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Nat’s Movie Pic, How Do You Know

By: Nat on January 27, 2015

How do you know, another great movie, and great cast.  (Starring Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd Owen Wison, Reese Witherspoon, Kathryn Hahn) The best scenes in the movie for me is the hospital scene when long time boyfriend proposes. He knows she is a worry wort but instead of seeing her as a neurotic worrier, he sees her as having  a beautiful big heart that is overly caring. Another moment is when Paul Rudd’s character(George) gives Lisa(Reese Witherspoon) the play doh as a gift and its meaning.  In our search for the right fit, the person who we choose as are life long partner, has to get you, understand you, the movie delivers the message.  When you get or appreciate the meaning that is illustrated or interpreted by the body  of work, art, its wonderful.

We have different was of learning or understanding a thing. Sometimes it is by images, by reading, by doing, film, music, that we get the bigger picture or the picture is presented to us.

Nat’s Movie Pic, Cake

By: Nat on January 26, 2015

Cake made the list as well. Jennifer Aniston, bravisima!  I enjoy well created, directed movies, that capture and illustrate humanity.  The marriage between the director and actor is magical in a great movie.   The actor has to be believable, embrace and relay the characteristics of the character they are playing. Aniston’s character is in constant physical pain, in addition to something else, (won’t reveal) and she displayed a super performance.

I watched three movies Wild, How Do You Know and Cake this past weekend.  I enjoyed them.  Two of the movies were based around loss, the death of  a loved one.  I lost my dog and I miss her terribly.  My dog Sandy was one of a kind, beautiful, smart, loving and a family protector. My seven year old niece and 6 year old nephew bring her up periodically, out of the blue, they say how they miss her. I use to take them on walks with her, she was always around.

I arrived home 30 minutes ago and I am watching World News Tonight discussing the blizzard storm in the North East Area of the U.S.  I wish all of you well and hope the storm does little to no damage on its path.  Be safe.

Nat’s Movie Pic, Wild

By: Nat on January 24, 2015

I loved the movie  Wild, loved it !  Great job by Reese Witherspoon.  It had my favorite two things in it, nature, ( in its awe, breath taking scenery)  the Pacific Crest Trail, and then the beautiful biographical story of Cheryl Strayed,her personal struggle, hike of  her life.  To take a 3 month hike alone takes balls, it is the ultimate survival challenge.  It is gutsy to want to stop and face your pain, to figure out why you made poor choices or what caused you to take a hurtful, harmful path.  I am a big advocate for self reflection, analyzation, trying to become the better you.  Learning to see and really appreciate all the beauty around you. That some of our ugly or less imperfect choices are what makes us that much more beautiful in our growth, or part of it.

We all have times that we wonder why certain situations happen to us, some are devastatingly traumatic and we may never fully recover, however, we have to strive to be the best version of ourselves.


Nat’s Documentary Pick

By: Nat on April 1, 2013

Hackers Wanted , its a film on hackers hacking, explaining the overall importance of its continuous existence.  So please, when you here the term, think of it in its correct proper definition, there is no negative connotation with what it means or its culture of individuals. We do a disservice to important issues when we do not do the research.  The  world wide web and the internet are very powerful tools, that are heavily relied upon globally.

film by: Anonymous Texas/S Anonymous Street Crew

Adrian Lamo is in the film, ( a hacktivist) I wonder how his life is going since the Bradley Manning incarceration.

Other influencial hackers: John Draper  and Robert Lyttle.

Nat’s Must See Documentary

By: Nat on March 29, 2013

Ethos, is a documentary to watch ! It is in its entirety on YouTube here for your viewing.  One of my favorite actors is part of its production, Woody Harrelson, who is a long time activist.  The information provided in the film is to get you to think about how we keep corporations in business, if we changed what we bought, we would see the change we want. It goes into other important areas (Banks, Private Bankers of Federal Reserve Bank ,Corporations,ect..) that many people fail to see.

Movie written and directed by Pete McGrain

There is an abundance of good documentaries on the internet, you just have to research and depending on your viewing choices, youtube will offer similar suggestions based on your areas of interest.



Carbon Copy

By: Nat on April 25, 2011

Carbon Copy came out in 1981, just a great movie about racism, it stars George Segal and a young Denzel Washington.  It is simply a classic  with great dialogue, glossing over huge racial stereo types with comedy.  I appreciate and enjoy movies much more in this decade.

There is a documentary on marketing that I want to watch, and I truly believe that racism is something that is marketed.  How many of us have ever had a personal negative experience with a different race?  If racism is marketed we stay divided as a country, as a globe .  Look back at what Edward Bernays accomplished with  group marketing.  If the powers at be package racism and market it , we buy it, as they do with so many other  things.

Bulworth, Another Cleverly Written Movie, With Insightful Political Truths

By: Nat on February 21, 2011

There is great, insightful dialogue and rapping lyrics Warren Beatty sings in Bulworth.  It is amazing that a film made in 1998 is still relevant with the same bureaucracy we still deal with today regarding  our political officials and government!  I love the visionaries that see and illustrate the snapshots.

We have such a monopoly and a one sided agenda that needs to change.  I’m hopeful that the day is coming, just look around the globe and countries that are speaking out !

The Tillman Story, Wanting To Change Our Military Lies

By: Nat on February 10, 2011

I finally watched The Tillman Story, Pat Tillman, what a beautiful spirit, and his beautiful, loyal, loving family.  It is appalling that our government, the United States Department of Defense ( Their Website) orchestrated propaganda to keep the truth from his parents and family,( other military families have had the same experience)  and keep wrongful wars going, lying mostly about everything !  Men and women sign up with the United States Armed Forces for many reasons, the biggest one is their loyalty to America to defend it !  The many people who enlist in the U.S. military put their lives on the line, to intern, get duped and insulted by their own government !  It is utterly disgraceful to treat human beings without any regard .

How many military personnel die from friendly fire?

Must See Movie, Joe vs The Volcano

By: Nat on January 27, 2011

The eighties, nineties, and some earlier movies are just great to go back to.  Dialogue is so important , the message or messages it leaves you with.  That time period in movies was minimal and more realistic, people in film were normal looking and we related to them much easier.  Joe Versus  The Volcano, just a great movie, with a great message. There  are so many great lines in this film. If you have a chance , watch it!

The Republicans Will Always Have A Lee Atwater

By: Nat on January 21, 2011

A couple of months ago I watched Boogie Man , The Lee Atwater Story, a documentary about his pre- Karl Rove spin abilities  for Republican Candidates such as Ronald Reagan and George H. W.  Bush Sr.

It is always interesting to watch a collective compiled journey of a forgotten force.  I may be incorrect, however, it always seems the Republican party slings a little more mud.

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