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Mitt Romney And Others Who Bank On Bankruptcy

By: Nat on February 7, 2015

My favorite, no body explains it better that John Stewart , The Daily Show .

We need to remember Mitt Romney and his company Bain buying Dade International , downsizing it, making a lot of money then declaring bankruptcy  by doing leverage buyouts . It is research like this that has to be done on all candidates, know who you are electing,  however it is really all a dog and pony show for us Americans.  The bottom line is lining their pockets and destroying America at their expense.

Here is a list of  companies that filed the Chapter 11 bankruptcy code .


Religion, Its Smidgen Of Love ,War, Money And Power ?

By: Nat on February 4, 2015

It is one of a few hot buttons of mine.  Religion has all these branched out versions of what Christianity is or its version. Most denominations discriminate against each other or think theirs is the one true gospel of God, the one true religion.  We have more than one culture or one race. So with that, all people think and act differently, and I always believed Christianity had to encompass all beliefs, all people.  Scientology has had its controversy for over 60 years, since it started !  How does a church, a religion, turn into a huge profitable business abusing its congregation into slave labor in these modern times ?   There is a new documentary on Scientology, Going Clear, based on a book written by Lawrence Wright that I want to see.  Here is a  YouTube video of an interview with Mr. Wright that is an extension of his new book.

I feel religion just like race is a tool for the few to control ( mind control) the masses by keeping us divided in numbers all over the world. Some religions use its members of its congregation to commit sinful acts in the name of God.  I do not know of any God that wants you to kill innocent people for different beliefs or way of living.


Where Are The Ann Richards In Politics ?

By: Nat on June 26, 2014

Ann Richards is my kind of human, we need more of her in our political arena.  I watched the documentary that HBO did and what a great piece, footage between the early 80’s and  90’s of her political roles, she was a force, and a real example of an elected official by and for the people.  The film is an introduction or a reminder to all of us of who Ms. Richards was.   She was a woman and a mother who cared about the community/state she lived in.  She was a history teacher who went on to become Travis County Commissioner (1977-1983),  Texas State treasurer (1983-1991) and then in 1991-1995  the second female Governor of Texas. As Treasurer she managed the states money,  she understood the mismanaging of funds. Texas and its citizens had been robbed for over 50 + years, and she wanted to make it right, the way a true treasurer would do the job.  When you follow the money trail you are in the know of where funds are being  misappropriated and she was going to put the money back into Texas and its citizens, increasing it, and she did.  During the campaigning for governor she questioned former governor Mark White‘s  increase in salary  from 59,905-812,219 after 4  years in office. The footage reiterates the corruption, bureaucracy that still goes on in state and federal government.   She kicked butt in Texas , she did her job dutifully as treasurer and governor.  As Governor she was winning for a little while,  She fought for health, education, gender, race, everyone was inclusive, all were citizens in her state of Texas (minorities,women, blacks, Hispanics, gays etc…), however special interest groups were not going to stand for it. Enters Karl Rove to promote George Bush (1995) for Governor (Karl Rove has been the mastermind behind republicans being elected for years).  She wanted better for her citizens and not the pockets of elected officials and corporations.  With the internet at our finger tips, we need to walk away from censored news , all the bull#% propaganda they cram into our ears and eyes.  Government officials and corporations want the revolving door,  all the players who do favors for big money, for their friends in all the top places, they are all connected folks, moving from one money bag position to the other.  If you looked up government state and federal officials, their income should not be millions, their salaries do not go anywhere near that, all that money should be going to the states and improvements for the lives of citizens( health, eduction,jobs,) not theirs.

Louis Theroux Introduces Brandon Fouche

By: Nat on May 29, 2014


On the rainy road yesterday

another selfie


Louis Theroux, one of my favorite journalists providing many years of great journalistic documentary reporting, did a piece on  LA dogs

He reports on the epidemic of strays, unwanted animals, that are abandoned onto the streets of LA by pet owners, or taken to dog shelters being erroneously and needlessly killed. Brandon Fouche has a thing or two to teach us, rescuing and working with abandoned abused animals that citizens create. He  proves that the majority of the abused and neglected dogs labeled as aggressive in shelters, who are killed, can recover, moving them forward in the now, healthy moment, and not their old fearful and abused past. He is a voice for these incorrectly labeled dogs wanting the public to see that 99% of the mis labeled aggressive, issued dogs in shelters are adoptable. It is very rare when dogs are too far damaged to rehabilitate.

There is a huge sector of  irresponsible pet owners who get a dog and then are clueless to the responsibilities and care of them. They end up abandoning them on the streets, or taking them to a shelter.

I’m a fan Mr. Fouche !!!  It is my duty to circulate this important  information. Lets stop killing animals, creating a huge population of neglected , mis labeled dogs that pet owners, breeders,  or dog fighters are responsible for generating .

Lets stop putting animals out on the streets, in shelters, over breeding, dog fighting.

Another Brake During A Break

By: Nat on May 26, 2014

So in December I stepped away from my laptop again, having a physically demanding job leaves me little time for other projects. I am currently working more hours than my honey bunny , he is pursuing his dream of being a stand up comic and he is amazing.  He has already done several payed gigs within the gulf coast area(Alabama, Louisiana) only  6 months into his journey.  He knows how to deliver a punch line, well many. He dominates the English language, and is very layered in his delivery ( highbrow). He is very intelligent, quick wit, very knowledgeable, and all of that is a plus in the field of comedy.   He is old school style like George Carlin , Bill Hicks, Mitch Hedberg,Dennis Miller.  I met him 12 years ago in a speech class and he was an amazing speaker then ! He can do anything. He has many skills one is a software engineer/ programmer, writer.  Comedy will not be his only legacy.


Aaron Swartz, Have You Heard Of Him ?

By: Nat on March 24, 2013

Aaron Swartz, if you have never heard of him, you should, you need to.  He was a pioneer in our internet. He was being prosecuted by our Government for JSTOR, with an insane sentencing.  (something like 50 years in jail, when people who commit hanis crimes serve less than that) The harassment and ridiculous, false charges towards him were unconstitutional.  The government wants to eliminate our free internet using guinea pigs like Aaron to send a message.  Do you remember SOPA ? It is no joke, if you look at the uprising of citizens around the world, the global sharing  citizens and their countries true news, the government wants to lock it down, and we can not allow this to happen.  The Internet is 10 times more powerful than local libraries, you have immediate access to countries in seconds, the lies, the censored news, cannot be hidden anymore like they use to be.  If we value and understand the information and power behind the internet culture, we should have more people fighting to keep the internet open and free.

There are those of us that see our rights continually being taken away, and I know that number is not high enough.


Research The True Facts of The Vietnam War

By: Nat on January 24, 2013

I wish people would do the research on the VietnamWar, like many of our other wars.  Wars have never been the answer, solution, and the U.S. always lies about their reason for going into them.  Yes lies.  I wrote a blog on November 30, 2010 about Daniel Ellsberg, it prompted me to re mention it.  I recently got an email containing a link regarding Jane Fonda, hateful untruthful lies they still write about her.  She stood for injustice, lies being told to our soldiers, and U.S. citizens about the events leading up to, and about the war.  I would love to know what the Vietnamese say or think about Ms. Fonda.



A Birthday Celebration !!

By: Nat on January 14, 2013

It’s my niece Madison’s Birthday today, she turns 5 !!!  She ‘s one of  my influential people.  She is a very head strong, independent human being. I miss not being able to see her on a regular basis.  She loves animals and she got to go horse back riding again for her birthday celebration. I wish I was there with her.

Happy Birth Day Madison !  Lots of Hugs and Kisses, I Miss You Very Much.

Inspirational Humans

By: Nat on January 12, 2013

Yoky Matsuoka, I learned of her on Nova Science Now. She won the MacArthur genius award.  It makes me proud to see women who recognize a difference within themselves at an early age  and fight to keep that difference.  She struggled between being smart and being popular. In the link that I provided for the video she appears towards the end, however the entire video is interesting.  It should never be a struggle for kids and she is encouraging girls to let their smartness stand out.

Thank you to Mr. De Grasse Tyson for wanting to ignite our minds to math and science, and reminding us its our path to improving our society.  Sir, Come back to Nova/ PBS or put another great series out there !

Who Has Ever Heard Of Illuminati ?

By: Nat on January 11, 2013

Do you believe that Illuminati still exists ? Think about our history, blue blood lines, and wanting to keep  family power alive and govern the world in a certain  controlled direction.  They infiltrate all areas of the government, CIA, All levels or organizations.  TV, the music industry , are two of the many areas they are degrading to destroy a stand up society.  What you see and hear influences you and if the standards keep getting lower and lower, slowly you accept all the crap, and are left with no backbone to fight.  Children’s promiscuity at such early ages 9 and 10, where do you think that comes from ? They are bombarded by the crap that they watch.  TV is getting worse and worse.  There is exploitation of children shows, women, and we allow it.  We are so blinded by the infiltration  agenda to dummy us down,  TV choices, paying attention to what the real message is.

A couple of years ago parents were up in arms with Disney, boycotting them for their subliminal messages of sex in their movies.  Things are put in there purposefully.  Music videos and lyrics can tell a very different story if you are paying attention.

In music Tupac Shakur wrote about the secret society, illuminati and how it was still well and alive today. He is revered for all the truth he put into his music, he was a smart man and he made people think.  He comes from a humble activist lineage. ( Geronimo Pratt, mom, Afeni) This is a great article, take a look back in history, this behavior , this society has been here for a long time. This is a video to watch, however for children it is not suitable, it has profanity.


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