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Hungary Is Causing Noise With New Media Laws

Europe (EU) is not happy with Hungary ‘s vague media law.

more recent development

Was this a reaction to wikileaks?  Europeans are known for their public protest, they understand  a precedent for unwanted restrictions to come.

New, A New Outlook For the New Year !!!!!

To whatever your outlook for the new year is,  count your blessings.  There is bad weather occurring in states across the U.S.,  California’s mud slide,  Arizona floods, have done serious damage to homes and community travel.  There are dead birds reported in Arkansas and Louisiana.  Something  is always happening somewhere around the world.  Take this new year by the balls,  refrain from overlooking  or never looking  at what is  going on around you!   Happy Trails!!!!

We Need To Understand Hackers

Hackers understand the powerful tool that the internet is, they respect its FOIA and FOS. Do not let the word  hacking scare you,  or misguide you.   The group Anonymous were recently in the news regarding  freezing transactions of Mastercard, Visa, Paypal.  They stand behind one of their own, Mr. Assange, and his team of journalist and hacktivist.  They simply delivered a message to not meddle with citizens rights.  Look up the Hackers Ethic.  You do not take away someones way of life, liberties until it is proven that they did act unlawfully!

TV is programmed to what you will see, and how you will see it.  There is no  interaction with the world through TV.  I want to keep the internet that I have right now.    I do not want  a modification of what government wants me to have access to, like China with its Golden Shield Project.  I want to have all access of information available to me.  I want the truth, to see it, read it, and hear it for myself.

There is a tremendous population that does not even begin to understand the amazing tool the internet is.

video by the Alyona Show:  “Anonymous” Hacker speaks,  events Re: Assange

Stop U.S. Gas and Oil Companies Drilling Across The Globe

Josh Fox, decided to explore  the meaning of the  documents he received regarding his home property, from a gas and oil company.  He made a documentary, GasLand, did all the leg work to show us the contamination of air , water , land that is occurring in the name of collecting natural gas.  Documents dangling money( to drill on and around your property) can be enticing , thank goodness Mr. Fox did his research and thinking !  How do you survive  on your own property with polluted water, land and air?

2005 energy bill Vice President Cheney push through congress that oil and gas companies were exempt from  safe drinking water act, clean air act, clean water act, Superfund law………….This needs to be changed!!!!

hydraulic fracturing has occurred in 34 states so far

CERCLA ( comprehensive environmental response compensation and liability act)

Some U.S. Oil and Gas companies: HalliburtonChesapeake EnergyEncana, Williams Companies , Cabot Oil & Gas Corp

Put Wikileaks Back On The Internet!!

DDOS on wikileaks website.  Interpol is on alert for Mr. Assange on alleged rape charges.  Our government  officials, media,  are using words  like terrorist organization, criminal activity, espionage , execution.  Where exactly are we at with our  FOIA ?   There have been so many exemptions and revisions.

If your an individual who thinks government, military around the globe, are being compromised by the whistle-blowing ,think again!   How does a small organization bring a threat to diplomacy around the world?

What  will happen with Bradley Manning?   Just because he is in the military does not mean he is exempt or forbidden  from doing the right thing.  He is paying an unnecessary price when far worse things have been done by our government.  How do we hold them accountable for the misuse of power, and misuse of our livelihood?

We all do a job, have a job,  however if  down the road you are asked to look the other way, to deceive, lie to a people, I would hope ethics would kick in,  to take action, stop harmful activities, divulge them,or expose them.

Ellsberg And Assange Are Sending The Message!!

Whether it was the leak of the Vietnam war or the Iraq war, These men did all this work  to wake us up , inform us of the cover ups of  wars!!!!  History is always repeating itself.  The people, places, fear lingo, etc. are different, however, the strategies of cover up are repeated.  They are doing a witch hunt with Assange just like they did with Daniel EllsbergThe Most Dangerous Man In America (credit production to Judith Ehrlich , Rick Goldsmith plus others who made the story possible).

Daniel Ellsberg

John Dean

It is uncanny to watch this incredible interview and disappointing that we are right back in the same place with another wrongful war.

Sacramento, CA Tent City And Others Across America

Tent City

Sacramento CBS 13

What are states doing about crawling tent communities  from the west  to the east coast?   People are losing their jobs and their homes.  We do not see this coverage on the news.  One States local official indicated  they did not want to  appear like a 3rd world country, well wake up, it is happening!   Some of these tent cities are being closed down, where are the people being moved to?  Are states taking a look at their current homeless facilities or strategies?    Thank goodness that citizens  make news with their own videos.

Stories  come and go , the important ones rarely are covered.

KCRATV reporting a year ago

Religion, Church, How Utah Intervened in California’s Prop 8

Just watched Proposition 8 ,  (documentary) horrible to see  a humans personal choice decided by families, society(politics), and  church.  People always have a right to their opinion, just not chosen by a forced influential organization.    How and why do churches have such political influence and protected rights?   Fred Karger ( was given confidential documents from Mormon church)  did  an investigation into the Mormon church during the repeal process in California of  2008 documentary, and created Californians Against Hate.    Free will is what we all have, a church can not dictate  laws in a state , government, or society.

How is a church able to hide any information?   If it operates behind close doors without transparency, it  is organized corruption in the name of religion.   Churches take in a lot of  tithes , donated money, what do they do with it all ?  A lot of pastors live very lavish lifestyles on account of their church.  Do they get special kick backs?  Do they have influential parishioners?   There is cost  for the upkeep of the church, however, they do not pay any taxes,  nor do they  disclose or report what is on their books.  Have you seen the sizes of  some churches?

It seems that churches have embodied this  law governing agenda.  I was always under the belief  a church was a place people could go for refuge, to reinforce  humanity in their hearts.  The only place you really get any of this is within yourself.  If religion is your thing great,  however, it should not buy votes or influence any of them.

Separation of church and state has been in the news lately.    How does ones sexual orientation become a state concern ?  How does a church back any agenda?   Christianity teaches  no prejudice in any religious denomination. The degrees of human behavior,  interaction and treatment with one another have existed around  the world for centuries.  Homosexuals have been here since the beginning, years ago, before the internet and cell phones there was more privacy.

8:The Mormon Proposition Trailer

Where Did Reliable, Factual Journalism And Media Go?

Julian Assange is having his life work minimized by defamation of character.  He is ahead of  his time, seeing the demise of information with all the controlled journalism and media around the world.  He is not popular with a lot of countries because  his organization Wikileaks exposes all the secretive,greedy, government activities.  Wiki leaks is telling us that we need to require more of our information providers throughout the world.  What has happened to the code of  journalism ?  I want real, truthful news.  This video relays  important points in an interview with Chris Anderson.


The Swirl of Brain Neurons During Another Blogless Period

Another non typing period………..The brain is the mother hub of our anatomy.   I will at some point write about my fascination of the human brain, however, for now, I  just wanted to shine a light on it in passing.  The magnificent neurons at work allow me to rearrange, reflect, redirect, retrieve,  redefine etc.   For myself  in this decade,  its interpreting my surroundings and the interaction of the world  with a new set of eyes .   Each decade there is a shift , becoming quieter and going within, is a new direction.