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The Hunt On Piracy Is Now Through The DOJ

Megaupload was shut down by the FBI and has made a lot of headway, this fight is not over.  The DOJ is making an example of megaupload, and they are using SOPA snips to coincide with their other existing laws, to achieve their goal.  The legislation has not gone through, and yet criminal arrests have been made toward megaupload and I am sure others will follow.   Something smells really bad when a companies website is shut down and its owners detained  without Due process ?  Wall Street and the banks have yet to be criminally charged, since 2008.

Mr. West And Mr. Smiley Traveled Parts of The U.S Last Year For Added Input

Cornel West is a savvy cat and he amongst Mr. Smiley  and six other cats( Michael Moore, Barbara Ehrenreich, Roger Clay, Vicki Escarra,  Suze Orman, and Majora Carter)  have a must see video  of a discussion at Georgetown University “Remaking America from Poverty to Prosperity” you can catch it on PBS  as well in your local listing.

I watched the video from Mr.  Moore’s site last night and had to watch the whole thing !  I always check up on him to see what he is doing and I landed on this magnificent 2 1/2 hr dialogue of candid important issues.  I am passing it on because it is necessary to listen to !

2004 STOCK Act Bill, How Long Will It Take To Pass It ?

I’m disgusted the STOCK Act Bill is still not passed after being introduced 8 Years AGO (2004) by Brian Baird, and  Louise Slaughter ! It hit the floor and Congress has been avoiding it ever since.   Everyday citizens go to jail for insider trading, what makes the Law makers on the hill any different?  It is criminal, unethical and their activities need to stop.  Please go to and sign the  Economic Justice Petition HR 1148 STOCK Act Bill to stop Law makers from: IPO’sinsider trading……political intelligence etc… Congress gets all the inside information and they get to invest and pass bills for their benefit and not our countries?  It is a conflict of interest, illegal , corrupt for them to behave and to continue to get away with it, so let us, the people, make them! Let us give the 15,000 signatures( so far only 609) we need to change it !   I have signed the petition.  This video from 60 Minutes should make your head on fire !


60 Minutes piece that aired 11/13/2011



NRDC, Check Them Out !

NRDC (their website) is a group to be familiar with.  I like an organization that keeps tabs on the pros and cons of activity to our environment.  I was not aware that just before President Obama was taking office, the Bush Administration was trying to slip in a bill to have oil and gas companies drill in the protected red rocks in Utah.  My head is on fire how these companies/ corporations think they can privatize public property and resources, such as land, water, etc..  People need to stand together,  research, be aware of the devastation oil and gas drilling is having across America.  Gasland was a great documentary , Mr. Fox, an average American wrote, directed, and starred in this film of uncovering the nasty hidden devastation that corporations are causing,  all because a natural gas company sent him documentation to lease his property for $100,000.00 to drill for gas.

I Like Matt !!!!

Matt Taibbi , his long interesting journalism journey like The Beast, and many other great pieces.  He is someone to check out.  Watched episode of Democracy Now (their website),  Matt was on and discusses his article in Rolling  Stones, Why isn’t Wall Street in Jail?  He lashes out  about the SEC and the revolving door of people  in positions to investigate Wall Street who eventually went to work for them.

Matt  Taibbi on Democracy Now, 2011

Positive Media Spin On Gulf Coast Oil Spill Anniversary

Media, the powers at be, are putting a positive spin on visiting the Gulf Coast .  I’m concerned that we are missing the bigger picture.  I want businesses to prevail but at what cost?  They have been using machines to dig and rake the sand, what about the water?  I would like to know what  independent studies have come up with and how many there are. Well PSU under Charles Fisher has been doing studies in the Gulf prior to and after the  oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico . I hope they can tell us honestly what is going on with ocean life,  and  its total environmental exposure for communities around it.  I want to find a list of how many researchers are in the Gulf.

I’m going boating on Saturday so I am looking forward to seeing what the water looks like.

Enron Is In The Past, Yet Corporate Corruption Continues, And Investors That Never Lose Or Fall

Looking back at Enron, then and now, corporations are always finding a corrupted loop hole in our never changing system in the U.S.   Accounting today did an article about employees, CPA s who where whistle-blowers during the Enron scandal.  Accounting is the same as it has always been a log, a record of where all money is recorded coming in and out.

Enron reminds me of our 2008 bailout  rolled up  bankruptcy bundle of Wall Street( including, real estate, banks,automotive corps, and insurance companies).  SFGate has a breakdown of the bailout money (you can key ctrl+ to increase the size of the table to view it )

When is enough enough!  The Enron team,  Bernie Madoff team, , Hedge Funds, Wall Street, Banks, etc..  It seems that theses groups are always finding a bigger more disastrous score.  I want justice , people need to be incarcerated and stripped of their earnings for all these unlawful acts.

Enron :The Smartest Guys In The Room, 2005