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Love Our Techies


Two different men sharing their information with us in very different ways, however they both wanted to share how it would affect us.

Josh Harris saw what the way of the internet would be in the 90’s, the documentary, by Ondi Timoner, We live In Public, was crazy to see how spot on someones understanding, vision of the future of technology was, is.  Do you agree with him regarding where the public life will lead us ?

Edward Snowden he spoke out against, blew the whistle on our government spying on Americans, and of countries abroad. He worked for the NSA and saw the enormous data collection, he knew it was not right, they were not scaling back like President Obama had pledged when taking over the oval office, they were increasing access to our privacy ! We are not the terrorists so why are we being watched ? Citizenfour is a documentary made with Mr. Snowden, by Laura Poitras to illuminate and make citizens aware of this secretive, wrong, espionage to be used against us, not the terrorist.

Banks, Churches , Gasoline Stations, Are Three Questionables ???


There are 331 gas stations, 138 banks and credit unions , 297 churches , in Pensacola, FL .  Why do we have so many in our city ?  This is overkill, these businesses thrive, and why is that ? ( besides the fact that we use and frequent them) These three are reasons  we are at war, killing each other and in financial distress around the world .

The petroleum industryAmerican petroleum institute , Gasoline


Churches , (buildings)

My Sicily Italy


31 viale della Regione Nicolsi is where I lived ! I loved this house, It was a nice town about 35 minutes from the Naval base. I just pulled it up minutes ago on Google maps/satellite. When I navigate up the street on the left side I get a shot of the side rails and balcony ! It is so neat ! It made me cry seeing my Spain and my old house in Sicily. I remember skating around it downstairs. We lived on the upper level.  It had a huge balcony that rapped around half way. Our neighbors right to the left of us Franco and his family, were like family to us. I had a lot of fun times and I spent a lot of time with my sister.   I hope my sister and brother will show their children our childhood homes in Europe. (oh my gosh my brother was a new born baby, he will get a kick out of it) I feel blessed to have had such a wonderful experience.  I was between the ages of 7-9   years old.  I will have to confirm that with my mom, however I’m pretty sure.


Religion, Its Smidgen Of Love ,War, Money And Power ?


It is one of a few hot buttons of mine.  Religion has all these branched out versions of what Christianity is or its version. Most denominations discriminate against each other or think theirs is the one true gospel of God, the one true religion.  We have more than one culture or one race. So with that, all people think and act differently, and I always believed Christianity had to encompass all beliefs, all people.  Scientology has had its controversy for over 60 years, since it started !  How does a church, a religion, turn into a huge profitable business abusing its congregation into slave labor in these modern times ?   There is a new documentary on Scientology, Going Clear, based on a book written by Lawrence Wright that I want to see.  Here is a  YouTube video of an interview with Mr. Wright that is an extension of his new book.

I feel religion just like race is a tool for the few to control ( mind control) the masses by keeping us divided in numbers all over the world. Some religions use its members of its congregation to commit sinful acts in the name of God.  I do not know of any God that wants you to kill innocent people for different beliefs or way of living.


Celebrate The Now In Your Life


Take inventory of all the life around you.  At this moment, where are you at, not yesterday not tomorrow, now !   Thinking back and ahead causes limits and ruins what is actually going on in the moment. Do your best, give your best with what is in front of you. Stop trying to do it all, by neglecting, ignoring to have fun and enjoying what is around you.

Soldiers Gear Up And Clean Up America !


Korengal documentary , Sebastian Junger did the film to answer what drives soldiers to keep going back to combat, war, what they  missed, loved about it.  He observes  brotherhood,  the comradery of looking out for each other, wanting to better a situation, when in reality they are destroying towns, cities killing for what ? What is the real reason behind all these never winning endless wars?  So I say take on America, not the other countries !  Clean up and follow the money trail , get the money influence out of government, get the turds out of elected positions, restore republic in America back to the people.  America is a nicer looking country, we look put together, however we are in a dismal state.  We live in a facade of freedom, our country looks great being younger and more modern however we have too many rules and regulations by the people and the companies in power enslaving us.  We allow and support these powers to become bigger and wealthier.  Soldiers if you love your country start with America first. They( the ones in power) make butt loads of money  off you when you are off and away in combat with other countries,  when all is instigated here at home.  You are making them richer, and richer and they sit back and continue their revolving income, money train, gravy boat.  Do not fight abroad, they have agendas, fight for your own citizens at home, they have had war on America for years and its time to stop this destruction of what the original vision was from the founding fathers. War is profit, many citizens never wanted any of them however our republic system failed us as always, the companies, bankers make the rules however we need to shift the power back to us we are the majority, we have the numbers in individuals all across our country.

Major General Smedley Butler (audio video on youtube, War Is A Racket)

Michael Prysner


Where Are The Ann Richards In Politics ?


Ann Richards is my kind of human, we need more of her in our political arena.  I watched the documentary that HBO did and what a great piece, footage between the early 80’s and  90’s of her political roles, she was a force, and a real example of an elected official by and for the people.  The film is an introduction or a reminder to all of us of who Ms. Richards was.   She was a woman and a mother who cared about the community/state she lived in.  She was a history teacher who went on to become Travis County Commissioner (1977-1983),  Texas State treasurer (1983-1991) and then in 1991-1995  the second female Governor of Texas. As Treasurer she managed the states money,  she understood the mismanaging of funds. Texas and its citizens had been robbed for over 50 + years, and she wanted to make it right, the way a true treasurer would do the job.  When you follow the money trail you are in the know of where funds are being  misappropriated and she was going to put the money back into Texas and its citizens, increasing it, and she did.  During the campaigning for governor she questioned former governor Mark White‘s  increase in salary  from 59,905-812,219 after 4  years in office. The footage reiterates the corruption, bureaucracy that still goes on in state and federal government.   She kicked butt in Texas , she did her job dutifully as treasurer and governor.  As Governor she was winning for a little while,  She fought for health, education, gender, race, everyone was inclusive, all were citizens in her state of Texas (minorities,women, blacks, Hispanics, gays etc…), however special interest groups were not going to stand for it. Enters Karl Rove to promote George Bush (1995) for Governor (Karl Rove has been the mastermind behind republicans being elected for years).  She wanted better for her citizens and not the pockets of elected officials and corporations.  With the internet at our finger tips, we need to walk away from censored news , all the bull#% propaganda they cram into our ears and eyes.  Government officials and corporations want the revolving door,  all the players who do favors for big money, for their friends in all the top places, they are all connected folks, moving from one money bag position to the other.  If you looked up government state and federal officials, their income should not be millions, their salaries do not go anywhere near that, all that money should be going to the states and improvements for the lives of citizens( health, eduction,jobs,) not theirs.

FIFA Wars In Brazil


Brazil is hosting the world cup and its citizens are up in arms because of the  11.3 billion dollars spent to have the FIFA world cup built in their country, while its people are starving in the streets.   It is a world event that is being promoted, celebrated at the mercy of the countries citizens and well being.  Who really benefits after the event is over?  Will they recover the money spent ?

Brazilians have been protesting for over a year and we need to take pointers, to stand for blatant misuse of government money.  They are giving a voice for income inequality, health care, public education, does any of this sound familiar ?  It should, because it is happening here in the U.S.  Do not forget our Occupy Wall Street and our Occupy brothers and sisters who are reminding us and voicing criminal injustice to all everywhere.  Wall Street has, and is still affecting all of us around the globe, and still getting away with it !

The Ogallala Aquifer And Surrounding Tap Water


Watched Gasland 2 a couple months ago and it is very upsetting, unsettling the damage we are doing to the many countries, world, water supply and the trail of pollution, not just with fracking but with pumping out states water.  If you never watched it you need to, Tapped came out in 2009.  The Nestle , Coca Cola, and Pepsi corporations are reselling our lands water supply back to us, and to boot, in a much unhealthier manner by the petroleum casing, the bottles created to hold the pumped water that leak toxins in our bodies.  We, all citizens, around the world, need to stop buying bottled water, to stop these companies from selling back our tap water to us.  We are making these corporations richer and ourselves sicker.  Our tap water is  bottled water !


The Ogallala Aquifer is a region of 8 states providing 80% of drinking water supply to those citizens.  Each state, or each country, has its own  water supply and the fracking  and pumping that the gas companies and beverage companies are doing is going to leave us all  without water.  We have to protect our waters.


UFO’s, Other Life On Our Planet


The Day The Earth Stood Still, great film, way ahead of its time.  I watched a video on youtube I never realized how long Mr. Aykroyd has been researching and following UFOs,( ufology ) and other life forces in our universe. He has had the fascination, and intrigue since he was a kid.  We had the Roswell incident, there is a list of sightings that goes way back in centuries.  I believe, one obvious reason, our immense universe.

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