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I Like Matt !!!!

Matt Taibbi , his long interesting journalism journey like The Beast, and many other great pieces.  He is someone to check out.  Watched episode of Democracy Now (their website),  Matt was on and discusses his article in Rolling  Stones, Why isn’t Wall Street in Jail?  He lashes out  about the SEC and the revolving door of people  in positions to investigate Wall Street who eventually went to work for them.

Matt  Taibbi on Democracy Now, 2011

Positive Media Spin On Gulf Coast Oil Spill Anniversary

Media, the powers at be, are putting a positive spin on visiting the Gulf Coast .  I’m concerned that we are missing the bigger picture.  I want businesses to prevail but at what cost?  They have been using machines to dig and rake the sand, what about the water?  I would like to know what  independent studies have come up with and how many there are. Well PSU under Charles Fisher has been doing studies in the Gulf prior to and after the  oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico . I hope they can tell us honestly what is going on with ocean life,  and  its total environmental exposure for communities around it.  I want to find a list of how many researchers are in the Gulf.

I’m going boating on Saturday so I am looking forward to seeing what the water looks like.

Enron Is In The Past, Yet Corporate Corruption Continues, And Investors That Never Lose Or Fall

Looking back at Enron, then and now, corporations are always finding a corrupted loop hole in our never changing system in the U.S.   Accounting today did an article about employees, CPA s who where whistle-blowers during the Enron scandal.  Accounting is the same as it has always been a log, a record of where all money is recorded coming in and out.

Enron reminds me of our 2008 bailout  rolled up  bankruptcy bundle of Wall Street( including, real estate, banks,automotive corps, and insurance companies).  SFGate has a breakdown of the bailout money (you can key ctrl+ to increase the size of the table to view it )

When is enough enough!  The Enron team,  Bernie Madoff team, , Hedge Funds, Wall Street, Banks, etc..  It seems that theses groups are always finding a bigger more disastrous score.  I want justice , people need to be incarcerated and stripped of their earnings for all these unlawful acts.

Enron :The Smartest Guys In The Room, 2005

You Make Me Proud Wisconsin !

This is what I am talking about, thank you Wisconsin!!  They have been in the news making some important noise.  The states want to make ridiculous cuts, my response ” go get your money from the banks, wall street, insurance companies, real estate, government officials , that robbed us up close and personal!”  All that bail out money needs to be returned, all CEO’s need to return their bonuses and cashed- in stock!  All fraud committed by all these non penalised crooks need to be prosecuted!  I am boiling mad, my head is on fire!  Do not dismantle unions by taking money from the working folks, get it back from the huge bailout robbery!!

How Many Believe Bernie Madoff Acted Alone ?

Bernie Madoff , and many more like him stand to gain, benefit, however, only one, or a couple take the fall.  He was guilty however he did not act alone,where are the others?  His illegal activity  may go back as far as the 70’s.  There are a lot of  Bernie Madoffs still running around free without  penalisation!   Martha Stewart was singled out, went to jail regarding insider trading.   Take note of all the corporations who trade and the people who invest in the corporations!

Look at Enron in 2001( who went to jail there), in 2002 the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was created as a precursor.  Did it really make a difference?  No!  We have lobbyist and government who look out for the interests of Corporations.  The corporation (CEO‘s) can cheat, lie, steal, run their corporation into the ground, keep their money and leave their employees without anything.  This system needs to change,  there needs to be accountability, the 2oo8 bailout group , all lost money yet CEO’s kept bonuses , cashed in their stock, got the bailout money and some still declared bankruptcy after.  Where did all that money go?  There was a gag  order drummed up  on Bush’s watch on releasing  info about the TARP , how convenient and unethical.  Well I think it needs to be overturned, overruled,  we are suppose to know the finances of our government, its our money for goodness sake!  I think about the out right , in our face, robbery that has been done by our government,  and corporations, it is appalling and we need to stop it and change U.S. legislation!

The Tillman Story, Wanting To Change Our Military Lies

I finally watched The Tillman Story, Pat Tillman, what a beautiful spirit, and his beautiful, loyal, loving family.  It is appalling that our government, the United States Department of Defense ( Their Website) orchestrated propaganda to keep the truth from his parents and family,( other military families have had the same experience)  and keep wrongful wars going, lying mostly about everything !  Men and women sign up with the United States Armed Forces for many reasons, the biggest one is their loyalty to America to defend it !  The many people who enlist in the U.S. military put their lives on the line, to intern, get duped and insulted by their own government !  It is utterly disgraceful to treat human beings without any regard .

How many military personnel die from friendly fire?

Rumsfeld Stated On September 10, 2001, The Pentagon Lost 2.3 Trillion Dollars

How many of us remember that statement?   How does The Pentagon get away with that kind of accountability?   It is sickening that corruption is beyond obvious.  Where has the money gone, and where does it keep going?  We have a lot of bad business management in government .  What happened to all this transparency we were suppose to get with Obama?   If 2.3 trillion was declared in 2001, what does that say for the years before and the years that followed?  I want a trace dating back to when the money reporting stopped. I want the truth, I want to know!

2.3 trillion dollars, 2.3 trillion dollars, 2.3 trillion dollars, 2.3 trillion dollars, 2.3 trillion dollars !

Medicaid, Social Security, Unemployment, Welfare, How Long Will They Be Around?

Programs that have some Americans divided, and in an uproar:

MedicaidMedicare Social Security , Welfare ,Unemployment BenefitsTax Cuts

Welfare programs exist all over the world, not just in the U.S.  Where are  the programs and the deficits of the globe headed?

Before the December signing of  Tax Cuts some Millionaires had words for President Obama.  Well, all  U.S. citizens had words, or thoughts about the decision.