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Louisiana Residents, People Associated, Related To Louisiana

Citizens of Louisiana, please, if you can provide information to the rest of us  around the globe to understand what is going on in your state, along the Gulf Coast, we would love to hear from you!!!  There does not seem to be a lot of media coverage there.  If you are an oil worker , we would love to know the water and shore exposure.  There is a lot of speculation going on down there.

Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert

Not sure if the movie is out yet, or if it will do the book justice, however I read the book and I enjoyed it. Elizabeth Gilbert is a smart cat and I respect and believe in searching within, and for yourself.  We come into this world with genetic coding, heredity, past generations, and then we are programmed , conditioned by whatever chosen parents we are born to.  You have to fight to be free and who you are meant to be, or suppose to be!  I do not want to be like anyone but me!  I do not mind having my parents strength and kindness , however, I was not put on this earth to be a follower or a robot!

What Our Government Did To Saddam Hussein And Iraq Is Beyond Wrong!

Watched the House of Saddam on HBO George H.W. Bush use to be head director of the  CIA from 1976-1977, was President of The United States from 1989-1993.  Many People in power had vested interest in Iraqs oil and Saddam Hussein was a smart cat, he knew the greed he was up against,and the US CIA infiltration scandal in his country, so he was not backing down, he was going to defend  his  countries resources and his people’s Iraq.

  • Donald Rumsfeld, shook Saddam Hussein’s Hand in 1983
  • Gulf War, 1990-1991

Yeah!! Bill Maher Is Back!!!!!!

So I doubled my Sunday morning with  Mr. Maher’s HBO Special, But I’m Not Wrong, and his once a week Friday show, Realtime With Bill Maher. It is simply great to listen to the real current issues being discussed.


Suzanne Somers Speaks About Menopause and Cancer

My hat goes off to Suzanne Somers who has written about her own alternative approach to menopause and cancer.

She thinks outside the box, outside of herself and the junk TV /Media tries to derail us on.  It is our bodies, our minds and we are putting it into the hands of self interest groups.  My friends around the globe, take charge of your own minds, body and spirit, it is all contained within yourself.  Research, Research, use the magnificent internet.

Nicola Tesla, The Miracle Worker of Electricity

Nicola Tesla understood how electricity worked  and you could create it yourself, however greedy people monopolized electricity, for the public to depend on only a few companies to control and provide it.  Who Killed The Electric Car ? This was not highly publicized or marketed. You know companies are very successful in the marketing department.  We would have been way ahead of the curve had Corporations from oil and the car industry not have killed and squashed it.

The gas guzzling vehicles, pharmaceuticals, water supply,(bottled water) corporate agriculture, are greedy Corporations with their own agendas,we need to make a stand and require a better, efficient system for  the products we want, not what corporations see as huge profit margins!  There are beautiful, intelligent thinkers, researchers (such as Nicola Tesla) who provide real solutions to the masses and these are the people that we need to back.

Randy Pausch, Who

I always want to share inspiring people, to remind us all what is possible, and to  re prioritize and improve ourselves with our gift of life.  There is just nothing sexier and more beautiful then to see people who learn continually, examine themselves and get the lessons in life.  Randy Pausch is a man who made his foot print on the world, he accomplished the twofer, living his life and making a difference.  In my book it does not get any better than that!   He was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University.