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We Will Discover New, Even Though It Isn’t

There is a ton of Intel on line that you will not get on msm, main streem media, here are a few : this a 24/7 live feed stream and th q new posts,/ updates

There is such a community of people putting out awesome videos about what is really going on in the world, I try to always post a new brother or sister.. Oh so this a mind blowing discovery, well not discovery.  Jared Leto ,  human being/an actor, well I knew  he had a band , however never heard it ! I had not been paying a lot of attention to music, I love i,t however, it just was not something I had tracked for a while.   I had mentioned I had joined twitter for the first time, back on January 20th of this year. I was looking at tweets and Quinn Michaels had tweeted a video , so I clicked on it and it was 30 seconds to mars and I see that Mr. Leto is singing and I was just excited,amazed, so then I went on to their yt channel and started checking his band/ music out and I just enjoyed it.  I liked the music,  however, what struck me was his being , the fact that he is in a band with his brother, the talent, singing, instruments, I saw a being who was alive !  A person who pursued their passion no matter what, when you do what you love it is playful work,its work, however time gets lost. He seems to have a balance between fame and his feet grounded.

It was important for me to share this because not all of hollywoodites are empty vessels, or have been misled to another God that they serve. Yes just like people have faith in God there are many that follow lucifer, they believe he is the only one true God..  It is never to late for any one to ask for forgiveness, no matter what, however, you have to really want it.  As I titled a previous  post, we are all sinners in one way or another.  This was the song he had tweeted.  This one just spoke to me a little more.

Unlock Your Heart, Mind And Body

This has been a lovely,exciting, yet, saddening, and angry time period.  When You finally understand, see your real world, you want the ugliness to end and our new way of living,, being, to begin.  There is so much we have to come to understand about our world, math, science, medicine, our abilities that were all hidden from us, yes hidden.  These systems, were never here to help or improve us I have mentioned many times we are living in the beast system, satans kingdom.  God gave us free will until we destroy and allow all the horrible things happening to human beings and mother earth, and it is here. Our earth and ourselves  both have to exist together in harmony. We are not above any other species, we work together, we give and get.

I have been graced with Gods love to see and hear what is around me, I have been reborn to truly make my life and my world a better place, I always wanted peace within my heart no matter the chaos however in the midst of the chaos I have peace in my heart because no matter what I will do, be, his love, my love will drive me.  Nothing or no one can break me, hurt me,  I have a loving heart and it can hurt for a minute, well before I would hurt for a while, when you have had such deep love and you lose it, or you have to walk away, it feels like your heart will never be whole again, however you need your heart to continue on, and those lost loves, you will keep them with you in your heart always.   Its crazy, how our mind and heart can work amazingly together if you synchronize yourself with your thoughts, feelings actions. Things can be so unbearable yet so lovely., however I keep going in my world,  understanding its beauty and waiting to see the rest of it !

Yesterday I took my niece to get a manicure and pedicure.  Loved it I do not paint my nails always I like to go more natural.  I have been on a natural path for a while.  I became a vegetarian back around 1996, I do eat fish now and then, some chicken however for the most part, I consume vegetables and fruits. I started intermittent fasting back in November, that I posted, and I am starting to notice a loosening of my clothes.. I have not weighed myself, I should have when I started however I will,its not really the number however it is a map to where I was and where I am at.  I never had a problem with my weight until 2005 and when you have always been one way in movement, flexibility uninterrupted, not painful, to then the weight changes, limitations, difficulties , you want to fix it and change it.  I want to move around freely until my last breath !

Many have Sinned, Ask For Forgiveness, And Forgive

We the people of our world have blood on our hands.  When we do not stand to defend anything precious , innocent, being harmed, raped, killed in such a vile manner, we are all guilty.  We are to fight against oppression, harm, murder, mistreatment to any human being, animal, nature period !  Our world was created by God however satan dominates the earth, he fell and he has been weaving his web around everything natural and putting in his ugly copy and we believed a copy.  When will we all wake up and look to ask for forgiveness for what we participated in and turned a blind eye, sat on our booties in front of satans tv beveling many lies !

HighImpact Flix   has done many great videos to help save his brothers and sisters from  deceivers,  many may not like to hear it , however it is the truth, many were tricked and then continued to participate, people in the military and all who supported them around the world..  The majority of people defended supporting the killing of humans, destroying cities, and their cultures.  In my  more recent posts I have spoken about how we all have to come to the horrible truth that we have sat by and let horrible things happen to humans, animals, our earth.  Every single one of us has to own our complicity.  It starts with how we treat our family, community,  people, animals , ecology, around the world.  forgive our selves for trespassing and those who trespassed against us. 

Many of us have a lot of work to do, to come to the real understanding of the fake world, copy, the satan kingdom we are participating in. Each one has to come to his and her accountability of the ugliness we bought and paid for.  We have to stop funding all the bad institutions, military, hospitals,  pharmaceuticals , government, hollywood, courts, prisons, it is all connected and if we stop participating, it will all end. We can work to a love, caring, sharing world  putting back , re introducing all the awesome natural resources, free energy that always existed ! There is many layers to this onion, and if we have faith we may get to live heaven on earth !  I would like to live heaven right now !

Is Your Church Really Bringing You To Your Most High ?

There is a troubling feeling I have had for years, I stopped going to church because churches to me were an empty building, many frequent them however no one changes their ways. The sermons in the bible do not cut it, there is more that is not being said and taught.  Many churches have been indoctrinated, and a lot of them are fronts for horrible things.  Our institutions have all been usurped right under our noses. I am not judging anyone’s religion, however our world would be a beautiful place if people really understood and had faith in God.   I speak very matter of fact because he is in my heart, in every part of my being, and because I chose to find him, comeback to the beauty that always was, I am graced with amazing love.  I do not have ugliness in my thoughts, heart or actions, I am completely truthful in my interactions, whether it be human beings, animals, etc… I respect all that is created by him. I do not put myself above anyone, however I will defend anything that is harmful to any of his creations.,

Another brother  On Point Preparedness helping to bring important helpful information to our world.

We Are All In This Together, Reach Out, Support One Another

I hope that all the truth workers are remembering that this is not a popularity contest, we must support unite with each other.  Our goal is to share, collaborate open are arms to others to collaborate, reach out to one another, work on projects together if needed.  There are so many great people that I have come across  on the internet and I would love to see everyone supporting each other, we have to be the example we want to see !

With all the evilness that has been done we still do not know who was really involved and who was misled, and who played a part to bring the ugly to light,  just like the masses who have followed the beast system, and participated in the demise of humanity and mother earth.

My life has been changed through my searching for years, the wonderful alternate media community, everything guided me to my real love and devotion to the one and only true God.  It makes me cry that many may never come to understand this beauty, and mis out on the true way that we are suppose to be, in love and harmony with all beings and mother earth.  You can not be it until you respect and love the all, you are everything, everything is you.  It is all in and outside of you. I get angry , my heart aches, so I can not even imagine God, he gave us free will, and many do not believe he exists, he sacrificed his son for us so we would have proof, that they dwell within us. We are encoded with the all.  The beast and his fake world, fake copy of  crap, all the crap in our lives is crap, let it all go ! Materialism is not the way to love caring, sharing.  We are suppose to look out for each other, not tear each other apart and think we are better than anyone.  The beast has been guiding many to his side.  Wake up and take inventory of what you have , and what you have done to better someones life, heart, needs whether in your family, a friend, a stranger, what injustice have you stood up to whether it be human, animal, ecosystem ?  We all live on this beautiful planet, when are we all going to stand up for it and the people in it ?  No ones life can really be free until we all help free everything that has been mistreated, harmed.

Start Doing Inventory Of Your Actions, Contributions To The World

Yesterday, I went to work, oh yeah, I started last Monday. I am at an elementary school grades pre k-5.   They asked me if I wanted to stay til early next week because their worker is still not able to return back til then., and it was not a problem. I have an opportunity to travel in all the schools in my county to see their food situation. We have to get out, get active, be involved with everything that sustains us, people, plants, animals.  We have to reeducate ourselves to what is the real true nature of ourselves and our history.

Great video by HighImpact Flix YouTube Caught by YouTuber in Test + Gross Super Bowl Idolatry??  I could not share however you should check it out by clicking on HighImpact Fix .

So I will add another awesome video, I have added him before, Mr.  Unity Collective I just felt I needed to post their work.  They have been doing videos, just like all the other videos I post of brothers and sisters around the world wanting to show you, inform you of a better way to be , act, make a change in your world.  Do not keep following the fake, lying narratives, they lead humanity, mother earth to destruction.  We have been following unlawful rules, ways of thinking, acting, being for a century in our life time.  It is time to be free the way our most high intended, do you really understand this ?


Please Come Home !!

With everything that is in my being, I implore all my brothers and sisters who have not come back home to do so. If you can not see that it is a spiritual battle, take a second look and listen to all the ugly messages and twisted activities happening all over the world. The government is wanting to normalize, pedophilia, pornography, synthetic medicine, war, to fight one another, etc…. God is waiting for you. He has been following you, signaling you through out your journey, that there is a better way, the true way of love, caring sharing, and what you are participating is not.  We were made perfect, we were given free will, however, what do you think a person should act like, be like in a world made of various kingdoms that work in harmony together ?  The most high did not want you to put work as a priority, over your children, over anything, he did not want you idolizing anything or anyone, no one has hierarchy or dominance over another animal, resources or a human being.

Today, Sunday, I had a wonderful day I met and ex co worker for brunch and we had a lovely meal and then we chatted for several hours, and it did not even feel like it. Then I met up with my family at my brothers house, a family gathering. We were meant to connect with our everything.  By being over worked, being filled with junk we take our focus off of all that is connecting us and important. One can not look out at nature and thinks he has dominion, that he can mistreat, any of it. We are not the only living beings on the planet.

How Disconnected Are We ?

Saturday, I enjoyed my nieces birthday party, my brother and his family, my sister and her family, and my father were there,  It was lively, there were a lot of children at the bowling alley, being a Saturday , kids are out of school.  Hardly no devices were spotted, kids were interacting, smiling, with each other. I did not bowl, however I still enjoyed the gathering.

Sunday, I did a couple chores around the house, relaxed.

Thursday, My blood is boiling, there is so much inverted, upside down ways of thinking.  How in the heck did we let the train go off the rails my brothers and sisters ?  We participated, consumed, bought all the fakery about medicine, politics, race, usery/money, gender, How did we forget the basic commandments that our father most high gave us.  I do not need the fake laws that were created by man, I am looked upon and guided by my spirit father, I answer to him.  His marching orders were very clear, I do not get it twisted.  We are free to be love,love is everything, you respect every living thing, you treat them, it, with care..  The other choice is the ugly route, do not kid yourself, when you follow fake, lying, deceiving, humans who care nothing for your soul., you are choosing.  Stop being led down a path that is not in your favor,or to your souls. Look at what we have become, truly take a good look.

As I have mentioned before, I am a woman, a human being on this planet, and I have documented my life, world concerns for the last 9 years, and it has brought me to a deeper realization of my world.  The morals, ethics of government,society, leaders, court systems  the three   branches of government, entertainment industry.  They have all been compromised, having a very sinister agenda to derail humanity, bringing us to a destructive, un human state.  It all comes down to a spiritual warfare, good against evil.  So what are each one of us going to do ? I can tell you that I am choosing to be off the sinking ship, the train going further off the rails.  I will not let someone, government decide how I should live, and stray me away from my most high.

This is a brother MySelfReliance who shares  the world that is unknown, not very visible to me. I spend time in nature, however the lost knowledge of the people that we were, self reliant, self governing, we need to bring it back to the world.  I love the scenery, such beauty and the wonderful spirit of the human reminding me of how beautiful, simple, life has always been. If you really reach out and connect you will be the wiser of it all.  We need to learn from our indigenous/ ingenious  brothers and sisters, get out and connect with family, nature, community.

Many Have Not Been Operating In Their True Light

Woke up at 4 again.  So my niece is having her birthday party today. This is were she gets to socialize and be with her peers.  The party is being held at a bowling alley, I will be attending so, I am looking forward to seeing her in her element of young ones.

So The Intel is going back on the rails swiftly.  To all our love workers around the world, your sacrifices, some have resulted in death, I thank you from my heart.  The corrupt teams are being taken down, however, we the people, must be vigilant.  We the people of the world have to be honest, truthful about what a true free world is suppose to look like, and many have no idea.  There is being right, and then there is being truth.  We take, make many sides of the isle on issues, however, where did it get us ?  We have not been going in a good direction for years.

I plead with my fellow brothers and sisters to go back to your most high, forgive your trespasses to yourself and others, so that you can forgive others and then you will be forgiven and graced with a clear heart and mind, new eyes to hear with, new eyes to see with.

There Is Truth, No Matter Who Thinks They Are Right

Yesterday I left in the morning for my hr appointment to sign, fill out paperwork. They then sent me  across town for a drug test with a time stamped form  to track  the amount of time to destination of facility.  It is upsetting how crappy the system is .

So I woke up at 4 this am and I started searching around on the internet for updates and catching up on the lates true updates. I was in an amazing chat room where  we were discussing real issues and the war divide on vaccines, the division should not be. There are real facts, statistics of the harm they have caused,  and instead of people discussing these true findings, they want to cling on to their false narrative.  It is frustrating for those of us that have been in the truth many for years, appearing everyday on all media outlets fighting for humanity and a better world.  Eventually the truth warriors will be looked at with love instead of hate, judgement, all the ugliness that has been dealt.  Many still keep at it because these times are crucial, important.  People will either sit back during this revolution,  or they will engage  by fighting for their family, their community, their world,. There is action to be taken, we have to make  the lies, and horrible actions that we have all participated in corrected  buy holding ourselves and our government, leaders, accountable for the wrong doing, criminal crimes. made against humanity and mother earth..