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Brothers And Sisters Of The World, We Must Stand Together !

The energy (vibration, etc…) that each one of us puts out individually is a result of how we affect the world around us.  We are a reflection, made in the image of God, and he gave us the Ten Commandments to live by.

This is an important video for the whole world ! We owe gratitude to Anna Von Reitz and our many brothers and sisters around the world who have worked behind the scenes for years to bring us to this point and time to live our true lives,  they uncovered the veil, now it is up to us to stand together and eliminate the falsehoods, which are many !

These below are a fraction of  the super important links, and the last one, is a petition for citizens to impeach certain Federal Judges who have never upheld the laws of the land, only defended the many corporations.

We have a lot of material to read and understand, this is years of work that was done for humanity to exit the devils playground, so we need to understand the gift, and then take action to defend Gods beauty that was hijacked.

The World Has Been Derailed By The Vatican

I have been living, going on this journey of life and for a while I lived in ignorance, ignorance is bliss.  I have met wonderful teachers through the years however one for sure stands out .  This person stood out because they did not follow the norm, society.  However, even the more evolved people can fall and they did, when you do not deal with your past, it will fester in your heart and mind, You have to heal your wounds,  make your way back to the lovely vibrant life force you were always created to be, not this doomy gloomy, stuck on the hamster wheel, spins of negative, damaging, mental and physical illness.

This video below is by Cindy Kay Currier who has a YouTube channel, Rise Together, that was given the responsibility of Ombudsman, Reign of Earth to inform the world of the nefarious lies we have been living under.  She is not the only one, many ex scientist, intelligence operatives, high ranking government workers, whistle blowers, in all parts of the globe, have been putting their dedicated work on the internet for years, trying to get the worlds attention.  The orchestrated derailment has affected and infected us all ! Cleanse your soul, save it, and then lets work in harmony as we were always meant to do !  Everything is energy, vibration, frequency, magnets, we can emit good or bad, that is why it starts with ourselves.

Get Your Brain Healthy Now !

I have always found our brain to be one of the most amazing, fascinating organs, billions of nerve cells in that space !  If each individual put some work into themself,(mind and body) the mental and nutritional chosen intake would be the outcome and result of our internal mechanism.  All the  emotional weight we have carried around through our life and the false foods with no nutritional value, cause an imbalance, disruption, chaos, in our highly efficient body.  We were made perfect to work and co exist with nature, mother earth, as God intended.

There are amazing Ted Talks one of them is an OBGYN physician, Lissa Rankin, who is looking at the way her profession needs lots of  improvements. I for one am very skeptical of our health system.



There Is No Separation Between Nature And Humans ! It Is One Of Our Many Relation Ships

We are meant to live together in harmony and respect all living things.   The land that us humans occupy existed way before we settled in, we came later, so when do we start respecting all living things that came before us ?  Many are clueless and need to read their history of the earth and the centuries of history of us.  I do not know everything however I want to respect all the beauty that is created.  I only have to look around outside, and then my  human anatomy  to be blown away of all that exists.  There is so much hate, destruction of our ecology, mistreatment of the weak ( elders, children, animals, disabled, different)  when is it going to stop ?  When are each of us going to be the change we want to see in the world ?

Relationships, Relation Ships

Anything worth having in life requires dedicating time to it. When you are single and off on your own, you only worry about yourself,your shelter, your food supply, your sustainability in the world. Life is easy for one.  Then one day  you stumble upon and meet a human that reflects a lot of your fundamental beliefs/values, a friendship and romantic chemistry that is all encompassed, it’s magic, it’s rare, its kismet!  You make the decision to progress forward with this magical connection, testing it out, making sure its real and not fleeting. Through  time, some individuals escalate the testing to live in the same space and incorporate both lives together, the sustainability now becomes 2 instead of one. So living in the same space brings a slew of  testing elements, each individual brings their way of being, thinking, to the romantic relationship. Within a loving, romantic relationship there has to be a wonderful friendship, and then an awesome individual relationship with our self. Keeping yourself intact is your job, people, places things just enhance your world experience.

Our way of being begins from nurture and nature, our genetics map us (our parents, grandparents, maybe great grandparents, maybe skipping generations) so does your upbringing, in and out of the home  we are raised for those 18 years. Not everyone gets that amount of time, it varies on ones circumstances, their life. Not everyone has or gets siblings, or both parents, or even parents. So as infants we are taught and hopefully guided to perfect our motor skills  , and protect our tender brain spot to help us develop into the adults that we become.  Our personalities develop by 6 and then parents add or subtract from our learning curve, and then we start to add or subtract stuff along our independence journey.

For my first 20 years of life I lived under my parents roof, and they tried to teach me the lessons of life, being responsible, independent, tools to defend myself through my way in the world.  So I had 20 years of juggling advise and observing a couple demonstrate their love, to each other and how they presented their love and their genders to myself and my siblings.  So there are all these relationships going on with each other as well as how my female and male role-model  parents interact with each other, us,individually, and together as a family.  There is a lot going on within the family you are raised in, and there are things that are instilled in you, and when children are finding, and discovering  themselves, parents play a very influential part in the process.

These are stages and dots that I have been connecting and continue to connect in my life.  Introspection and analyzing everything, choices, emotions,people,places and things in my life.

I have data that I collected being raised in my family home, then when I moved away into my own home, being single, I put all my tools, nurture, nature things to test. I had old and new data to analyze, what I was taught as a child and then what I learned being on my own, making all my decisions based on guidance and tools taught to me by my parents. The example they displayed of their loving relationship between a man and woman, their individual gender roles of how a woman and man behave, ( whatever genders a child is raised with) the responsibility that they demonstrated with finances, jobs/work ethic, hygiene, in their choices of behavior towards each other and us. I took all that data and then with  my experiences incorporated all of it into my way of being and thinking. One thing that I found is that children tend to repeat what they learned from their experience in their families.  You observe 18 years of a relationship being played out before your eyes and ears.  Think about how TV influences the masses, so parents definitely leave a mark on their children. That is why you always hear break the cycle whether it is our own world history or our own personal family history that we want to improve.  As Humans we are not perfect, our genetic make up, genes passed down from generations,nature/nurture, effects us all in different ways. So take everything you are exposed to, analyze it and try to improve yourself, what ever predisposed and new data you are dealing with.

Is The Human Race Getting Lazier ?

I was watching a recent episode of Survivor and the players distinguished themselves between old school strategist and the new strategist. It is a struggle between the old way and the new way of doing things. Are the younger generations lazier, entitled, or is technology showing them they can work smarter not harder ?

As the world evolves, so does the human race.  I do not think that Americans, the younger generations, are opposed to, or gave up on manual labour ,they are seeing new ways to work, and that the older ways were not very beneficial or fair to dedicated loyal employees. Many Corporations have not been good to their employees for decades. Women are still fighting for equal pay, minimum wage is not at a practical hourly rate for the cost of living.  The youth are growing up in a time of transparency at their fingertips and they want a better way, or they will find one. I feel they want better for themselves and the world they live in. Corporations destroy the ecology for their gain, its a destroying cycle that the younger generations want to change.

A lot of company’s moved their business out of the U.S., or they do not want to pay decent wages.  The math does not add up when companies make huge profits and employees barely make enough to make ends meet. Corporations that get away without paying taxes, if they can do it, then so should citizens. They have to many loop holes, umbrellas of protection, a lot of power and money compared to the hard working individuals that contribute, make profits for these greedy company s. Do not get me started on the IRS either !  I would love to hear  the assesments that the youth have about the world they are living in  and how it affects their views on work, privacy, corporations, technology, race, sexuality.


Self Awareness, Introspection For The ADD/ADHDers

I have found that there are people who are oblivious to themselves.  They can do no wrong, everyone one else is the problem, the trouble maker, they are the victims in every situation. People with ADD have this  huge social issue that they are not even aware of.  I was not even aware of  the convoluted issues associated with ADD/ADHD. I stumbled on this page and it was mind blowing.  Where is the accountability for their actions ? How do they get help ? How do they help themselves ?  ADD individuals think everything happens to them, or at them. We all have to know who we are and make peace or find peace with things that have broken our hearts, angered us. Self awareness is hard enough for most individuals without a mental disorder, so add that challenge to the mix. I think people have to dive deep within themselves  and trace all the things that impacted their lives negatively, and realize they were isolated instances, that not everyone, or everything is out to hurt them.

I have mentioned mental disorders before, and I do so because we never know what or who we are dealing with. Never judge a book by its cover, there is so much beauty and good however not understanding something can misdiagnose a persons true being.


What Does A Broken Heart Look Like ?

So far in my 46 years of life  I have had very few instances of heartbreak. Thru the journey of life we lose important people close to us, or certain things come to a tragic end. My parents are moving on in age,  the natural progression of life is that the elders pass on before the young, however we know that is not true. My family is still in tact, they are all still here with me and I have to live and experience it for as long as I have it.

Some  people face a broken heart earlier in life. I wonder if someone can be so emotionally scarred that they never live an open honest life of being vulnerable ever again? Our brain and our heart, two of the major life sustaining organs we live by that effect our emotional and physical wellness.  Most people expose their heart to the people they love. It can bring you to your knees when you have journeyed through life with the most beautiful unconditional loves your heart and mind have been privileged to experience.

We do not always do the best with our time, or really show or verbalize our truest vulnerable self, we all do what we know how at the time, that is why we have to dig deep within our self  when we want to be an example of what we want in our life.  When our communication and actions do not convey or express what we truly want to say, or what we need, we should always aspire to strive for that, be better to ourselves and to the world inclusive around us! We never know when things will no longer be visible, tangible, responsive, final to us.

Taking Advantage

If someone takes advantage of a situation, a person, there comes a time when the endless taking will come to a screeching halt.  There is a moment, a time when a situation changes, or the person being taken advantage of has had enough.  So my question is this, is it the takers or the doer/givers fault ? Do takers have deeper issues going on to make them oblivious ?

I know people, family, friends who have been generous, giving of their time, lending items, helping out monetarily, etc…only to get slapped with the harsh reality of ungrateful, selective memory,  individuals not reciprocating any kind of thankful gesture in return, nothing, nada, zero.  It astounds me how people who have been helped out in a pinch, or several, will simply never return a favor that has been bestowed on to them. Life is not free, there is limited free time, bills to pay, things to manage, so when people display helpfulness, it should be acknowledged and returned at some point.  Relationships get destroyed because once the taker is told no more generosity will be coming  their way they don’t come around anymore.  Families, friends, have not spoken to each other,  and relationships have ended over this matter.

Do Not Let History Be Erased Or Rewritten

Humans have traveled through the many different world events in history, paving a better way, making advancements in the human race, however, we still need to go farther.  People, study our world history, do not let events, the truth be rewritten or erased.  Take the Charleston South Carolina shooting, the young man, Dylann Roof, was labeled a racist, from the get go, his friends tell a different story.  The confederate flag has been taken down in certain states due to this one incident, why?  The flag is a representation of a region, a group fighting in a battle.

Religion hurts society, this is a great website, look what happened recently with Kim Davis. Gays, lesbians, transgender, bisexuals, have existed since the beginning of time, since humans have walked the earth, religion wrote it wrong centuries ago, people have been trying to debunk those written books for centuries for a reason, its crap, people kill, hate, judge, discriminate against other religious denominations, deny equal rights, or the same rights to all humans, in the name of religion.