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A Big Thank You to All Our Brothers and Sisters Around The Globe, Trying To Save Our Souls

I never thought that it was all about god and the devil, and I started to see things so clearly.  I never put the devil into my reality because I always followed the ten commandments so I never saw the devil playing any part, or influencing me, boy was I mistaken !


This is another awesome video from researching brothers (Nicholson1968 and RFB), wanting to save our souls. .

Our Words, Symbols Around Our Globe Have Hidden Meanings

I originally had a video with Jordon Maxwell however it was taken down so I recently replaced it with another great video done by Richie from Boston. He has been  sharing his  amazing research on how symbols, words, have been hidden ( in plain sight) from the world.  He did an interview with Richard Kallberg who has also been doing his own investigating research on his website.  I believe many have  lost faith in the creator, the most high, people are looking around and ask themselves how do these horrible crimes and destruction continue to escalate and be allowed, where is god ?  Well he is with us always, however, we have not been living in his word and actions for centuries.

This is a video that should be watched and passed on.  We need to bring our collective god energy back to the world. Once we bring it back to ourselves then we assemble, come together to stop the evil energy that has been dominating the globe for centuries.  The real citizens of the United States of America, must come together and stop our evil empire here.

My Own Awakening, Part 2

So In all the jobs I had performed through out my life, my most recent one had exposed me to many people, about 60 a day face to face everyday, and something clicked. I see them, I hear them, and I did not see the crap they try to sell on tv and newspapers. The people in my community, when I go outside, I do not see destruction or mass shootings. Even with all the hurdles that they all spoke about, be it money, illness, politics etc… they still displayed love. There may be a couple of unfriendlies, however not the amount they say. So even though I was still struggling something was getting my attention. I ended up losing that job, how ever, I started digging around on the internet, and I started to find more and more validation to the trickery of the devil.  I have to say devil, because this is our history, our truth, God created all living things and the fallen angel(lucifer) went and created his kingdom, the one we are living in, the one the devil orchestrated.  I think many of us forgot about satan, or we forgot his powerful persuasion, trickery.  I know I did, I never thought the big lie and deceit was all under smoke and mirrors, wolves in sheep clothing. The devil used all the tools in his tool box on us.

This Great video on Wilhelm Reich, his suppressed proven studies, like many other greats,  are taken away to keep the devils agenda alive and polluting.  One of Mr. Reich’s  quotes “ Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings can master their sadistic destructiveness somewhere I understood this and here I was hearing it. By controlling and polluting  our mind, and physical being, they enslave us, and have polluted how we think and perform . Sex is one of many acts or performances that we do, in its purest form it is beautiful, sex polluted is unsatisfying and unfulfilling.

Down Sizing The Clutter

Through past years I had heard the phrase downsize your life. Tom Shadyack did the movie, I AM and introduced his journey of downsizing his life and finding meaning of true happiness. The Young Turks did this amazing video interview with Mr. Shadyack where he spoke very candidly.

I enjoy watching Ted talks and more recently I came across one  video  that spoke to me on multiple levels. These two friends created a blog called the minimalists wanting to improve their rich lives . Eliminating the clutter around you and inside of you frees up space to be a more productive, influential, healthy member to your community and the world around you.

I believe true happiness, joy are fleeting moments, we are wired with cognition , mood, feelings so what we experience, read, see, hear brings about different ways of thinking, seeing what is around us.  Are we truly objective or is the clutter in our minds/brains blinding/blocking us from a better way of seeing, hearing, being in the present moment of our interactions with nature and nurture ?  I believe many of us are cluttered materialistically and mentally,  we need to organize, downsize our physical/mental baggage to see what is going on around us.  We are consuming more junk than we can process or enjoy.  Do not rush, do not move on to the next bigger better deal, learn how to be happy with what is manageable, affordable, worry free able, loveable.

What Is Josh Fox Up To These Days ?

Josh Fox put hydraulic fracturing on the map for us with Gasland 1 & 2. Since 2010, what is our progression on fighting back the big company ? Mr. Fox is currently doing a tour traveling in his state of Pennsylvania and New York doing his lectures on getting off our dependency of fossil fuels and a contest for the public to write in on.

There is a great video on this page of EarthJustice about a couple (Mr. & Mrs. Slotterback) who took the steps to save Rider Park by  getting a petition signed by their community, your state, or others states that we all live in, and travel in, could be next !  Here is another great  video, Mr. Heatley is a scientist and a member of RDA , putting his credentials into his lectures across the globe.  Drilling is happening all over the world, not just in the U.S. !

Has The IRS Been Audited, Reformed ?

It is that time to be filing your taxes, I say for what, what is the point ?  The IRS is a joke in my mind.  I hope this post is read/ watched and I hope it motivates you to write your congressmen.

It is unjust, unlawful for the IRS to continue to operate how they do. They are allowing fraudulent, fabricated information from illegal undocumented workers, also allowing them  to receive  huge tax returns for children they claim, who do not exist . IRS can not audit me until they get audited.  I have no problem with anyone coming to  the U.S. to make a living, but they need to be documented.  I am in a data file somewhere, so they need to be as well.  We offer working visas, what caused our immigration system to change ?  I found an article/video from 2012,a piece done by WTHR Indiana on  IRS workers ,whistle blowers,  who came  forward to bring the fraud to light and to hope that we as citizens get angry enough to write our congressmen to stop them from continuing to accept all the made up crap that is filed.  A high percentage of Illegals  claim  names, social security numbers, none of the information is theirs or matching.  How do we as Americans have such strict rules, we go to jail for fraudulent information and stealing, and yet the illegals are robbing them and us openly !!! The fact that they are stealing money, that they are not entitled to, racking up several thousand dollars by falsifying, lying, it is theft and it is in the billions. Illegals know they are falsifying information and stealing, how dare them try to defend a criminal action. We get stuck with the bill people !!

Mitt Romney And Others Who Bank On Bankruptcy

My favorite, no body explains it better that John Stewart , The Daily Show .

We need to remember Mitt Romney and his company Bain buying Dade International , downsizing it, making a lot of money then declaring bankruptcy  by doing leverage buyouts . It is research like this that has to be done on all candidates, know who you are electing,  however it is really all a dog and pony show for us Americans.  The bottom line is lining their pockets and destroying America at their expense.

Here is a list of  companies that filed the Chapter 11 bankruptcy code .


Oswald, McVeigh,vs Kazinsky,Stack

The four men that I have listed, the first two lee harvey oswald and Timothy Mcveigh were patsies used to deflect an organized, orchestrated agenda, while Andrew Stack and  Ted Kazinsky were defending their cause.   They were all defending and fighting their cause but who in my opinion did not act alone.

Not sure if many of you remember Ruby Ridge and Waco these were people who were all killed, for what ?

In Waco, what happened to Freedom of religion ?  What is the purpose of separation of church and state then ? American citizens who were killed, ambushed by our own FBI.

America, Since Our Choosing Of President Obama, We Are Making Baby Steps

My fellow Americans, we chose  President Obama , a man of ethnicity, that was a huge win for humanity.  We still have a ways to go.  We are starting to see the diversity that America is on T.V., shows like Modern Family ( putting a gay couple on the screen) Parenthood (introducing interracial couple and Autism/ As burgers)  Blackish, Cristela, Fresh Off The Boat. Progress has been moving at turtle speed, however it is happening !

Religion, Its Smidgen Of Love ,War, Money And Power ?

It is one of a few hot buttons of mine.  Religion has all these branched out versions of what Christianity is or its version. Most denominations discriminate against each other or think theirs is the one true gospel of God, the one true religion.  We have more than one culture or one race. So with that, all people think and act differently, and I always believed Christianity had to encompass all beliefs, all people.  Scientology has had its controversy for over 60 years, since it started !  How does a church, a religion, turn into a huge profitable business abusing its congregation into slave labor in these modern times ?   There is a new documentary on Scientology, Going Clear, based on a book written by Lawrence Wright that I want to see.  Here is a  YouTube video of an interview with Mr. Wright that is an extension of his new book.

I feel religion just like race is a tool for the few to control ( mind control) the masses by keeping us divided in numbers all over the world. Some religions use its members of its congregation to commit sinful acts in the name of God.  I do not know of any God that wants you to kill innocent people for different beliefs or way of living.