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First and Only Bullfight

I went to my first live bull fight, we took a bus at 5:45 in the evening headed to El Puerto De Santa Maria to the Plaza De Toros, The plaza was very nice built in the 1800’s, we were lucky it was early may,  I could not imagine the plaza in the July- August months.  The bull fight  experience was very mixed.  I enjoyed the connection between the bullfighter and the bull, however, any harm that came to the bull I disagreed with …after the bullfight we stopped at a bar and had some tapas.

Tapas are appetizers that are  very typical of the Spanish cuisine.  I usually tend to eat at home, enjoying the savory taste that I am accustomed to.  I tried to explain to some family members that I am not a Prima-Donna, or a fuss bucket, I know what I like and when eating out there is always the surprise element.  I was brought up with home cooked meals so the healthier leaner methods of cooking are my preference.

Wednesday Was The Year Anniversary of Oil Rig Exploding

Earth Day Today !!  Please think about our natural resources , how public and free they are.  We share space and we need to protect and care for them.

There is still a lot of oil out in the Gulf of Mexico that will be around for a while.  I know that Louisiana marshes are still in a very bad state.  Here in Pensacola there is tar still being washed up on the beaches on a lesser scale for now.  There is a group of  approximately 100 oil spill workers cleaning tar balls around the surrounding beaches in escambia county and santa rosa county.

We Are Bigots Rather Than Human Beings , However It Is Never Too Late!!

What someone else ‘s religion, sexual orientation , ethnicity is, should never be a pro or con, it just is.   We should never have this great divide amongst each other, we have bigger things to worry about, other than an individuals predisposed genetics and upbringing.  Black or white, gay or straight, Jew or Muslim or catholic etc.. should not matter, its irrelevant.  I think in America the powers at be keep the divide going and people buy into it, feed into the lower level thinking.  Propaganda, media, everything is strategically orchestrated to continue a divide amongst citizens because we are less powerful that way. They want our minds occupied with each other, rather than how screwed over we have been by our Government. By creating a larger group of poor people, (like 911,  patriot act, the bailout, not taxing the rich and corporations, Wall Street fraud) the powers at be generate a big population of citizens into a lower level of logical thinking, igniting fear, helplessness, defeat, however we are not those things!!!  As human beings we were given a very powerful brain and not many of us use it, because if we did, we would perform at a more optimum level, instead of fighting each other ignorantly, we would work together(human being to human being) changing the awful things that are happening to our land, our way of life.

Religion has been around for centuries, some countries, and our parents usually set the tone for our religious beliefs.  No one individual has the better religion and especially if they are willing to criticize or kill others for theirs.

Our sexual orientation is what I believe already is coded in us, our DNA , genes etc..  The old debate Nature vs Nurture , it is both, and why we continue to spin the wheel, criticizing  other human beings is ignorant and offensive to our human brain!  Look at all the supposed heterosexuals that present themselves one way  and live another.  Come on, who you love ,  marry,  have intercourse with, is your business!

Our ethnicity, (list of them) we have no control over who we came from or where we came from!  It is true that some awful things happened in the events of history to several ethnic groups,  Native Indians,Africans, Jews etc.. however that was many years ago.  We have to move on for things to change, otherwise we stay in the role of victim and will never advance to a higher level of living or thinking.  So why do people stay stuck on stupid and fight each other when there is no control over the color of someones skin, language,customs, geography, gender, etc..  We were made, created to embody many different spaces,places, faces, bodies, languages, customs, different is good, I do not want a world full of me !  If  we are fighting our own citizens because of their race, religion,sexual orientation and not the government, we are missing the mark big time. People get caught up in things that do not affect them directly, however,  our jobs, livelihood,  children, education, environment,  writing to your government, your congressman do, so stop wasting time losing focus of the bigger picture at hand!!  It is time to wake up!!!!!

Don’t be a bigot!!!!!

Middle East Events Should Become Ours, It Is Well Overdue !!!

We are seeing these countries; Tunisia , Libya , Yemen , Bahrain , Morocco standing up to their governments. Why now?  What is going on after  30 years in Egypt and abroad ?  Are we getting  true facts from our media ?  Why does the U.S. weigh heavily on choosing the leader of other countries ?  Our government may change the Commander- in- chief every four or eight years, however changes are fewer and worsening.

Citizens of the globe have been deeply affected by their countries investments with Wall Street and banks and they have had it ! Did anyone watch 60 minutes  last week regarding the story of the fruit vendor Mohamed Bouazizi( who they say is the catalyst for this movement in all the countries) ?  When government steals  from, and defrauds its citizens, it is a matter of time before they revolt.

Positive Media Spin On Gulf Coast Oil Spill Anniversary

Media, the powers at be, are putting a positive spin on visiting the Gulf Coast .  I’m concerned that we are missing the bigger picture.  I want businesses to prevail but at what cost?  They have been using machines to dig and rake the sand, what about the water?  I would like to know what  independent studies have come up with and how many there are. Well PSU under Charles Fisher has been doing studies in the Gulf prior to and after the  oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico . I hope they can tell us honestly what is going on with ocean life,  and  its total environmental exposure for communities around it.  I want to find a list of how many researchers are in the Gulf.

I’m going boating on Saturday so I am looking forward to seeing what the water looks like.

The Tillman Story, Wanting To Change Our Military Lies

I finally watched The Tillman Story, Pat Tillman, what a beautiful spirit, and his beautiful, loyal, loving family.  It is appalling that our government, the United States Department of Defense ( Their Website) orchestrated propaganda to keep the truth from his parents and family,( other military families have had the same experience)  and keep wrongful wars going, lying mostly about everything !  Men and women sign up with the United States Armed Forces for many reasons, the biggest one is their loyalty to America to defend it !  The many people who enlist in the U.S. military put their lives on the line, to intern, get duped and insulted by their own government !  It is utterly disgraceful to treat human beings without any regard .

How many military personnel die from friendly fire?

What Does Mortality Mean To You?

Thursday was a  weird day, my sister-in- law lost her father.  I was hoping he was going to hang around us a while longer.  My mind was spinning into different directions thinking about what mortality means.   How will I  handle the passing of a love one?  How does  my sister -in-law go down this road for the third time now?  It is usually about the people that are left behind.  For those of us still living , we should bring integrity to our days and the things around us, celebrating  life.

I wonder if people who deal with death in their profession on a daily basis have a different outlook in their personal life?  Seeing it and experiencing it everyday, I would think desensitizes you, just like in war.  People die every minute around the globe, death is a natural process, when you pass on your own.  Death is an unknown to me, and it occurs in many different ways physically and mentally.

Does Death Motivate You, Or Paralyze You ?

People inflict paralysis within themselves with their own thoughts and how they handle their experiences.  Death is only one of  many  paralyze rs.  For the person facing death, or losing a love one, he or she may check out of life , not fight (give up),or the individual will live each day, embrace it  like they never did before.

I wrote a post a year ago, Jan. 5th,  regarding my sister-in-law losing her mother and brother within a year of each other.  Now her fathers wellness is hanging in the balance.   I do not believe she has had enough time to process  the past losses and it is popping  its head up again.  Several passing’s within a short period has to be a lot on  her plate.  It has not been the time to approach her and inquire, however, I pray for her and her situation.  I do believe in a positive outcome for her father.  My sister-in-law has an amazing spirit, resilience that will carry her through.  I will do my best to be there in any capacity for her.

When we leave this planet or someone we love does before us , that is it, so give life and the people around you your best !

Where Did Global Aid Money Go In The Last 9 Years?

How has the money for Haiti 2009, Katrina 2005, Tsunami 2004,  and Victims relief 9/11 2001 been dispersed?  Found an article in The Guardian that has data for Haiti , and Information Is Beautiful did a data  collection of all 4.  Not all the money is being received or used on the aid that is needed.  There should be a transparent trail, citizens donated their money for the causes.  If x amount of money is on file x amount of money should be where it was designated, period!  Is the misuse where the money is coming from, or the group that receives it, or both?