I am graced with the miracle of life and love, and I am to responsible to represent this love and pass it  on through my worldly interactions around me.   Thank you God for never leaving me, even though I abandoned you for a little while.

Going Between 2016 and Today

So today is July 11, 2017 and I am at such a different place in my life, and how I view the world around me.  I am remembering me.  I have always felt gracious, throughout my journey,  even though I had feelings, emotions of unresolved issues, or brain, heart weight holding me down(incarcerating me).  I have had those feelings, emotions towards family, towards friends and men that I had relationships with.  So I had to go within myself and take a hard look at all this clutter (decisions, interactions, outcomes) and forgive it, resolve it, to the best of my ability and move it out of my positive heart, mind and body space.  We make ourselves ill thru emotions, fear, nutrition and the choice of to  love or to hate(spin in negative emotions, negative energy). I, as well as all of us on earth, were made perfect, out of love, and I am choosing to get back to that, the credit is to God, in his infinite love.  We have left him in the dust, as I believe other civilizations before us did as well, instead of having love for human life and mother earth, we repeat destruction instead of treating all that is living with love, care, and protection. Remember God gave us free will, now what each individual does with it, is another story.  I am sorry to say that we are not doing a very good job, we are the majority and we are not fighting for all the beauty that was given to us ( well in fairness, it was squandered by the devil, he has been working really hard to destroy it all)  I hope we wake up, look at ourselves, clean all the devils inner workings out of each one of us, and be who we were always created to be, stop all the hate and horrible destruction to mother earth and our fellow man.

I think heaven on earth has been hijacked from us. The devil has made this his playground, he has been ruling what he has had access to so a lot has been controlled, concealed, weaponized against us (governments,politicians, lobbyist,central banks, federal reserve, nasa, intelligence agencies, court systems,religion, education,medicine, financing,  etc…..)  however, that famous quote  by  Edmund Burke, ” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing“.  So how is it that with all these religious versions, churches, synagogues we are at where we are in the world?  Humanity has taken a dive and we did it, we bought into the controlled agenda of the devil, he dominates and we followed.  We are not uniting to stop this destruction, we are accomplices to all the destruction.  If  each one of us spoke to God and asked him to forgive us and to purify our soul, to be an image of him, emitting positive energy flow, we are amazing energy when we are each aligned with love, with his word( a couple )we could achieve wonders together as a majority !

Quote by Mahatma Ghandi, ” Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

It starts with you and I, and if we each put out positive love energy, nothing can stops us, not even the devil or his followers. The faith of a mustard seed  my brothers and sisters !