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Nicola Tesla, The Miracle Worker of Electricity

Nicola Tesla understood how electricity worked  and you could create it yourself, however greedy people monopolized electricity, for the public to depend on only a few companies to control and provide it.  Who Killed The Electric Car ? This was not highly publicized or marketed. You know companies are very successful in the marketing department.  We would have been way ahead of the curve had Corporations from oil and the car industry not have killed and squashed it.

The gas guzzling vehicles, pharmaceuticals, water supply,(bottled water) corporate agriculture, are greedy Corporations with their own agendas,we need to make a stand and require a better, efficient system for  the products we want, not what corporations see as huge profit margins!  There are beautiful, intelligent thinkers, researchers (such as Nicola Tesla) who provide real solutions to the masses and these are the people that we need to back.

Randy Pausch, Who

I always want to share inspiring people, to remind us all what is possible, and to  re prioritize and improve ourselves with our gift of life.  There is just nothing sexier and more beautiful then to see people who learn continually, examine themselves and get the lessons in life.  Randy Pausch is a man who made his foot print on the world, he accomplished the twofer, living his life and making a difference.  In my book it does not get any better than that!   He was a professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Edward Bernays, We Can Thank Him For The Consuming Culture We Have Become

Edwar Bernays a savvy little cat who pumped his uncle Sigmund Freud for the psychological propaganda avenues to influence his agenda. The Century Of The Self ,by Adam Curtis, is a great documentary to watch.

We need to put the clock back and demand things we need from the market so it will be supplied to us, healthy conscious choices, do not let your TV choose for you,  or the large money grubbing Corporations out there!

On The Fence Views of Our United States Military

I have mixed feelings about The United States Military.  I would love to hear other  peoples views on the military.  My father was a service man, my brother in-law is an active Military Navy Service man.  I Love and appreciate that we have men and women who defend the US, and most of the time, keep the peace around the world, but it always seems that the military is located in places of interest.  There are many Embargoes that we have in place with certain countries.  However, the Military is one of our biggest polluters of the world!

What about the EPA in all of this?  Besides the polluting, I wholeheartedly believe our service men and women are duped by their own government,  well we all are,  not really knowing the real reason they are at war, or the assignments they are on. I remember when a  service man addressed the former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld about their trucks not being fully armored and faulty.

Walter Reed was a hot topic not up to Building code, not providing treatment to our recently wounded or our Veterans of past wars.

I sure hope the conditions at Walter Reed have improved.  What kind of collection of people (government) do that to their own! I say let all our Government personnel suit up and go fight our wars!

Ron Paul Speaks on Interventionism

Mrs. Ward’s Thought on One’s Individual Baggage

Sela Ward said something on The View when she was promoting her latest 2009 movie, The Stepfather, that made me ponder. The ladies where asking her a slew of personal questions, one of them which was how her husband and her have kept their marriage going. Mrs. Ward’s response was genius, she says that her husband and her see their own therapist individually.

My brain cells were spinning. Why should those two worlds, of each individuals baggage ever meet? The issues that pertain to you, are all yours, no one else’s. We fix and work on ourselves, not the other person, or other people! Both people come together,each one as a whole, not a half. We all have baggage that we try to clear, or get a handle on before we make a life connection with that one special human being.

Stewart , And Colbert ,

Comedians will always have a place in my heart! They are the researchers of the world with their clever analogies, ironies, and satires of all things that encompass the world around them! They bring humor and provide laughter to the masses, alleviating audiences of life’s harsh realities.

Two of these mastermind comedians are John Stewart, and Stephen Colbert. You can catch their shows on the Comedy Central Channel, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. I usually like to get some of my news from them. They almost always have interesting guest, the topics are current and the writing is cleverly spot on!